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  1. Thuvia/Blacksabbath/Skidrow passed away on Thursday, May, 23, 2019. If a lot did not know, Thuvia had a lot of health problems, but it never hindered his attitude. Thuvia always put a smile on everyone’s face with his crude humor. Personally, I knew Thuvia from way back in live. Even though I was a young one then, he always treated me just like one of the other players. Always helped when needed, and one of the best guys I have ever came in contact with while playing this wonderful game. Please use this post to share your memories of him.
  2. I'll join in on the fun! Thanks for letting us help.
  3. Mr. Panda of Flames, who are you referring to in your post when you say "they"? Can you please elaborate with another post explaining who the "they' are.
  4. I have to admit I do like your option for the farmable triggers. Similar to the FB/Gate Raid. Would give the player base something new to do. I would think it would be alot of work for the Emu team though. I'm not sure about other guilds, but Damage Inc has been growing recently, but that doesn't mean we could fill a full raid group. We still would need help. Different time zones/different playing times play a role in this. We are pretty diverse with having European players, Eastern US people, Central US people, West Coast people. Again I enjoy the trigger idea. Thumbs up to you Black.
  5. The sky is falling! Well the game at least
  6. Thanks for the response/feedback Zackman. I do understand you have to be at the keyboard, which i was and i did receive a PM from a GM/DEV seeing if I was here, which i responded to. I also have my clients set up one by one, so I'm able to see if I get a PM on one of my accounts. I did assume so, because I thought that this certain field had this property of randomizing a spawning of the hulk 1 by 1. I am now aware you aren't able to hold it open any longer. Which I wasn't aware of before. You might not be able to tell me, but I've noticed with some hulks they all do not spawn at the same so there could be a randomizer that breaks the hulks away from each other. For example: 10 hulks are in a field. This field sometimes pops at the same time, if all the hulks from the previous time the hulks were taken down pretty much simultaneously. Is there something that randomizes and makes the hulks in this field sometimes spawn 1 at a time?   And to Prre we are in agreement on the matter at hand being closed.
  7. I just wanted to post here. Yes i was holding the hulks open, and the reason was to get the hulk field back in sync. NOT to take away from others, ect. There seems to be a feature that are built into the hulks that make them spawn sporadically (one at a time). This creates a problem where they all dont spawn at once. Another thing, I haven't touched the hulks in over a week before yesterday, so I'm not sure how a previous poster could accuse me of excessive camping on it. I have spoke with BL and what you guys are saying is true, it is a disruption of game play (when more than one person is there) which I was unaware. Effective immediately I will stop holding the hulks open.    The only advice I give you guys next time, is that you please just pm me or say something in local. Many could vouch that I'm easy to talk with and I don't backlash without being provoked with. Prre, If I said anything that offended you I'm sorry. Next time if you have a problem with me say it in local, or just pm. No need to start accusing me of afk macroing in general.   Thanks, Fly Safe, Traderben
  8. Question: Is there a council of some sort that discusses these things?
  9. Guildie found one last week at over 100 hours uptime. So I believe it is possible to find one after 24+ hours after a restart.
  10. I've been running 1440 x 900 resolution for a while in windowed mode for the game, but my desktop resolution is set to 1920 x 1080. When running net 7 config, it shows my highest resolution being 1440 x 900 (non-windowed mode) with the next highest being 1920 x 1090 (non-windowed mode). Attached are some screen shots of this with the option for windowed mode selected. I was wondering am I missing something where I can set it to a custom resolution higher then 1440 x 900? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
  11. I've interacted with most of you on some level at some point. I've done raids with BI, Efi/Pre has built me stuff before/helped me with multiple things, and I do the public raids. I've been fine with the rotation until I seen the GoBB trigger up for 5-6 days (undetermined as though I have no idea when it was actually spawned). I believe some kind of rotation reform needs to be done. I understand every guild goes through some kind of players leaving/taking time off, but there should be some repercussions/rules need to be happening. Just two weeks ago BI needed a Healer for RD base, so they asked the public. I joined. How hard is it to get other people involved? Again just my opinion :)
  12. The loot was still given to lotto right? I don't see why you are creating this problem (which really isn't a problem) Efialtis, since the loot was still given to lotto. I would understand if the loot wasn't given to the people who did the raid, but it was. You want to not go into details because you aren't in high school, but you still post this?  
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