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  1. i have kinda long hair.... but now its grey....     (blames wife)  :P
  2. blattu


     lol  you get mentioned  picking up a "7" from the sleven eleven....           also..... do s'more   Stanig   (what fun)  :)
  3. blattu


    Gentalmen... this was freakin awesome..   at least 11 stars   very well done   Blattu  :)
  4. intresting read.... thanks Evermore  ;)
  5. Oh Man!  thank you Thank you!! i will love this..... hmmm   vonbon will become......  hockey playing granny  :)   edit:::   ( i cringe to see what mine becomes....)  bloose wearing poodle walker  :P
  6. just a thought..... how about a daily/weekly event like a "sector boss". a mob so bada** , it would require ,say, 5-10  full groups to take him out. he could drop various loots or reward some cxp to all involved. this might promote mass grouping (ack! even between guilds). perhaps 1 mil creds to every player who gets a hit in. the spawn location could be varied each time and schuedled or announced say 1 day ahead.   suggestions/feedback?????
  7. can this list be modified by any1? if so that will be brilliant  :yes:
  8. thanks matt i was afk and did not see the notice one would think by now i would know its maintance LOL
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