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Server Status (outdated)


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boom...nah, the reason it crashed was because me and my groupmate were both about to ding a combat level...as we both opened fire on the mob that would ding us both, we did the lovely deathswirl...I watched my TE circle the drain for a couple minutes before closing the client.

I bet that hippo caught us by now...

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And crash #2 today...at least it's restarting automatically now.

Would be nice to hear from a Dev at some point with a little insight about any of these crashes *shrug*

Perhaps not all of us care but some of us do like to know what is going on under the hood, or if you are having trouble figuring the issues out and why :)

Worst Case: We as testers are informed and allows us to be more efficient

Best Case: We might even be able to help

Just my 2 credits

Please insert coin(s) to continue

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