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  1. But I really need to go. It's such a secret mission she said "My spouse need never know."
  2. I was in a station today when an unknown woman told me "Someone's waiting for you on Shakti." I see the planet in Kailaasa, but I can't land. I feel like this mission has time constraints on it, and every second counts.
  3. Just making sure you guys know, the login server is down. Looks like the proxy bot is at it again. Wish we could IP block it.
  4. It was back up for a few minutes. but gating crashed me and the login server is down again. Sorry guys.
  5. You're the best, Woodstock. Thanks much.
  6. Login server seems to be down again. 8:05 PM CST, 5/17/2019. Thank you for your help.
  7. Just wanted to give N7 a head;s up that we're getting the login server down message when we try to log in. Thanks.
  8. Anyone know where to find this Hydrocarbon in abundance? Tried Glenn and Cygni. No dice. This level 100 HU quest for Progens is nothing but fun. Please respond with a confirmed site/area. Thank you in advance. -Violet
  9. The way you type, Growlz, makes me want to bite down on aluminum foil. Not exaggerating.
  10. Thanks for the reply, but I'm meaning strictly cosmetic.
  11. Is there anywhere where we can see what the different hull combinations look like at 135? This would be amazing. If there isn't, one of you database people that could whip something up would be my hero.
  12. If any of you know a secret or work around for the part at Onirom Detention Center where I have to kill the Merus Militia Fighters (won't spawn right now) please let me know. I don't really want to level another toon, as I love my Sentinel, and I'm camped there waiting for a fix or work around.
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