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  1. Well it ain't as bad as I first suspected. When I walked into my local 'puter' shop they offered me Windows 7 or 10 for £125 ( or £50 cash for a Win7 product key sticker they'd peeled off an old box ). Finally bought a Win7 product key off eBay for £2 and it worked so I'm back . But in future if you're going to do stuff like this that totally breaks the game could we get a little advanced notice so we can prepare for it please? eta:. Worst part is my Win7 virtual machine weighs in at over 40 GB where XP only used 6GB, when it's dedicated to running just one game it's a heinous waste of space.
  2. Money's tight at the moment and right now I simply can't afford it. It maybe different by the end of the month, but until things improve I'm going to have to read a book or something. As for the obsolete outdated OS, it's like me I guess, I used XP for most of the time I was in the industry and can get it to do almost anything. I love it because it's very easy to rip out all the bits that aren't needed to run the game and build a custom virtual machine that's only 5-6GB instead of having all the bloat wasting space. So yes there's a point at which you just have to cut your losses and this seems as good a time as any.
  3. So just to clear this up ... my WinXP virtual machine I use to run the game on my Mac isn't going to work anymore and if I want to play the game I'm going to have to go out and buy a later version of windows? And if that's the case would anyone like a dozen 150+ toons, because it looks like I won't be using them again. ps. Looks like I won't be able to make it to tonights RD base raid either, sorry folks.
  4. was sooo close to lvl 75 ...... so close and then ..... bleh .... right in a bunch of angry mobs ...hope they get it back up before bedtime!
  5. Joined the original beta, my first MMORPG, played till sunset. Still have the box and CD.
  6. Sorry but there's really no other choice than the Terran Scout if you're all about combat and self sufficiency with a TT & TE already if you're playing them concurrently. I love my little terran group. Mordana Raid
  7. So close to that combat level.... lets hope it's back soon
  8. Just finished downloading a dodgy copy of Windows 7 and trying to build a virtual machine with it so I can run E&B.  No serial number, hoping I can get it to work for a few months on a trial .... need my E&B fix.
  9. You've run e&B config to set the correct display driver and resolution?
  10. Just finished doing a complete re install, in my case it hasn't fixed the issue, I'm still unable to get to Megan and the login screen.  Can't think of anything else to try.     Regarding Wun1one's issue with the Net-7 launcher, you need to run e&b-up.exe from the downloads page to patch the launcher to the latest version   It patches the launcher so make sure it points at that instead of the e&b client when you run it.    However I'm still screwed even with Net-7 fully patched up to date.   Any suggestions or help would be very handy right now.
  11. I was looking forward to flying around for a few hours but sadly the new patch has killed it completely.  I don't even get to the login screen.  As soon as I click the "I Agree" button it just sits there trying to log in, no movie, no login screen, just the windows desktop.    I'm running the game on Windows XP Pro SP3 and have been playing happily without any issues until the patch today.    Please help.
  12. Think they're still looking for the hole
  13. My own little world..... think I'll open a Bullywere petting zoo
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