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  1. Oh man. Remember when you could import things from places? Now, the DRM stores just tell you when and where you can play things. Mad respect paying nearly the price of the game again just to get it when you deserved it. Even with its complications, I'm glad the globalization of gaming seems to have really cut down on that region-dependent BS.
  2. Hey. Tryna gib money, but don't see a button. Should there be a button? Am I being an idiot? Thanks.
  3. And so the cryptowar begins. I'm no financial adviser, but personally, I'm going long on pancakes and shorting staples like there's no tomorrow.
  4. Alurra is quite correct.  It could be done with a slash command, but that's not exactly convenient.   It's funny that Destiny actually had this same age-old problem and only addressed it well into their first year, maybe 9 months after release.  When will they learn? :P
  5. Incredibly correct, sir. Part of the problem is that we'd have to dump the call stack and memory image to figure out what happened, and that's a huge amount of data for an application this large.
  6. Server go away. A developer is on it.
  7. Missions aren't hard-coded in. They're in the content database (which is separate from the character database). A server code rollback will not affect missions unless server code had to be fixed to make a mission work which, to my knowledge, has not happened recently, so you are clear to proceed.
  8. The server ams dies again. For a second there, Zackman was keeping it alive with pure willpower. Stand by.
  9. Well, I didn't crash the server...   The server is being worked on.  The recent crashes are due to some restructuring that needs to be done in the server.  Like I said earlier, they're growing pains.
  10. Edited (hopefully) for clarity. (I only changed formatting)   Also: Sticky!
  11. Tienbau, Zackman, Kyp, et al. are the awesome ones. I just pop in every now and then and break things. :P You are correct that crashes have been happening more often than in the past, but this is not completely a bad thing. The reason it's happening is that we continue to have more and more players online at once. As we've pushed toward 400 simultaneous users, and then on to 500, the increased load on the server has caused less-than-perfect or older sections of the code to break under the new found stress. Each time the server crashes, Zackman, and recently Tienbau again, are doing their best to fix the problem so it doesn't happen again, which is why the server doesn't always come back immediately. Zackman has been doing a terrific job of keeping the server going and minimizing downtime. These are growing pains and, while they hurt a bit now, they'll make us bigger and stronger in the end.
  12. lol, just got kicked off RDC, so someone must be on it.
  13. I was the one laughing.  * FACE. PALM. *   I'll take a look if Zackman doesn't beat me to it (he's quick).
  14. The Zack Man is working on something on the server.
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