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  1. Crystal TempleThe Crystal Temple that the players speak to is actually an interface that translates for the Celestial Warder, which is the real intelligence. For all intents and purposes, though they are one and the same thing. The Celestial Warder came to this galaxy thousands of years ago. The Warder thinks of itself as omnipotent. The only creature it would consider superior to itself would be the “Progenitor” which is a mother figure to it. Despite it’s talk otherwise, the Celestial Warder is not all-powerful, nor is it all knowing. It must hibernate regularly (especially when it uses large amounts of energy as it did when it destroyed a moon orbiting Arduinne) and is often grossly unaware of many things around it. The Warder is related to the Zenrai Revenants and migrated to our area of space from a distant galaxy. The ancients were still building their stargates at the time the Warder arrives. The Warder is essentially lost. It pines for the Progenitor. For reasons known only to the Warder, it cannot return home and feels lost and lonely, though it would not admit these feelings. It thinks of the Oroborous worms as it’s children and will fight fiercely to protect them.The Warder does not perceive the universe as we do. It sees energy and energy patterns, not matter, and it only recognizes certain patterns of energy as being “alive”, and only a certain number of those patterns as being sentient. The Warder thinks of the Gates as being alive and sentient. It also believes that the Quantum worms are sentient. Communication through something other than energy patterns is relatively new to it. The Crystal Temple was built as a response to creatures it considered “viruses”. An alien race was exploiting the quantum worms for their silk, and the CW built the temple as a sort of “RNA decoder” to learn about the alien “viruses”. It called these aliens (and any who threaten the worms) the “Miasma”. The warder destroyed the moon the alien “Miasma” was from, killing all the aliens. Since then the Warder has been in hibernation. The Worms have abandoned the temple during this hibernation.Having possession of a Crystal talisman (found on the destroyed moon) tricks the Warder into thinking that the possessor has the “sentient” energy pattern. At the time the players discover the Warder it is just waking up from its long hibernation. InfinitiCorp is currently drugging the Oroborous worms to keep them docile and easy to harvest silk from. They are blissfully unaware of the grave danger the Warder poses should it discover this.Crystal Warder Terms Translated: Energy = living creature Essence = sentient creature Travellers = Ancients Lattice = Ancient Gates (they think of the gates as being alive) Hive Energy = Gate (not necessarily ancient) Procreator = CW’s ancestor (a mother figure), common ancestor with Zenrai Dissonant = Zenrai Miasma = aliens that from one of Arduinnes moons, destroyed by the Celestial Warder also any creature the Warder considers hostile to itself or the oroborous worms Presence = sentient creature (itself) The Warder = the celestial warder, sometimes interchangeable with presence Children = the oroborous worms Alignment = 5.2 years Quandrangle of Alignment = 5.2 years to the fourth or 731.16 years
  2. Limit your background processes.
  3. I played to the end on Sunset and to this day I hear about it from my Girlfriend because I wanted to play the last 20 minutes.
  4. I just downloaded it off Net-7, no problems. I'm running win10, current version. Try checking off run as administrator in preferences and then run compatibility.
  5. My EnB notifier is red and Net-7 launcher says it is off line.
  6. Get well soon, enjoy the game.
  7. Thank you so much. I've racked my brains out on this.
  8. Years ago when the game was first out, before Sundown, I conquered a large creature and salvaged a "Bucket of Muck." It was a device that doubled shield capacity. I've not come across it in recent years and wonder if anyone has come across it and what Creature it comes from.
  9. Thank you, It is on the wayback: https://web.archive.org/web/20160430175208/http://enbarsenal.com/
  10. I've been busy for a while and logging back in with One Tab I see several sites are no more like EnB arsenal. I'm at loss to find information, such as a handy list of gear information and locations, drop points and NPC locations. Does anyone know of alternatives?
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