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  1. After this I still had a lot of problems coming back. Drove me insane. But i found it! memtest did not find any problems with my RAM but I still replaced it, cause the errors just pointed that way. Went from 2x2 gig to 2x4 gig been playing for more then a week now without incident. :)
  2. Ok, well Ill put it somewhere safe then. thanks for the response!
  3. Guys I have been unable as yet, to find the npc for the turn-in of alien space suits. Could someone maybe point me in the right direction? Thanks!  
  4. ok who the frek killed the server... unbelievable, the timing this happens..
  5. I login, then galaxyscreen and then back to desktop..
  6. Guy in OOC said is server down? People were laughing and 2 sec later.. poof..lol
  7. I think somethings wrong again, although he server shows online?
  8. Think Santa cam through the chimney and tripped over a wire..
  9. the timing is horrible sometimes when the server goes poef...
  10. I think the server just went down.. :huh:
  11. Guess something gone really bad.. up/down/up/down
  12. In the middle of a tour...and then poof.. sigh...
  13. server down, Bad bad moment, surrounded by zenshai....
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