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  1. So begins my question which I been wondering for a bit of time. Who would win in a battle to the death. A Wookie or a Wampa from Hoth? Please vote!
  2. Thanks for putting us up to date. Hope you rise victoriously with this. You sure did not ask for this to happen. Will make sure to keep you in my prayers.
  3. Hey keep us updated with this please. I'll keep you in my prayers. Get that stupid Cancer killed like all the Vrix that you have killed and so on.
  4. I built mine back in 2013 which I game on it. The thing is built into a Thermaltake Chaser MK 1 case Has a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 board Has 16 GB's of ram 2x nVidia EVGA 650 TI Boost cards running 2 GB each 850 Watt power supply AMD 8 core running 4.0 GHz processor Will get pictures of it but I must find where I put them. But any who that's a short, sweet, simple run down on my gaming machine.
  5. After much thought on this and in regards to what I originally posted here...   I changed my position. I would not want to see EA Games and Steam do a partnership. I would like to see Steam Buy out EA Games and see what they have and see what would be great to bring back.   As for if EA decided to turn the servers back on.. I would not ever go back to them and pay them my hard earned money what so ever.   I did play EVE online a lot and I really got in to it. I have came in to ownership of some battleships and even a capital freighter to help me move my base around.   But even with that.. I keep on gravitating back to EnB I do how ever play other FTP games like APB Reloaded, Team Fortress 2, and Minecraft. How ever EnB has been my first real home and game where I could do what I want to do when I want to do it. I used to play Nintendo Animal Crossing and that game was okay and it had a similar mechanic do it with the upgrades done to the house and such. But still I wanted more.   When I seen Earth and Beyond and read about it when it was announcing the beta sign ups and such to be happening soon. I wanted in soo bad but I had a computer that was not able to run the game one iotta. It took a couple of years before I could finally get in to the game. I got in the day BEFORE they announced sunset. When I seen that Sunset was announced I was very bummed out so bad. I thought to my self back then; "I finally get to play this game after all that begging, pleading, and reasoning and getting nowhere.. And THIS happens? What Gives?"   I asked EA Games on the phone before they had the sunset happen about what could be done to get this sunset to not happen. They would not tell me anything as it was apparent that they did not wish the game to live at all. I did play it enough to get a taste as to what it was all about and I loved it. It felt like a place that I belonged and was warm and welcoming with me being able to do the things that I fantasized about doing since I was little. And then EA Games with out any consideration to the community decided to pull the plug. They did not even warn that there might be a sunset what so ever. They did not even give any kind of thought when they pulled the game from the stores, and even pull the advertisements and such.   That all being said to give the short answer to the question of this thread; "Would you play if they turned the servers back on?" My answer would be No. Reason being is that it would be just a matter of time before they decide to do the same thing and it would be Sep, 14 2004 12:00 PM P.T. all over again. but on another date in an undetermined point in the future in this fabric of the space time continuum that we are living in.   Hope this answer even though long winded, helps!
  6. I was going to dock my toon and then the server crashed. It crashed hard.
  7. I just shared a link to this site on Face book.
  8. This is a follow up on the results of the prototype recroder useage.   I do have to say that it is success. I have not had the problem at all. Except from a CTD that I got when looking at the jobs. But hey it is nice.
  9. I did notice that my Prototype recorder was not checked. So I am going to give this a try.   The fact that I keep on having to kill the Client/proxy and such is very annoying to me. And it does get me burnt out easily.
  10. Hello all!   I am just here to say that I am back. And to the people in Static who got me in to the guild who knows how long ago I do apologize. Right after I got re-established you you good people real life decided to do what it usually does and that is pull me away and so from then on I was enduring a lot of stress and my anxiety levels have been shot up pretty high. So yeah real life is a hassle. But any who. I am back but I don't know for how long.   All the best! -Alex
  11. Maybe sell EnB to Steam or at least do a partnership with Steam. That will give it a very good leg up.   But yeah what many have said before and I still say this..   EA = Satan EMU Devs = Angels.
  12. Empty Station you say? LET'S PARTEH!!! P/M me / Email me when and where! =D
  13. After working indirectly for Geeksquad. I have learned that The Anderoid, IOS, and even Windows RT, They cannot open up EXE files, They open up apk or something that ends with pk files. Will be tricky business but it is doable.
  14. Hello All!   I have been watching some Youtube and then I came across this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZgXBN1P95g   And It got me thinking. This game does not have rings around Jupiter.   If possible which I know that it will be a very big time headache to put the rings around Jupiter.   Thanks for your time! -Alex
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