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  1. What you're really suggesting is "rationalizing" the entire matrix of race/class and related skills. For example: in current RL, hacking isn't a strong warrior skill -- it would be some non-warrior nerd closeted away in the background. That's more like the Terran Scout role rather than the front line fighter. The Terran Enforcer 'should' have a different top drawer skill, something more suited to her/his long range combat role [extended scan range coupled with extended missile range?] I wonder if the agreement with EA allows for that -- off hand, I'd suspect not.
  2. surgery update ... complete and recovering. left elbow dislikes some movements, this is thought to be normal for another month or so ... doesn't much impede gaming though thanks for the kind thoughts, guys
  3. Yes, the current DEVs do read these forums. No, I very much doubt this is high on their priority list -- I think priority goes to making progress in the V'rix war. [Not to mention that there is an apparent shortage of volunteers to write the dialogue portions of missions. If you're interested in doing this, please see Kyp's post elsewhere in these forums.]
  4. while this mission chain is perhaps the extreme example, there are plenty of others that require flying "all over" the known galaxy. Seems the early designers and DEVs wanted an excuse for us to get those Explorer points and level up that way instead of just mining, mining, mining all the time.
  5. see this mission https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Bite_The_Bullet_(Terran) if you've completed it and skill still doesn't show, pls ask for help ingame via "New Players" chat.
  6. seems the server dropped it and it wasn't logged out on the server -- ergo, it didn't move from that spot. I'm mildly surprised that, when you logged back in, that 'toon wasn't at the default login location [which I don't know the location of in Arduinne since there's no station there ... I do know that the default location is next to the station in systems that have stations -- it has happened to me often enough.] i'm thinking a bug report would be in order might be caused by lost packets in the Internet between your location and the server in Florida ... if so, there's really nothing much can be done about it.
  7. hmm. don't know which files are involved in this [that's for the DEVs to specify] and maybe something like this could be done ... write macro to save all of the affected files to the cloud somewhere and another to retrieve them. then, at end of session, save files to the cloud and at beginning of next session on the other computer, retrieve them from the cloud. google, dropbox, or even email attachment could be used as the cloud -- likely other services as well
  8. sounds like the launcher wasn't checking version when it started up. Hopefully, the reinstall you did has that permanently fixed. Alas, we may not know until the next patch ... not sure [I'm not a DEV] if there will be one for Easter [rabbit/egg hunting?] or not. Have fun ingame until you find out ...
  9. Hint: after you get in the game, your forums name can be changed to that of your main 'toon. Makes it a lot easier for us to associate forum questions to who you are ingame -- so we can help out via chat or TS.
  10. Dear Friends: I expect to be out of game beginning April 4 for "some" days. Time away depends on what the surgeon discovers when he opens me up. I've some nerve issues in my left arm which are becoming worse over time. While they "think" the problem is localized to my elbow, it is also possible that direct inspection will determine that the nerve farther up is not responding properly -- in which case they close the elbow and do a detailed imaging sequence looking for spinal issues in my neck. [oh, lovely]. At the least, I expect to be out a few days due to pain meds and inability to use left arm. [I hate pain meds -- they interfere with my mental processing. The mild buzz of one beer is about all i can handle.] Well, I've little choice -- I'd like my fingers and hand to still be working in a decade -- and if nothing is done, they likely won't be. [Thankfully, I live in the US so the wait time to do this "not immediately essential" surgery is a couple of weeks, not months; and paying for the procedure will not be denied due to my retired status and pushing toward elderly age (unemployed old folks don't really need two well functioning hands, do they? Well, I'd not want to put that question to the NHS since I know they don't think wet macular degeneration in one eye is worth treating if you're elderly {I bet there's an exception to this for politicians}).]
  11. There used to be a website which estimated the frequency of each drop from a particular mob based on statistics from live [I think]. Suspect that website is no longer active, and I recall seeing estimates as low as 5 percent (or even lower). Last I checked my maths, at 5 percent drop frequency, the expected number of items received by killing twenty of the spawn is one [1]. And the probability of getting at least one drop doesn't reach 50 percent until you've killed that mob fifteen times. If that sort of drop frequency applies to something like the Barrier of Ooze [level 7 shield], you have to kill the boss mob it drops from a LOT -- so much so that your 'toon won't need a level 7 shield any more because it'll have moved on to an 8 before you get one. Thus, only a collector will have one at all -- no one else will invest the time required to get one.
  12. I'm told that the respawn time for Modi's Child is about 2.5 days. the group that last killed it has a huge advantage in that they know about when it will next spawn and can position their toons to intercept it. everyone else gets tired of waiting for many hours or days ... The Warder is apparently similar, although the time period may be shorter [one day]. The spawn site has been camped by one or more 'trigger' toons virtually continuously. [a trigger toon is a low level, low visibility toon always logged on and hanging in a location outside the reach of the mobs in the area. when the boss spawns, it kills the trigger toon and thus alerts its owner to log on the group to kill the boss for the loot, which is then shared out among the guild or group of friends.
  13. all required files are found at https://www.net-7.org on the web, under heading "main" [the default] and "downloads" [see leftmost button on top button bar]. Earth 'n Beyond runs ONLY on Windows 7, SP 3 and later. Emulators for non-PCs are at user's risk and NOT supported. Only DX 9 graphics are required ... all graphics cards for past 15 years have supported this or better. read the relevant "Technical Support" posts in these forums. Especially recommended -- TraderMagoo's post "Net7Config.exe for Running Custom Resolutions" about setting up the game for multiple instances [running multiple 'toons at once on same computer] (a/k/a multi-boxing). If you encounter issues in installing or entering the game, please see these forums under "Technical Support" and browse the subjects available to find those nearest to what seems to be happening for you. If you don't find one that seems to fit -- start a new thread under "Technical Support" and we'll do our best to assist. GL and hope to see you ingame soon.
  14. Occurs to me that in my 2.5 years since returning to EnB, I don't know who the Advocate is. Offhand, I don't see any link on the net-7.org [emulator] website that even tells us there is an Advocate ... For that matter, I also don't see any reporting of who the lead managers of various aspects of the emulator are. I know there are various groups of administrators and developers ... but, afaik, there is no organized way to find out who is who -- aside from the occasional special status tag such as Woody's or Kyp's. In the interests of sending to the correct person when something arises -- maybe this would be desirable ...
  15. to everyone who did the "workaround" ... problem has been sorted. Please revert the change in your computer. [you don't want something nasty that could be avoided.
  16. 2120 gmt [420 est] -- apparently corrected now.
  17. Starting? Considering all the hours you're online my friend -- I'd suspect you of reaching for the liquid tranquilizer bottle yesterday afternoon at the latest. [full disclosure with honest intent ... I went to grief therapy yesterday afternoon instead. Lord knows what I'll do today. ]
  18. s/be ... "ask*; the players are very helpful." Player help requests usually begin in the "New Players" chat [text] ingame -- this is automatically enabled for all new 'toons, so you'd be ready to go. Hope to see you ingame.
  19. Can only dream about such things -- we've McGill nearby so our lads are your flying fuel trucks. New plane is coming soon ... which we hope will be in service for decades to come.
  20. Please tell us what you did to solve it so that the next guys with similar cases can use your solution. thanks
  21. TraderMagoo's Tech post for "custom resolutions" is all I've needed to support multi-boxing. I have an old Win 7 Pro [64] box with an i3 cpu and 8 Gb ram ... works fine with three instances.
  22. here's a link to the after V'rix conquest R4c sector map showing the V'rix nav points. {Many or most nav points in older maps are gone.} http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/sectormap/roc.html note that, last I looked, this Canadian site had two maps -- the old one {Roc} and the new one {R4c} with slightly differing names. Finding the new one isn't a slam dunk.
  23. I'm a retired manager/executive, Mouli. I can read IP [intellectual property] contracts and I understand how they're written in the western world -- it's really, really simple -- everything other than the explicitly permitted uses is prohibited or exclusively reserved to the property owner. My understanding of the EMU/EA contract [which I haven't access to] is that the EMU's legal structure is limited to a non-profit -- any change voids the contract under which we can have EnB at all. {were I running EA, that's exactly how I'd have the contract written.} Of course, such a contract can be re-negotiated. If you've an organization with the funding to, in effect, BUY Earth and Beyond from EA. Since EA has no pressing need to sell, their price would be prohibitive. [I know a bit about negotiating, too.] *** As to your comments about China and Chinese practices -- you plainly haven't done much business over there. I and the people I worked with have. Theft of IP by Chinese entities is rampant and western copyrights/patents, even when registered in China, will not be effectively enforced by Chinese courts. I've many examples of this, including theft from global scale enterprises well able to afford armies of attorneys to litigate for their rights. Nationality of the global IP owner does not seem to matter as long as it isn't Chinese. {Trump's "trade war" with China is, in part, over this exact IP issue.}
  24. My understanding from some of the DEVs is that EA owns the rights to the name, as well as the code. The EMU has very limited rights to operate a not for profit version -- it serves as an outlet for those who would otherwise be poking EA every other day to bring the game back -- which EA isn't going to do because of the cost involved. You can't, legally speaking, organize a separate corporation or other entity to take over or promote EnB. That would be theft of intellectual property which is aggressively litigated worldwide [except in China and then only in favor of Chinese entities]. Like it or not, we have to work within the confines of the contract with EA. Unorganized fan action in unofficial forums and venues, is, legally, the responsibility of those fans -- but the EMU can not in any way approve of or contribute to such actions. That would be another contract violation.
  25. umm, oops ... Service Pack 3, please
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