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  1. this is a nice idea but not going to work. atm the people with the most money have already all the items. these people ( me included) will just outbid all the nice items.
  2. i know times that i had no drop in GR and some times had 4 or 5 in 1 GR. In the FB they drop less but yea less mobs aswell
  3. Login Server is fine. its the game server. i can login 1 in 15 times but then you crash in silence
  4. is the server down cant login chars
  5. you will get used to respowns like this from Zachman.
  6. also have the same problem for me its just 1 game account who has this problem i dont have it on any other
  7. i just installed a fresh game onto my new windows 10 coputer and dit not have to change any thing of the setting. just down load the ENB game and the net-7 unified installer. instal the game then run the net-7 unified installer, update the net-7 launcher by running it and your done.
  8. only you can not turn in the space suits with these NPCs
  9. let us know when you hit amsterdam its only a 3 hour drive from my place.
  10. also tryed to send a mail to shaddex but you cant his forum mail box is full.
  11. hi there im trying to create an account on the forums and it wont load when i press create. some one els who wants to play the game tryed it aswell and he can not create an forum account aswell im getting error 500 afther waiting for 2 min. pls fix asap
  12. server is slowly crashing HELP!!!!!!
  13. nice saying Mr. Kyp but people will be people. and if there is something that we can complain about because the grass is greener on the other side people will do that. including me thats we we are people.
  14. well i had loads of problems when i used KPN and XS4ALL from KPN i went to Ziggo/UPC i dit not have any problems any more. and from XS4ALL i went to zeelandnet and also no problems there ( on the cable or wireless ) so i can say its the ISP thats fucking.
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