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  1. We dropped the ball on this but heart shields/plush toys will be on a vendor in Net-7 for a week starting with Tuesday's restart.
  2. Hey all, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're working on it
  3. Good luck to you Woodstock!
  4. Sorry, we didn't forget about this. We've just been very busy! Hopefully we'll get holiday stuff in soon.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone   December Shopping Music 1 12 Days of EnB
  6. The server went down.   (Remember, this thread notifies zackman so avoid posting here unless absolutely necessary)
  7. I would love to put multiple golems there but we don't have the walking animation working so they really look silly. Back in live I think they used to walk around on the ground or lava. I haven't been able to restrict them to the ground or lava so they just fly around in the air and go underground. While they move they look like they're standing still. It looked so bad that I made them stationary and only added one in for the novelty.   If we can get the animation working I will look into putting them on way points, but it doesn't sound like that will be any time soon.
  8. It seems to be letting some people in, but not others. Some players are able to log in but are struggling to get their friends in with them and server population is much lower than it usually is at this time of day.
  9. I forgot to mention - the change will be seen with the next content update.
  10. Thanks, that one slipped through the cracks. The mob spawn has been changed to CL7s. I think this field used to be a higher level before the tazeron mission was introduced.
  11. Typos drive me crazy. They're incredibly easy and quick to fix, but there are simply too many missions and talk trees to go through in order to eliminate all typos. I am glad to see your concern and would be happy to fix any typos you or anyone else finds. I created a thread in the bug reporting section where anyone can post where they found a typo. https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/tracker/issue-1287-missiontalk-tree-typos/?gopid=4839#entry4839   As far as misleading talk trees go, some of these talk trees are intentionally misleading (agrippa) and I don't want to mess with what the original writers intended. I have witnessed players struggle with that particular mission and would also recommend giving players more of a clue but I will leave that up to Kyp.
  12. Do any warp paths make you shake your head in disbelief even if you have the navigate skill? Report them here.   Example:  
  13. What do you guys think about introducing items that only affect mobs that have a certain faction assigned? Examples:  equipable device that gives a damage bonus vs chavez activated device that causes a large mass increase to drones and causes weapon failure (shocking them with electricity to shut them down temporarily)   there seem to be a lot of possibilities and I think it could add some unique twists to certain mobs.
  14. He's been pretty busy with work lately, pretty sure he's fine though. :)
  15. it was closed off temporarily because of blackholing players
  16. first off, excellent equipment analysis. When we add new items to the game we often forget about the possible conflicts with other devices. It's easy for us to look at an item and say "that looks useful" and not even think about how players may already have better versions of those buffs.   Unfortunately changing skills and group bonus will have to be addressed by server devs, but I can look into changing the equipment.
  17. I wasn't involved with this change, but I think the 3D assets look great.     The 2D assets could use some work in my opinion. They look a bit blurry because the purple doesn't stand out as much from the grey as the green did. on the green ocelot the tip of the beam is very distinct but I barely noticed the purple tip on the new ocelot. Lightening the background grey of the new asset could help bring out the purple. Or maybe make the purple a lighter shade or outline the purple with a lighter color.   I think they could look better, but they're not bad assets and I agree with the reasoning for the color change.
  18. since it's a raid drop 2% is plenty in my opinion I can confirm the photon emitter only comes from the daevas, while the wraiths only drop wraith neutropics. the change will come with the tuesday update.
  19. well that's weird. I thought they were all the same drop rate and at around 2%, but the oni bioflux pheromone is about 6% while the other two are 1%. thanks for the observation, I have set them all to 2%.
  20. should be non-tradeable yet non-exploitable in the next update. thanks for the help, zack
  21. I believe EnB subscriptions peaked at about 40,000. Very few compared to most commercially sold MMOs.
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