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  1. Are you sure you are putting your forum name in exactly how it is compete wiith the capitalized first letter?
  2. [quote name='Beauregard' timestamp='1325366986' post='50716'] I was digging through my MP3's trying to clean them up, and ran across "The 12 days of EnB". Thought you'd like to hear it, if you didn't hear it when the game was live. [url="http://hyperpowered.com/files/12daysofenb.mp3"]12 Days of EnB[/url] "Don't leave me here!! AAAAHHHHH!!" [/quote] I made it into a little viewable youtube video last year lol [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A526OLqZHjc"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A526OLqZHjc[/url]
  3. [quote name='GorillaBob' timestamp='1313689196' post='44877'] Nope, After deleting those, it tried to update again and I got the same error again. [/quote] Don't just delete the file delete the folders too, I had two of them and after i deleted them both I was able to get up and running again.
  4. I had the same problem and did was kyp said except I deleted the entire LaunchNet7 folder in there and everything seems to be working now
  5. I've been happily hosting the files on my personal domain for a while even though I haven't been playing the game. But i've been looking to get back into it lately but I have some technical issues with the .NET framework right now. But anyway I will eventually have another mirror perhaps coming up eventually. In some cases you can get over 1 MB/s through my mirror if you live somewhere in texas.
  6. I've not really been playing this game much lately. I think once it gets a bit closer to going live when its more fun I will go back to playing. Right now its a mix of games ive bought off of steam and a bit of wow until my sub runs in there at the end of the month but even then I havent been playing wow much. I've just lost a bit of intrest in MMOs all together as of late, even the ones on my android phone that I got like pocket legends and Dungeon Defenders for example.
  7. This is their provider at last I checked. They are using a dedicated server from them. Unsure which package but I know its one of the more expensive ones. Almost exactly 2 hours according to the notifier.
  8. its in the html code, starts with http:// and ends with .jpg
  9. because the forums dont support html code, just take the image link and go from there
  10. Thats what I did with mine when I set it up was set it to vista compatibility mode and it seemed to work without any issue.
  11. or go read this thread https://enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/3481-server-outage-lolcat-thread/page__pid__29352
  12. that link is to some enb music. i uploaded it to my site to mirror it. EnB Notifier Enb Notifier (Temporary link) I will edit my post once DNS has updated to allow access to the subdomain. The link should work, I am having some problems with my internet right now and idk wtf is going on. EDIT: figured it out, its the cloudflare feature on my cpanel I enabled to make load times faster, guess i gotta disable it.
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