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  1. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1301589749' post='37955'] You guys think Byakhee's bad now, imagine if he had free reign. [/quote] <--shuddering
  2. Sorry for the off-topic, was wondering if Jarod knew about this: [url="http://www.ajc.com/sports/ex-auburn-players-tell-891151.html"]Ex-Auburn players tell HBO they got cash from boosters[/url]
  3. [quote name='Indianajones' timestamp='1301464718' post='37786'] i dont understand why you would want to land on earth while this game is all about out-of-earth experience!! [/quote] In his defense, the name of the game is [b]Earth[/b] & Beyond. However as Kyp said the storyline talks about how Earth is not what it used to be. I would find it cool though if it could be a landable planet with a bunch of abandoned waypoints and broken buildings and such.
  4. 10. Google Charlie Sheen. Enough there to keep you busy for weeks. 9. Put down the mouse, step away from the keyboard, turn towards the door. Step out. Don't worry about the large glowing yellow thing in the sky, it is not Amah trying to blast you to the far side of Ragnarok, it's called "the sun". 8. Learn a foreign language. Judging by some of the chat logs, for a lot of you, this would be English. 7. Reorganize the cupboards in your house, put all of the stuff you like where you can reach it easily and put everyone else's stuff on the very top shelf, or on the very bottom way in the back. 6. Go to the hardware store and buy a few padlocks. Go to a large department store and padlock all the bathroom stall doors shut and then charge people a quarter to use them. If an employee comes in, tell them you were hired by corporate to increase revenue because this store is the lowest in the company. 5. If you live in a town with a tall public building or a hotel with several floors, go ride in the elevator. Face the corner away from the elevator doors and whisper incoherently to yourself when people are on with you. If nobody is on, sing loudly off-key and then stop when the doors open. 4. Grab some random person on the street and use them as a human shield. Keep repeating to yourself "They can't find me here." 3. Go to the library and walk around saying "shh" to anybody or anything who makes any type of noise. Including the staff. This is especially fun if someone is using a copier or a printer. 2. Go to a crowded bar and tell the bartender you want to buy everyone a round of empty glasses. Then ask for a receipt. 1. Ride your bicycle to a drive thru restaurant window and ask if they do valet.
  5. Where I work, we have an internal web application that uses a similar type of aliased login (multiple alias can be used with a single login) and if someone deletes an alias we don't actually delete it from the database. We use a char(1) column titled active that has two values, either 1 for active or 0 for inactive. Then any queries we use to pull alias from that database just have to add a simple where clause (where active = '1'). And then we have a module created that if someone wants to reuse an old alias that was deleted, we pull all alias based on their login id and set active back to '1' on the one they want back.
  6. Hmm, been gone for weeks, finally decided to come back again and get stuck on the map screen. Tried with optimization and reordering on and off, neither seemed to matter.
  7. You would think an advanced technological race like the Progens in the 26th century would have found a way to remove the need for pen and paper.... And if you worry about leaving the information in your log as a security risk, who in Khan's name is doing software security for the Progen Republic? Microsoft?
  8. I didn't play very long in live, but there seemed to be so much more of a storyline attached to the game. I know storyline is something that is probably going to be added as we get further along, but I wouldn't want to see it be a requirement to level up. I like the ability to just grind it out and get to the same end point.
  9. Just in case people were wondering, I still couldn't decide who to root for prior to the game. When the Packers jumped out to the big early lead, I started rooting for the Steelers, just for the simple fact that I wanted a decent game to watch not a blowout. But, the commercials are always the best part. Little kid in the Darth Vader costume was funny, the amazing rack commercial with Faith Hill was good, the Snickers commercial with Roseanne was awesome. And Christina Aguilera messing up the national anthem was priceless.
  10. I never had good faction with the RD back in live, which made me wonder, if you had good RD faction would you still get ambushed?
  11. About what I expected, the poll as of right now is 50/50 (only 4 votes )
  12. Ok, here is my issue. I have watched every Super Bowl since 1980 and have found a reason to root for at least one of the teams competing. This year I am struggling to find a reason to root for either of them. Here is my background. I grew up with my older brother and father who were both Steelers fans, I didn't want to follow the group so I rooted for the Raiders and have been a fan for 30 years. Going all the way back to the early 70's and the Immaculate Reception (google it if you don't know what that is), I have found it hard to ever root for Pittsburgh. 95 I rooted for the Cowboys against them, 2005 I rooted for Seattle, 2008 I rooted for Arizona. Now on the other side, we have Green Bay. When they first went back to Super Bowl in 96 with Favre, I rooted for them and in 97 against Denver, well being a Raiders fan I automatically have to root against Denver. After that point, Packer fans started to get a little too full of themselves and made it difficult to want to root for them again. I was hoping for a Bears/Jets Super Bowl, but since they both lost, now I don't know what to do. Here's my pro's and con's: Green Bay pro - I am from the midwest Steelers pro - They are from the AFC same as my team Green Bay con - Aaron Rodgers little championship belt thing he does when he scores Pittsburgh con - Ben Roethlisberger is a tool Green Bay pro - Clay Matthews Jr. The hair, the attitude, great player, fun to watch Pittsburgh pro - Troy Polamalu. Ditto So I'm asking for a little help, please vote on who you think I should root for.
  13. A normal distribution showing standard deviations? I got a solid A in Fundamentals of Statistics in college. Standard deviation is about the only thing I remember.
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