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  1. I have an actual recollection of being in Shakti station ... it's somewhat faded and now I can't remember how I got there ... perhaps the portal is somewhere out in a far corner of Kitara's veil ... or could it have been out Cooper way ... ?
  2. Hi Karu, thanks for replying, yep it must have been something to do with firewall. Here's how I eventually fixed it; something to try if you're seeing this and just can't connect: 1. Go to windows firewall in settings, advanced, remove all mentions of net7proxy in incomming and outbound rules. 2. Click on 'Help' top right corner of the launcher. Flush Caches 3. Check Local IP drop-down matches your local IP - open a command window and type ipconfig to get this. 4. Click on LocalCert, Debug launch and Lock Port. 5. Launch Net7. At this point I got a popup from my firewall from NetProxy asking for access which is what I was waiting for! 6. If you proceed you'll most likely get the dreaded INV-300. 7. Quit out and run LaunchNet7 again, switch off LocalCert and lock port. 8. Launch again. All is working!
  3. Did you solve it? I've been trying to get back in on and off for a few months but always get 'Server not responding' from net7proxy. It's weird 'cos when I test the server using a UDP tool it's working fine. The launcher connects, I know the server is running but just cannot get the damn net7proxy to see the server. Even building it from the old source and updating the build number doesn't get any response. I figure it's my windows setup doing it - must be - does anyone have any tips (other than going into firewall and allowing net7proxy, client.exe etc full access, UDP etc which I've obviously done already ...)? This is killing me!! thanks, TB
  4. We did do a limited PvP game way back which was 'opposed mining'. Each player had an energy cannon that only became active when close to a beacon and when a game was in progress. One team had the cannons and tried to stop another team from mining. The mining team would have escorts that tried to take out the guys with energy cannons using their own energy cannons. It was kindof fun for a bit but someone discovered an exploit and in an attempt to patch this the code got broken and then it was pulled out. It should still be there in the repo just needs a bit of digging.
  5. OK I got my old acount working again
  6. yes, I just fixed formation gating, once I've finished testing it I'll restart with the fix. The same fix should also cure the old problem of sometimes gating to a place way out of the sector, that still happens sometimes.   If you uncheck the 'prototype reorder' the server/client will behave exactly as it did previously, this is in case there was a problem with the new gate caching system.   Why were people using the 'lock port' check anyway? This is a 'last resort' which you can use if you're really having problems. It may cause slow gating and unresponsive play.   If you are having to use the 'debug launch' setting then there are underlying problems with your install anyway, and in that case it would be best to maybe re-install because there could be some corruption.   So, best options are to have all 4 options on the left checked, and all 4 on the right, unchecked.   Formation gating will be fixed tomorrow as soon as I've finished testing it.
  7. holy crap!! That works perfectly! I just tried it too. A bit difficult to see on my galaxy nexus phone, but sound, graphic, everything is good.   Course a native app would be better, but this is great, I'll be using this streaming system a lot.
  8. cool! I will have to give that VNC a go, the one I've tried didn't let me stream graphics.   'course an actual Android/iPhone client would be much better, but then we're talking actual game release :)
  9. bug fixed and server restarted! cheers, TB
  10. hehe yeah those are cool. cappy, no you can't have a 4th weapon slot on your JE !
  11. kinda like the rapid pulse lasers in Mechwarrior
  12. ok we've drifted off topic a little, I'll take a look at the level 50/75 issues you've talked about first. I'll lock this topic for now as I have some really good stuff to work with when I implement the trader/combat jobs. Thanks!!
  13. The impression I got was that this was just going to be a nice effect. The overall DPS won't be too much different, it'll just look awesome. I can add a special packet to drive the client to do this so it doesn't create any more UDP traffic. We could have MOBs use the effect too for added awesomeness.
  14. clear roids are too difficult at 50 and 75? Could you give me some more info pls? too far away or the roid fields are too high level? Also excellent suggestions guys, I'm looking forward to creating these new jobs. I did promise I'd do something for the warriors and traders back when I first did the new explore jobs.
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