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  1. Yeah, something that has been trotting across my mind too. We used to be upwards into the 600's or so I think. But yeah. People have either died or went on to other things. One thing that would be very nice is if we could get the tutorial up and going. But I know that'll take a lot of doing.
  2. I was in the final days of the original. And let me tell you, that was an emotional roller coaster ride.
  3. Found a EnB Demo out in the wild. But it was donated to LGR. I have modified the url to begin around the time when the sighting happens. So, keep your eyes peeled!
  4. Hello, I am having an issue with trying to get onto a toon of mine which is stuck in Freya, I have this sector login error and he was knee deep in combat with some swarming foes which means that by the time I'll be able to get back on him, he will need a tow or Jump start. His name is Wolfpack who is a TE and I can't get back onto him. Need help please. Edit: Update, I was able to get back onto him but only for just a littlebit. I tried again with just getting through Freya, but the Freya system crashed again causing me to not be able to log onto the toon again. I think Freya's broken.
  5. After everything that Woodstock and all the Dev's and Staff have done for us all, I honestly think they need to get some well deserved S'mores. In my book, S'mores is a good way of showing some Golden and hard earned gratitude for working tirelessly to bring some awesome things to people. Even though it's quite thankless and grueling and about makes one want to smash their computer, desk, chair and the world to bits and pieces something awful. Thanks you all for everything that you have done, and for putting up with the woodwork like us and so on.
  6. Just do what all these lovely Gentlemen have advised and use some good common sense. Also, I bid thee a nice and warm welcome into us space faring people. May the stars forever be in your favor, and may you always fly safe.
  7. I'm using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox And I'm just using the stock settings with the exception of Tree-view tabs and adblock plus. So, after a little bit more poking and prodding around. I found that the tab that was opened was janked up bad. So, I decided to close the tab itself, and I was able to get in. I'm going to check on my in game account some time later but will keep you posted. Thanks for hearing me out Master Karu.
  8. "Reactor Leak" makes me think of this video. It was uploaded a LOOOOONG Time ago. So, sorry for the Potato quality.
  9. This thread makes me wish I wasn't allergic to corn. I'd be eating some popcorn while reading all the replies. Each and every one of them are gold! In Final Fantasy XIV, they have a place called "The Golden Saucer" which is a casino with tons of mini-games and such. It's pretty much a PG version of a real life casino/XXX Girls/E.T.C. and so on. In Star Trek Online there are a few borderline naughty places. Especially if you to to the Mirror Universe version of Bajor. Soooo yeah. Funny, funny. XD
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing a fully upgraded Terran Enforcer ship with the STW33 and STH33 and STP23 And perhaps another Enforcer ship with STW13
  11. I wouldn't mind a working link too! ThePlagueDoctor#1152 if possible.
  12. Update, I thought it was possibly corrupt cookies causing my problem, so, I went and deleted them and I'm still getting the same issue.
  13. Every time I try to login on to the https://www.net-7.org Site, I am always getting "Not logged in" and I'm using the right credentials. I tested them out on the Wiki and these forums which the password should be the same for all three parts of this. This has caused me to not be able to login to any of my game accounts so that I could play the game. Tried getting screenshots from the game itself, but for some reason, the screenshot hot-key keeps on causing a CTD
  14. Mauiman


    Hello, Real quick, would it be a good idea for us to put up a Discord as a lot of other gaming communities have Discord servers for Clans, and even the official game and such. Just a thought. Thanks for your time!
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