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  1. It was never intended for the explorer classes to build there own ammo, back in the day when most people had only one account you would have to carry compos for that time of need or build from your main and trade it over, now its easier because you can run multi accounts.
  2. and about this multi-day spawn stuff, this isn't live and I hope the devs reconsider dropping the timer down. 2-3 hours, that was a bit much but in a previous post i suggested 8 hours per spawn to cover the globe of players. I do not see players over camping a spawn if this is the case, especially with variable spawn still in effect. ---- I have to admit I am against long timers as we had in live because I know it was a time -> money sink ( as in monthly fee) . but understand probably most if the devs want it this way. I understand we will probably go back to this and knowing that, I hope we get a eased up timer ( but still not super fast spawn) at least for the stress test. ---- another way to look at it is as follows, maybe go the new fish bowl route, i mean keep the "spawns" but if you gave players a way to collect and activate there own raid such as Controller/BBG/Warder ect ect. you would have a nice community event. just a thought ~Jam
  3. my thought is that the spawn is busted, my only evidence is the fact that in the past all the bosses were up during a server restart.
  4. I can see both points. still. unless its something used in lets say a lvl 7 deivice that is new and valuable i understand. but in some cases i just don't see why things are hidden I guess its just me.
  5. I loved the old database and come to enjoy the new one but it seems lots of things are hidden, I was looking for a plague 7 ( not because i wanted one ) but wanted to find out if it was a new drop i seemed to of found the DB says it was hidden in the database and i do not know why. can we unlock everything in the DP please ? :->
  6. Has anyone seen the Controller/Blackbeards ghost or Warder since the new changes? I know they do not spawn anymore after reboots and was wondering if there still in the game
  7. Some of us want to see the String of Heart shield 8-9, think you can add it for the up coming holiday? i know its late i should of suggested it earlier but maybe make a mission for the 8 and a separate for the 9 even if you have to remove it later on still would be nice to see it. "Tada-O holiday line most string protection. Of a heart to give for your Valentine's February day. Protective bubble of love for your ship. No bleeding."
  8. or. can just stay here and enjoy this community :->
  9. nice spreadsheet, openoffice.org opened it nicely.
  10. Number one. read a book Number Two. spend time with your family Number three. drink a beer Number four drink two beers Number Five drunzk tehree berrees Number C ZzzzZzzz berzzz The following videos are pretty lowbrow so please be aware before clicking
  11. Thank you for the vested interest in this post.
  12. I have a request. i understand quality is now changed for looted items but i and many others find it insanely silly to get an item under 95 quality. in live it was 95 to 125. I know this isn't going to be like live but i would like to petition a request to change this for the future of the game Truly I want to see 100 quality + and the reason i say this is because you can pull an item from a corpse and it defaults to 100 quality. so i guess in short This is a petition for the Devs to give us 95 and up on looted items. ====- if it is not changed , you will have higher level folks camping the bosses to get at least a 100 quality item. if you left it at 95-125 you give everyone a chance to go after the good stuff everything in italic is my opinion only from what i have viewed so far in the short time qualities have changed and does not represent the views of the server, stress test , devs or Santa clause.
  13. I vote no on the locking the gate ( for now ) here is why quite a few folks attempt the raid and dont finish it or , they have a boss in mind they want to get to then find no reason to finish the raid, Boony still spawns after he is killed so ive seen a raid i was on during the 4th cycle Boony re-appeared. the spawn is usually close so any 2nd group entering the bowl would/can see it, it was also fun once were we had to call a 2nd group because some one popped Boony and we had two separate spawns. most people do not loot steal that ive seen or even heard about, its a rare situation when you hear about that and we as a community frown on that. eventually make it a situation were you can be in a controlled raid but for now its always good to be able to call reinforcements when needed. (by controlled I mean set group in the raid) also for now if it becomes a problem were you cant really get a chance at the bowl then i suggest mirroring the bowl im sure its doable but here is a case and point. Ive logged in a few times today. one of my toons is parked in the fish bowl for a future raid when i can get a good group together, in the 5 times i checked in, there was ether a left spawn or a fresh Boony so i don't understand why people are saying they aren't getting a chance to raid. I think its too tough for some and too time consuming for others but trust me as far as a group effort and in game END game content it rocks. Sundays are the busiest server days , ive seen some pulled high end loot but each time the bowl was ripe for a good raid. in short, for now leave it be but in the future when it gets un-raidable due to multi groups then consider mirroring the bowl or have it a mission style so YOUR group has a chance to raid.
  14. The new fish bowl is awsome, it takes a good group and some tactics. i dont know what all the complaints are about, seems most are not complaining about Mordana ( similar type of raid ) Please do not change the new fish bowl , its much better then before were all we had was leechers trying to grab some xp. its a nice full raid that's very doable it beats the other raids in game at the moment, by raids i mean a KS battle between a few TW's it seems there are always mobs spawned there, that tells me that people attempt and stop half way through. Boony will respawn regardless of a spawned raid or not so its great Keep up the good work on scripted raids Devs. thank you for putting time and effort in this totally Free game we all have to enjoy. ~Jam
  15. I believe they are looking into it. this topic came up before in a different way but very similar i will link the post here Loot
  16. Need one, Can you please add the pop up window for yourself as you get when you return some one as a JD? it would come in handy considering some times even if you target some one and use return to base it some times sends you. Needed two, you should not have to target your group members when summoning group, this happened during the last patch. Needed three, when you Grav link it should arago the mob, for some reason a few patches back you will successfully grav link a mob and they wont attempt to fire on you.
  17. Maybe it was a glitch, maybe it was the fact that they opened the hulk and the loot rights were removed, what ever it may be the devs could look into it My short story is this, our group was killing the RD base, we got 90 percent then a single TW came by and fired, for some reason the system gave him the loot rights, thankfully he was cool ( you know who you are ) and he released the right for us to loot. as far as the part were the person looted something that he should not have, i would suggest you have your guild officers take care of it If your guild for the most part has a chain of command then take care of it there. We all have done things in the heat of the moment. even in a gamem so if it was not ill will then it should be fine. you can also site that its a game and even its a Stress test. but if we were in full alpha or beta mode, it should / would be fine because for the most part this community is 90 percent cool. in short, don't worry about it. Have that member say he is sorry and lets ask the Devs to look into loot rights. by the way As well as loot rights management on corpses, not allowing a TE or TT to pull out a Jenquai only weapon from the corpse would be a good safety feature too. is a great idea.
  18. I would just like to thank you for the Sniper Rifle. This thing is awesome and it shows how much work you guys put in to design something this cool. We would love to see something for the JT and PP in the future that's almost as awesome ( almost because nothing can be this awesome) Thank you
  19. In appreciation for your attention i post this video
  20. if I may suggest, can you up it slightly but more to the point make some kind of guaranteed drop that's not a lev 9 component My thought process is that if you have to grab a big group to raid and fend off from other groups raiding, it becomes increasingly difficult to get that group together for the next one. If memory serves me, the RD base is a guaranteed drop of "something" as well as the controller and the warder (( if you can get him)). it may not be the exact item you want but its still something to some one. ...Just a suggestion. ....also can you check the Controller, seems the "Skull" shields are not dropping... same with the named Ten Gu outside of the fish bowl.
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