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  1. Yeah, they forgotten to put in the If statements into the encoding of the game for copy and paste.
  2. -NOCLASSRESTRICTIONS Copy and paste that into the shortcut path. and voalla! Should look something like this; "D:\Program Files\EA Games\Earth & Beyond\Character and Starship Creator.exe" -NOCLASSRESTRICTIONS But be sure the path is where you have it installed and not this one. I'm playing on a home built machine and I put the secondary drive into the machine and such.
  3. Mauiman

    updated map

    http://enbmaps.de/index.php?zeige=n&breite=1704&hoehe=987 I been using the holy moly outta that place. Nice having two monitors and running the game in windowed mode. :D
  4. Can't download any of it, can't listen to any of it. it's telling me what to do with myself. Grr. 😢
  5. Just want to say, thanks for everything that you have done to carry this heavy torch forward with making this game a possibility for everyone who wants to play myself included possible.


    Also with the person who is in your picture, I really hope the Cylons from EA won't come hassling you ;)

  6. It's been smoothish running. And I am putting in all the log files here for you to study. Outside of that, I have had a repeatable issue where I go to capture a screenshot and the game would CTD on me. I think I will get in and try to recreate it and upload the proxy log file and such. Also, on a personal note, I noticed that I have had the entire galaxy in the PTR ALL to my self about all the time I been playing on it trying to see if it will get me to crash to desktop or go and lag out when gating and such. Been doing trade runs, mapping out the galaxy as much as I have the patience for. But would be nice to have a couple of people in there every now and then to keep me company 😢 _2019_06_03.log _2019_06_02.log _2019_05_31.log _2019_05_30.log _2019_05_29.log _2019_05_28.log
  7. If someone writes a story/book that turns into a movie about you, I hope it starts with how your parents met, got married, and when you are born, they play this song during your birth scene.

    It would be like Hey World! A great man has just been birthed into this world who is destined for greatness.

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    2. Woodstock DGM

      Woodstock DGM

      for sure

      and thanks for the soundtrack for my life especially since Woodstock is A Jenquai Explorer.



    3. Mauiman


      You know something, if I had a time machine, and infinite resources, I would go back in time and I would get it so that EnB would be ten times bigger than it, EVE Online, Elite Dangerous, No mans sky, Star Trek Online and Freelancer combined. And there would be 200 times more things than what you could ever hope to do in the games combined. And you would be able to have a loooot more customization capabilities to the starship's, ground vehicles, character and even handheld and vehicle mounted weapons combined. And, If EA Games acquires Westwood studios after me making them stronger and fortified and such. I would be sure to keep the tools, and software and everything needed for the eventual closure of the game. I would make sure that Razorwing, Ayusaki and so would be people who gets the goods.

    4. Woodstock DGM

      Woodstock DGM

      I know the feeling


  8. So, the part where it shows all the computer messages above the player messages and such. There?
  9. BTW at the time of me typing this and posting it, the Stress Test server is now up and live. This is NOT a drill, I repeat, this is NOT a drill!
  10. Wish it would show what I need when I'm at the vendor.
  11. I got a couple of other proxylog files which are well too big to upload.
  12. Okay, I know that many of you probably have done this, as I have been doing this. I am thinking that I should go out and get me a spiral notebook so that I could jot all the recipes that I find from analyzing the equipment Shields, Engines, Reactor, devices, Weapons and so on. Reason being, is that all the pieces of paper that I write the stuff down on usually find it's way out of my room and off my computer desk and somewhere else in the house being drawn on by a near 3 year old niece to just being plain out MIA. But before I go and do such a thing, what do you all do about this madness?
  13. Okay, I got one for you, I went to take a screen shot of the character select screen and I had a CTD from that. Surprised it was not caught in the Alpha and Beta and initial stress tests before the official emu launch. But I guess it's better late than never. proxylog Screenshot Char select scrn.dat Also, I tried entering the game from when you make your name and enter the game. It said that my Decal was not able to be used as it was restricted (Eye of Rah on black background) that I put on the ships wings in the Character and Starship Creator. And it also crashed me to desktop. I had all of the toons automatically imported into the game from the creator. I have a TE, TT, JD, JS and a PW. Wish I could have more but one account only allocates for 5 toons max and If I read things correct, we only get one PTR account.
  14. I had it figured out for the game account. I found the area in the Net 7 game manager where I was able to change the passwords to both my regular game accounts and such. So, everything is good to go! Thanks Kyp!
  15. Any idea as to when it will be back up?
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