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  1. I have seen 30% XP boosts during the Christmas festivities. I am not sure if this is going to continue in the future. Show up for the Christmas stuff for the Polar Express even if the XP boost is not present.
  2. I agree with Thuvia. Maybe give it the same buffs as the DEA but available to all classes? I have to say that the reinforcer device awesome!
  3. I recently worked for many hours to get the ores together to obtain 5 passes for the Mars Mission. I was planning on buying the Archos Threading Machine because I had seen it as an option when I bought the Bile Threading Machine. I pointed out to a dev that the part used to feed the machine was not sold at a vendor and that about 10 people on the serve (including my main TT) have the ability to make the part used to feed the machine. I also told them that the ammo was non-trade. The part can also be used by many of my warriors to make the ammo at a terminal and I can fire them in my Archos cannons. I can not however trade them to my PS to use. That machine was my only hope of getting the ammo on my PS. The Archos Threading Machine is no longer available from the Mars Project. A GM informed me that the ammo was now considered obsolete. While I agree that there were a few things to fix with the machine and the ammo, it was not broken to the point that it needed to be removed from the game. The people that wanted to use it would just have to catch one of the part builders online to feed the machine. With the /craft command, it would be very easy to crank out a stack in a few minutes. I was working towards getting this machine all day on Thursday 11/2 because I don't have the pattern for the ammo on my PS. Finding enough of the ores to make a stack of refined alloys is not easy and takes a lot of time. I was hoping to get the archos threading machine and then crank out the ammo in space for my PS to use. With the threading device, the pattern for the ammo would not matter. I now have 5 passes on my PS that I had obtained with the purpose of buying the Archos Threading device. Please bring the ammo back. It was not easy to work with, but it was still usable and worked. It is not obsolete.
  4. Congrats on your daughter's graduation. Good luck with getting better. Keep an eye out for abnormal pains etc. My wife's uncle got kidney cancer and it spread to his bones. He ignored the pain way too long and he had to have bone removed.
  5. The guy making the complaint has an racist avatar picture of an Asian with "ROR" on it. That is just pure awesome hypocracy!
  6. I agree with this.  Leave the current agreement alone.  I initially pushed for an Epic spot and was not happy about passing the tests and still being denied a spot.  Despite my original feelings about it, I am glad things turned out the way they did.  I am happy with how well the public raids have worked for the last 2 years.
  7. Your so full of shit that I bet your eyes are now brown.  Epic put in for the rotation and passed your tests using only Epic people.  I listened to the recording when GOM recorded them.  We also stated during the recorded discussions that we wanted to include the public in the rotation during our week.  This was meant to open up the raids to the other public.  You guys took that to mean that Epic was incapable of raiding alone.  This is so far from the truth.  Epic has more people than Static and when we get organized for a raid, we don't have to multibox a raid.    -Epic did your raid tests with no outside help and you ignored us -Epic came back and stated a desire to include the other small raids with a similar response.    Here are some of my observations:   It took you 45 minutes from the Precursor Alpha wave to killing the Troller last night when watched.  The public would have started and completed the raid in about 20 minutes.    A few months ago I watched Static abandon a RD base raid when I took a group out there for some ammo testing.  Static abandoned the raid after they killed the mob that drops the CLP.  Once Static left, I decided to try and finish it.   The server crashed shortly afterward and I was unable to finish it.  During that time a single well organized combat group was killing the waves.  This went on for a bit and then the server crashed.  Had the server stayed online, we would have finished it.   Many times when I go to check on the triggers for the more difficult raids and they are up for days at a time.   Does Static even have the ability to take these raids down on their own without multiboxing?
  8. Getoffme pulled out of the discussions for a reason.  That reason was that you guys were not letting us in and were stalling.  We knew taking raids down with ongoing discussions would not be looked at kindly.  Shortly thereafter we took some GOBB raids down that happened to belong to VGE and the discussion was reopened shortly afterward.   This is a minor detail though.  The real issue here is that you say you would let people in after they proved themselves but you are really not telling the truth.  Epic took the GOBB to prove that we could field a raid and Static demanded that we take down the RD base.  We took the rd base and you still refused to let us in.  You would have never let another group in the raid rotation until your hand was forced by the threat posed by the public. 
  9. This is a pure load of crap.  Epic jumped through those hoops long ago and we were still denied a rotation spot.  It was not until the "public" started taking the raids that the public spot was put in place.
  10. Who said anything about it being spawned in the same field every restart?  All the AAs I ever found were taken from different locations all over the server.  I have not found an AA in the same ore field at restart in the same location.   You guys are making an argument based on opinions and falsehoods.  When you come up with some accurate facts about AA, come back with a different argument as to why you think it is an exploit to run around the server looking for AA devices on restarts.
  11. Complete nonsense.  I have only found AA devices after a restart and they have all been spread all around the server.  You have to run out to the rock fields, scan the rocks and then move on.  I completely disagree that people finding the AA devices after a restart is an exploit.  As far as I am concerned, the AA devices spawn at restart.  Once they are mined they sometimes respawn in sectors that I have no access to.  If they are in a sector that I can't get into and don't spawn again on the server because one already exists, you would only expect to find them after a restart when ALL rocks are cleared.   This is not an exploit.  This is an example to unintended consequences.  If we really wanted to "fix" this issue, make the unidentified AA spawns a lot more common but restrict the "good" exchanges from Ravenrock when they are turned in.  You can add in "crap" AA devices that are returned more often from Raven rather than getting the nice toys that we are all after.
  12. I will try and make some triggers this weekend and do as many GR as possible to get some hard numbers.  Until I actually put the work into collecting data, I really don't know what the spread is between cobalt and flaming.   I still feel a bit dirty pushing for a cobalt fix considering how much I detest the ammo flavor.  I only use it at the GR and FB because it is the best for those raids.  It does however seem to be the flavor of choice for many people.    For what it is worth, I am very happy with the mission to turn ribs into teeth and I am glad you guys made it.
  13. Did you use this as an argument against making the rib to tooth mission?    The rib to tooth mission was an addition to the game that solved a real problem and one of the best recent additions to the game IMHO.  I have made plenty of "trades" with people trading some of my cobalt for their flaming and then turning around and selling the flaming to a vendor because I can't use it fast enough.  Unfortunately I am no longer able to make that trade and help others out because my cobalt supply is so low.   I ran several gate raids in the last few weeks and was not able to make a single stack of cobalt bile in one raid session.  I ended up with about 2 stacks of cobalt from 3 Gate Raids.  I did however loot a ton of flaming bile.
  14. I just thought of this while I was contemplating the problems of the world as I sat on my smelly throne and I came up with this.  Maybe instead of a mission to convert flaming bile into cobalt bile, we can mix it up with a small mission, refine terminal work and farming.   Have a NPC toon (some crazy scientist from Texas) offer a mission to all ammo builders that gives a new pattern for a bile ammo called "Distilled Flaming Fangs".  This "distilled flaming bile" would be described as an unorthodox method of making the explosive nature of flaming bile slower and more controlled using the genetic know how of the Sabine and the bat shit craziness of an Aggie.  The mission however requires that you obtain some "distilled flaming bile" and tengu teeth.  Explosive after all is just a fast chemical reaction and maybe slowing it down a bit to get the burn would just require an agent that slows the reaction rate.  The mission reward would be the ammo pattern for "distilled flaming fangs" which does plasma damage and goes into the Bile PL.  To keep things fiar, you could also include a pattern called "distilled flaming ribs" which goes into the Bile ML.   The way to get the distilled flaming bile would be to use an explore class going to the refine terminal and making it through several steps.  You have the flaming bile and refine it with dung from DT to make "flaming poo slurry -yummy".  You then feed this noxious material to a worm egg from Arduinne at the refine terminal and then collect the resulting excrement called "flaming worm poo" from the poor worms suffering from explosive diarrhea.  Next you distill this vile "flaming worm poo" with a beaker, test tube, a random lvl 5 ore and Chavez Herbal remedy to make the "Distilled Flaming Bile" which is the part required to make the "distilled flaming fangs" and a turn in to the NPC mention above.  The "distilled flaming bile" would have the same icon as the flaming, amber or cobalt except be brown with yellow specks in it.   Using the refine terminal in this way as well as a new mission would make us work for the cobalt rather than modify the existing mission for swapping ribs for teeth.
  15. You saw it here folks.  The Canadian and crazy Texan working on getting along.
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