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  1. Yeah I got in a few times, but, like what was stated, after about 5-10 seconds it hangs and becomes un-responsive.
  2. Thank you, Woodstock DGM, I appreciate the intel and will grind the RD faction down to see if I can get a nibble from the NPC.
  3. Hello, Trying to do the components for my PP, stage 3, however, the NPC says it doesn't like my faction, I have well over 15k collegia faction. My avatar name is CarmeloPP, can someone tell me what is wrong with my faction, please? Note: The NPC at Nos Vor planet does not tell me what is wrong with my faction, just that it doesn't like it!
  4. I was able to login last night, I am on the east coast. However, this morning I am getting this issue , see below.. I logged into Net-7 and seen members online go from 19 to 21, but, I did not see any post about issues for loading the game. Is there a maintenance scheduled going on or....? Please advise Thanks in advance!!
  5. How long until the server is back up?
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