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  1. Raiders,   I don't usually get involved here - I hate politics and these discussions always contain more posturing than usable date.   I do want to speak out on behalf of Epic Gamers in direct response to assertions that they are not yet ready, or need to prove themselves ready. I disagree.   I have personally watched Epic complete both gate and FB raids - multiple times. I have made/traded/sold enough gear to assure you they are well equipped. I have had Epic guild members in group during various Builders raids and found them capable and helpful. They successfully completed the RD Base  - which is one of the hardest raids in the game.   So lets not make this about capability.   Finally my overall view: If we, the current big 3, cannot flex our agreement for additional large guilds who can (and eventually will) do the raids then the agreement will dissolve to free-for all again. That Epic has shown admirable restraint in not jumping right in and doing these raids is another point in their favor. They have every right to take the next GoBB, Controller, or RD Base raid but have held off to reach a formal agreement.   Just my $.02   Lannister Builders Inc.
  2. All,   A complete new install of E&B did the trick. I generally hate scorched earth troubleshooting as you don't tend to get to the core of the problem, but I am back working and in game.   Thanks Zack for your help!
  3. Zack,   The mixfile was recreated as part of the process but the crashing still occures.   Since you seem to beleive the proble is in one of the game side files I am going uninstall the game, clean out the directory, and install again. Perhaps that will help.   Thanks again for you help!   p.s - Hopefully you can read this now. :)
  4. Zack,    The mix_art_26.mix file is the size you stated. Since you did not state to delete it, I did not.    I manually deleted the *.th6 files with not change in effect.    The game still works in debug mode, still crashes as soon as I enter a password when not in debug mode.     
  5. Zack,   No go. I did what you said and then fully uninstalled and reinstalled thet Net-7 launcher.   I even got the littled green checkbox to show a new cdata.dat was created. The file size is 1,981kb.   Any other ideas?
  6. Hello Guru's of Support:   Since the patch today, and with no other configuration changes on my part, my game is now crashing at the long in screen. For all accounts I have access to - even guild vaults. As soon as I enter the username and passowrd - crash.   Here is the odd thing - it seems to work if I check the "Debug Launch" tickbox in the launcher.   Running: Windows XP 3 Gig Ram Latest Udpates Launcher v 404   I have the following boxes checking in the launcher: Packet Optimization Disable Mouse Lock Delee TH6 Files   I have already disabled IPV6 on XP. I have a .bat file I have used in the past to delete the TH6 files which I tried using to see if it helped.   I have reinstalled the launcher.   Any ideas?     P.S. Vincent - nice sig. :)
  7. While I can see the use for people who do not trade much it is killing me. Can we either move this up to system or get a /command to turn it off? Please?!? :)
  8. Miroku,   Very nicely done. Two points if I may:   1. There is no benifit to PM comps when making ammo. There only reason to use PM comps is if the comps are not available from a vendor. The resulting quality in the ammo is the same. Since that is the case there is no reason to collect ores for the Evolver line of ammo components as they are all available at vendors. 2. There is another list of ores that are refined and of big interest to us builders. Many comps have ores unique to them. Miners are the often unknown glue behind the building industry and a list of ores valuable to builders would be a great addition. Probably a bit more time consuming that ammo ores too. In gerneral all of the Brimstone, Anthanor, Blackbox, CE3k branded comps are loot only. There are also some named comps (Nebula Power Vamp 9x, Vortex 60K TeraByte Memory Chip, Evolver Primer Max 3k and 5k) which, despite their names, are also loot only.   Hope this helps - and keep mining. :)
  9. ******** Guild: Builders Inc. Founder: Devil Magoo ********
  10. I was back, then away, then back, then away and no back again. :)   Bumping this to the top. I think we have almost all of the elements here specifically:   1. We can see who has a print (if they have opted in to share that info). 2. We can see how many and the quality of builds of a specific print. 3. We can see if a builder of a specific element is online.   So can we institute the top builders list in some automated fashion. Specificly I woudl like to see (based on opt-in only): 1. Who as the most prints overall and by build disciplin.   2. Who has built the most items overall and by build disciplin.   Can we do this? I know I will not be placed since I am just back a month or so now and still working through getting my build list back (thanks to all who have helped in that BTW!).
  11. Access to GMs online should not be the support norm. I know it is nice, but the ticketing system is much more efficient way of handling things.    The same was true for Live. 
  12. All, I agree with Jack's point. The agreement was simply a way for the larger guilds to agree not step on each others toes and was never intended to exclude others. If another guild or group did one of the raids during that time so be it. We just knew that on Monday, for example, Builders and Static would stand aside to allow Von an extra chance. It did work out well for a while - then got confusing with talk of other guilds. My view now is that the agreement has reached the end of its shelf life and should probably be set aside. Lets also remember that these raids were always hot commodities and highly competitive in live. Not everyone can do them, and those who can should compete for the right. Lann
  13. First off - Wow. I had no idea it would morf into such a thread. Good discusions though. And I get it - most of you are not in favor of a wipe at this time, I get that too. So Kyp, Cdel, or whoever: Can I volunteer for my main toon, Lannister, leveled back to 0? Given we are not doing a general wipe I would just as soon keep my prints, items, and money. But I would be happy to do some testing of missions by going through the process again. I think it would be fun. I am maxed out now with nothing to do but collect points so lets start the fun all over. If we get commands to do this ourselves (one way only in play I would suggest) then great. If we need to put in a request, then that works too. If more people do it then more of the lower lvl content gets worked out anyway. Lann
  14. It should also be noted that player made ammo does 30% more damamge - nothing to sneeze at.
  15. I know! I know! Blasphemy – we lived in fear of a P-Wipe for so long the simple muttering of it was enough to put most of the player community on edge. First let me say I did not come to this conclusion lightly, nor do I minimize the amount of time and energy people have put into their toons to get them fully up to speed and engaged. Look below you will see that I have maxed out every single class in the game – and have others not even listed there. I do also realize that there are many players who have not yet maxed out or who are enjoying lower level toons. No everyone sees this as a good thing. But before you jump on this suggestion please grant me a moment of your time to consider it. Player Interest: Overall interest in the game seems to be lagging. The number of players online at any time is dropping. The amount of activity in any of the channels, even guild channels, is dropping as well. I think this comes down to interest – we were challenged, but so many have done it all. How many Fish Bowl Raids, Drone Squashes, Mordana Hunts, etc can we do and still find it enjoyable? Building up from scratch is the challange – and with a newly leveled playing field and need to rebuild much of the player interest will be reawakened. Player Domination: Many portions of the games are dominated by players or groups of players. This is true for building mostly – just look at the top 5 or so builds for anything you want made. This is also true for raids to some extent. Game Economy Distortion: Many of the higher level players have gobs and gobs of cash. Billions and Billions – and I resemble that remark. The net effect is that money has no value – builds are almost all done for free and if you want something really high end (like say a synthetic crystal for an Intent engine) then no amount of money would get you one. Worse A working economy is key and the only way to fix this one is to level it. Destabilizing Events: Remember Hulk Fest, Mob Fest, Oni drops, common mob parts dropping for 6m a stack, the Master spawning every 15min, etc? All of these events impacted the game greatly. It beefed up build lists, player equipment, and coffers. We have never really, in my opinion, recovered from these. Reduction in Emulator Funding: The items above, but especially number 1, are impacting the funding for the emulator itself. Fewer players equals fewer contributions to cover the costs of the emulator. If we do not cover the costs of the emulator then E&B goes away again. We have a great game here. Best of all it has had great improvements over the last 6-12 months and, better yet, more on the horizon. By the time we build back up to some maxed toons perhaps some stellar new content will be available to keep us moving along. I would love to see the return to 200+ people online and active again. Most of the time now there are fewer than 100 toons on – and I am sure that means less that 50 actual players. That is my $0.02 anyway. I hold no power to pull the switch of course, that is a collective right. Thoughts?
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