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  1. How about approaching things from a concept that is very "traditional" to the MMO world...dungeon crawling. So in typical MMO's, raid bosses are often set in dungeons, with rooms of bad guys that have to be cleared to reach said boss. ENB is a space game, so obviously the concept would never work well...but how about something similar? for example: You group up with 11 of your best buddys, and you zone onto a planet or into a portion of space occupied by a gravity well. Due to the mass effect, you can't warp, and your are under the effects of a form of gravity link, which prevents you from kiting. There area in front of you is occupied by lots of mobs,and you have to be careful with tactics not to agro nearby mobs, and you have to clear one group at a time as you slowly progress to the final mob. The focus would be more on tactics, the group paying attention, and making the event like a standard "dungeon crawler" feel. Something like this should be easier to implement than creating tons of new content, and could give some high level folks stuff to do while waiting for newer raid content that is more intensive to program.
  2. Reon

    Raid idea?

    Greetings! Let me preface why I didn't include this in the level 150 raid thread. My idea is for possible group/raid encounters that could be implemented for several levels or varying degrees of difficulty, not just end game. This game, like most MMO's released in the late 90's and early 00's, was focused on levels and gear with a grind to get said rewards. Newer games focused on tougher raids with more steps, unique missions/quests, shiny graphics, and other ways to occupy gamers time. Due to a limit to how many things can be added to this game due to developer time (and the limitations of the game client), many of the things added to newer generation MMO's won't work here, or they are too time intensive to implement. New content is a huge time sink, and the devs have their hands full as it is...but what I wonder is if there is a way to add new raid content that is easier to code and change. For example, creating "ring" events where a spawn is triggered with an item or mission completion (to provide activities for people without waiting for a spawn). Have the triggered mobs go through a ring event...the ring event could be as simple as spawning a ton of normal combat mission mobs in waves, just something that actually requires a group or two (something that can't be solo'd while six boxing :P). The loot itself could be items that trigger other ring events, they could be rare items, or something else all together. The idea is some simple combat encounters besides timed spawns and content for end gamers that doesn't involve too much programing. Dunno, this might be a terrible idea that no one would be interested in...just throwing it out there...
  3. I know the dev staff is stretched thin (and I just noticed we may be losing another dev), however, that being said I do think that PVP may be the answer to drum up support and increase numbers in this game. I myself rarely play due to a work schedule and some very serious real life issues that have commandeered all my time, but when I do play, one of the biggest things missing in this game is the lack of open ended content. Look at it this way, the old MMO's (all older community based games for that matter) that have stood the test of time have done so because of constant updates or PVP. Constant content updates are difficult for this game due to potential copyright issues and a lack of developer staff to implement the new content. I have always been an advocate for limited PVP in this game...sector only PVP. Not like the arenas; an actual sector where people can go mine, hunt, and do everything they normally would do...just in an area where they could experience PVP combat like they did in the arenas. I personally think this is something that would give end gamers much needed new content, as well as an increase in new players to ENB. Limit the PVP to a sector, and have the "tow point" to a small starbase just outside of that sector gate. When you gate to the sector, have multiple gate turrets that would open fire an anyone who tried to grief someone at the gate (or perhaps code a random spawn point in the sector once you gate to prevent gate campers). I don't think the coding involved would be huge (I could be wrong) and it would offer another outlet for dynamic (and constantly changing) content. I do agree that a PVP server will only split up the community, and I don't want to see the whole game go PVP. Just one sector...with enough rewards to encourage folks to play in there, but not enough to force players who hate PVP to have go there.
  4. my bad...I was about to get a trade level and made the server angry
  5. I am still unsure why it is such a bad idea for the JS to have the skill they were meant to have. A psionic group ward solves the 2 main problems  with the class, survivability and a reason to bring them on a raid (instead of another TT). Make it their 135 skill or drop the scan skill or something. The JS doesn't need anymore offense than the TT has...just make it more usefull. I still think "Dispell" sounds like a scout skill...don't get me wrong, I would take it for the JS, but it just seems like the JS could really be better at what it was intended to do...which is keep people alive via shield recharge and a type of psionic shield.   I have spent the last decade and a half playing and beta testing MMO's and hard core raiding 7 nights a week in EQ2 and other MMO's, and I can tell you, all of that game time has left me with the impression that WW had a great idea by giving the JS a version of a ward, it would be a sweet ability to set it apart from the other healers without overpowering them or making others useless.   I guess I am still the only person barking up this tree.
  6. I was looking over the server numbers again this evening and noticed I was the only one playing a JS...and I also noticed the JS is still taking up the least logged in/played spot for the server.   I know some people say new content (in the form of seeker only gear) will fix this, I myself am not so sure. I have been asking around to various players to find the reasons JS's are not played or first pick on raids. The consensus seems to be the lvl 8 shields (and the resulting frequent deaths), no hull patch, and that there are better suited healer classes.   That in mind, when a person pulls up the original posters from Westwood for the seeker, we see they were intended to have Psionic Shield. Perhaps the devs never intended it to be the same skill as the JD has. What if they intended for a different version of Psi shield that stacked with JD's abilities?   My proposal is a short duration massive group ward. The ward could be instant cast time with a 5+ second recast after the ward falls and a very short duration of a few seconds to make this a skill to deal with spike damage (so maybe 12 sec recast and 3 sec duration?). This would not only solve the problem of the squishy lvl 8 shields but would give them a added bonus to groups. The ability to keep players alive while a heal is casting is a very usefull ability, and shouldn't make them overpowered.   Seekers do not need to put JE's, JD's, or TT's out of business, but a reason to include a JS and a TS into a group rather than a single TT would be nice. I believe a short duration, fast cast psionic group ward would give them what they are missing without overpowering or changing the class beyond its design.
  7. I still advocate a PVP sector that does not offer anything you cant get anywhere else in the game to keep PVE players happy, but that maybe is just a excellent area to mine and hunt to encourage people to explore the area and try PVP out. Place a station just outside of the sector that people can register at, and have multiple gates in the PVP sector with a chance to spawn at any of them when you gate through to elimate the chance of gate/spawn camping.   The main difference between duels and arena fights is to provide players with content and activity, be that missions, jobs, or even just mobs and ores...and i would like to see a couple contested sectors, one for people clvl 25 and lower, one for 25 and above.   Besides that, I think it has all been hashed and rehashed over and over :)
  8. Same names. All R--n alts and Xaver on Andromida. I was a recluse for the most part because I spent most of my time persuing "server firsts" in regards to the story line....it enthralled me and I wanted to be the first to discover new stuff and try to figure out who/what built the ancient gates, ect. So yeah...mostly a hermit in live.
  9. I like projectiles on my seeker, I am using them right now. I would like to see a low level  weapon or device that extends range and maybe crit chance or something, but i don't feel missles are required.        Lets face it, most of us will just use PL's  or ML's as back up weapons anyway because you only get a level 8 version....so why not focus on making PL's a viable weapon pre level 7 when you can use a slime cannon, and realize that they will most likely be used only when playing with progens and terrans (like I currently am) when leveling, and when you hit level 9 beams they will become a back up weapon.        If I want a healer that is a ML user I log my TT in...
  10. yes please!   This is similar in idea to the sets EQ2 offered, and that many other MMO's like STO started offering. I would love to see these sets require fewer than all of your slots however, to allow further "tweaking" of loadouts (as opposed to requiring all your slots to be matching). I would personally like to see specialized roles while still allowing a person to customize at least some parts of their loadout.
  11. I am sure this is necro'ing this thread...but I have a little bit more input on how to make the PVP idea workable once the PVE game is ironed out.   The easiest way to make this work in my opinion is to keep PVE and PVP completely separate, just like the arena was. Keep multiple sectors to keep levels in check, just like the arena did. The gates lead off to the same version of a sector...make it a LARGE map, perhaps the size of Ardus.   Next, ensure that the map does not have any drops that one cannot find in non PVP areas. A increase in drop rates or spawn times or something small to perhaps lure non pvp players in there to hunt or mine every once and a while if they choose, but nothing so epic as to force people who have no desire to PVP into these zones.   Add a base just outside the PVP sector so pilots do not have to fly all the way back from wherever they were last docked. Add a gate turret that blows anyone up that attempts to fight at the gate inside the PVP sector to prevent "spawn camping".   Finally, add a weapon or device that only works inside the PVP area to level the playing field for the classes that normally don't have a chance in the arena to fix the stealth imbalances. By adding gear that only is beneficial in the PVP zones will allow fine tuning of these areas without affecting PVE balance. Adding a reward system for player kills,ect to spend on PVP only gear will help "fix" the imbalance that naturally occurs from raid geared players mowing down normal PVP players.   These suggestions will allow for PVP to occur in a healthy environment, discourage the more common forms of griefing, allow the devs to balance the game inside the PVP areas without affecting the PVE environment, and allow both PVP and PVE players to remain relatively happy.   Most of these ideas have been mentioned, but compiling some and adding others into one post will hopefully allow a model others can critique and perhaps that the devs can someday build on/modify once the standard coding of the ENB we all know and love is finished.
  12. I clicked google, but I was not looking for old time sake, I was looking specifically for an emulator. I watched the project after they had the first bit unlocked and were able to use ship "emotes". I signed up on the old forums and downloaded the emulator when it was still single player (back when there were two separate projects, the java and C++). I have played casually each stress test since then.
  13. this is the first time and probably one of the only times you will hear me say this (or watch me type it as the case may be), but... YAY! THE SERVER IS DOWN!!! [size=1] woot![/size] [size=1][size=2][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif] [/font][/size][/size] [size=1][size=2][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Edit: "One small wipe for mankind...one giant leap for my entertainment...thank you Dev team!"[/font][/size][/size]
  14. well...since servers in live were of galaxies...why not stick with that theme? Personally I don't really care about the name, more concerned with the game itself
  15. MMMMMMM! Live server goodness! Thank you devs! Tempy was a little frustrated because she was hoping to hit max level before a wipe happened, but we are both ecstatic that the game is going live! Now...to figure out what to level first...hmmmm...
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