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Please do NOT(!) chat here, this topic is for server related messages (crash, restarts etc.) so please post status reports for the live server only.




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It seems to be letting some people in, but not others. Some players are able to log in but are struggling to get their friends in with them and server population is much lower than it usually is at this time of day.

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Current issued are DNS related, specifically some ISP's are having trouble resolving parts of our subdomains (ex : patch.net-7.org) which is causing the launcher to spit errors.

For example, I was able to log in with 0 errors via a mobile link with my laptop, however my main system won't connect through my cable ISP.


Some other providers are NOT having this difficulty. Basically, DON'T PANIC.

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...and again:

This is the server-status thread which will cause an "exception alarm" on my cellphone when a new reply is posted, so keep it to server-status messages only please!

(Hided 2 postings with non-server-related babbling...)

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BL jumps in says "HI"   A few min later Hyper says "That's a lot of logouts"              


I think BL set a mob loose that ate the server......

yeah i was thinking that was alot of logouts and then i hit the gate button and boom.... stuck at map screen

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*Anxiously looks on as Kenu performs CPR on a tiny, motionless, furry form* Ten paces away, Syberfly solemnly conducts an interview with OMP authorities...."...it all happened so fast...I swear I didn't see him..."


A few minutes later, the body of the hamster is place on a tiny gurney and rushed to Zackman Hospital.

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