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  1. [quote name='Mimir' timestamp='1324421016' post='50144'] I have 3 fields that I mine regularly, when there are [b][size="4"]no[/size][/b] pop roids I get a bonus. When there [b][size="4"]are [/size][/b]pop roids I get no bonus. Now if you are saying that when there are pop roids the field grows or scatters farther from the center I will buy that and try harder. But if not, then there is still a problem with poppers and field bonus. Oh and I always wait for the flashy before pulling. I also was a bit intrigued with one of your statements that the flashy will change the older a field is...me likes. [/quote] I have noticed this too, Now that I have played for awhile. if there are pop rocks in the field I get no bonus unless I'm able to pull the ore from it. And at 1000 combat thrust I can tell you the lack of clear bonus is not because I'm missing a roid somewhere, there is still a major problem here........Imho.........
  2. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1324376634' post='50123'] Pop-rocks are prospectables that may explode when an exploration class attempts to mine them. They may give a random buff, random debuff, shield damage, hostile mob, or you may get lucky and pull the ore. [/quote] Nice!!!! Thats a good twist!
  3. poprocks? What are those? Forgive me I haven't logged in since jan of this year.
  4. oh wow the Enb notifier is flashing like a Christmas tree light about every 5 of 10 minutes it will change from red to green or vice-verse. Oh and btw I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!(everyone run and hide)
  5. Coming back from a long subatical away from the game

  6. so this was a crash? darn just when i was getting ready to get in game
  7. One thing to note the db says that somerled sells cosmetics and they don't i don't know if this is a glitch in the server and they should be at somerled or not........anyway i thought i'd bring it up you you can check it out. tyvm for your time and the hard work the whole team does. and ty slayerman for all the work you do on the db. on i side note i don't know if this would be easy to do or not but.......how bout seperating the trade goods into a sub section like items and effects have been. well thought i'd throw the idea in and see what you thought. again tyvm for your time.
  8. That was a complete and total crash lol
  9. As with any new content updates there are always unforseen conflicts in the coding it just takes a little time to find them and i have np waiting for that. In my book the dev's have and contenue to work wonders with this emulator.
  10. No it's Robin Dunne from sanctuary but your right on the fact of them looking almost like twin brothers lol
  11. Ok the lag is way too bad keep getting stuck warping can't move and does not warp will wait till it's fixed
  12. time for the lolcat server down thread lmao
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