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  1. Can't wait! Even though I'm a lowbie..sigh..
  2. It figures I leave, and this place goes to hell (Hello everyone, I'm back)
  3. Alright. I finally made it in game. Not too surprising no one that was on even remembered me. Ah well, it's fine. I'll be flying alone for now I suppose. No biggie.
  4. Well I'm just going to buy Black Ops for the XBox 360 so I'll be fine It also makes room for EnB remember
  5. It comes down to me Downloading and installing EnB again. Just gotta get around to making room on my HDD. I just uninstalled COD4 and MW2 (yes, I'm an avid FPS player) and installed Aion. I have tiny HDDs (Only 420GB total) so need to start uninstalling and deleting things lol
  6. Don't call it a comeback

  7. Hello EnB members. Not sure if you guys remember me. Former forum mod who laid down the law. Some of you didn't like be because of it (not that I care). Anyway, considering coming back to play some EnB. Looking around to see if any of my ol' flying buddies are still around. Or maybe make some new ones. Have at thee!
  8. This is my position resignation as Forum Moderator. I don't have any quarrels with the ENB Community, I'm resigning due to personal reasons. I've recently opened a store in Florida and it's taking up most of my time which leaves little to no room for EnB these days. I Had TONS of fun with you all, and I thank no only the N7 Staff for accepting and making me a member of staff (which the forum tag, I wore with pride) but I thank the Community for accepting me as well as providing everyone with a great environment. As you know, Community makes this place what it is. Without you, this place may not exist. Anyway again, thank you to everyone and perhaps I'll be checking in from time to time. Take a look around, etc Fly Safe everyone <3 Ayami
  9. Rgr that. In the middle of a trip. Won't be back til the 4th or 5th. Also, Joined VGE before becoming Staff.
  10. This trip is taking longer than expected. Sorry for being away for so long guys. However, I should be returning around the 6th or 7th. I know you all missed me (Notices people saying "Ayami who?") So stay tuned.
  11. Going to be out of town for about (but not limited to) a week or so. Please post in the appropriate areas of the forum. And try not to muck everything up pls Oh, and no fighting eachother..I don't want to have to clean the blood up from the forums when I get back. Fly Safe.
  12. To be sure you are all aware.... There are a few ways to check if the server is online or not. -Check the launcher -Check here: http://www.net-7.org/index.php -Check TS -Check here: https://enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/1435-server-status/ (There are possible updates on the server's status and/or ability to log-in) No need to have a cow or any bickering amongst ourselves. Tanku.
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