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  1. Yeah it was offline for a couple of hours.
  2. Wasted Triggers !

    Well raid trigger spawn times now are essentially random. Most of the ones in the rotation are roughly 48 hours +-12, so could come up at just about any time of day. Then just stay up until a group strong enough to take them down does so. The rotation is all about "big guilds" taking turns at them rather than first-come-takes-the-prize. Now if these triggers only stayed up for a limited time and then despawned, that might put more pressure on the player community to take them down promptly. The Celestial Warder, which at this point is almost a mini-raid, but is not on any kind of rotation agreement -- is a bit more like what raids would be like in a FFA system. It was buffed up not too long ago, and now takes a solid group or a really extreme multiboxer to take down. But it is hardly ever left up for long. A number of posts back, Stevinium suggested ignoring the rotation and just forming groups and taking down raids. While that seems like a simple solution, from what I have seen from forming 'public' raids, it is really hard to get groups together for raids, even the public ones. Also, some of the guilds in the rotation have forbidden their members from taking part in raids that are not honoring the rotation agreement. This is also going to limit efforts to get enough people to 'just form raid groups and go for it'. Good luck with that! "People, I just want to say, you know, can we all Get Along?" -- Rodney King, May 1992 -Zargol
  3. Wasted Triggers !

    Can we stay on topic with this thread? It's getting hijacked byt trying to (re)define the role of the Advocate that may best be taken to a separate thread, perhaps in the advocate forum. BI did a GoBB raid last night about 23:00 PDT inviting public people to help out. We managed to pull it off, which is good considering that is one of the lowest population times for the server. Not gonna lie, some multiboxing was required. I still think some form of rotation is requires to assure spreading raiding times across the disparate time zones that players run in. Maybe an option to mandate that guilds at least try to invite public or other raiding guilds during their raid times, rather than keep it just their private club. They basically just get first-right-of-refusal on space in the raid. This may also make it easier to get raids done when they want to do them, because they wouldn't have to rely on doing them only with their guild's resources. Just throwin' some ideas out there. I may be an officer in DI but am not speaking for DI at this time.
  4. Wasted Triggers !

    From the following discussion it doesn't look like many have looked at my actual trigger usage data. Triggers for controller -- and to a lesser extent -- Ghost of Blackbeard are pretty consistently being taken down. Red Dragon Base and the two in der Todesengel, are almost universally ignored.
  5. Session 5 dev meeting

    Auction house or general E-bay style place to sell stuff for the poor players online when the builders aren't. I can see it being entirely implemented through net-7 website. This is great. Do you need a poll or something set up to justify desire for the devs?
  6. Wasted Triggers !

    For anyone interested about actual raid trigger utilization over the last two months, I've published my raw data log of raid trigger up/down observations at http://damageinc.cryptic.com/raid-trigger-log.txt -Zarg
  7. WTB a Devastating Gaze

    Terror's Gaze is built from drops from the Gate Raid on the Tada-O gate in Cooper. This is a common entry-level raid, but the DG Beam or its components do not drop all that often. As such if you wish to simply trade for one, it will fetch a high price or even require bartering items (I.e. colorful parrot feather, required to make the trigger that sets off the Gate Raid). You could try raiding for it -- many guilds do this raid, some even inviting the public to join. Pay attention to General chat, and join in, and hope you get lucky. Or build the Fishmaster 2000 trigger and get folks to come along with the raid. It is common practice to 'reserve' an item of loot in a raid if you supplied the trigger to start the raid.
  8. Session 3 dev meeting answers

    RD Base crashes are definitely fixed. Thanks for that. Now if only we could get people doing that raid again...
  9. Wasted Triggers !

    So you're suggesting a timezone-based rotation rather than a guild-based one, and all those raids would be conducted as if public. I'm all for that.
  10. Gate Crash's

    Check settings in your net-7 loader. Frequent gate crashes are usually caused by 'prototype reorder' not being checked on.
  11. Join us on Teamspeak!

    Yes, the server is still up.
  12. Dunno if proxy update fixed it, but I went back and fixed the bad url in my prior post. Thanks to Akean for spotting it. Poop on the forum editor that put the period ending the sentence with proper grammar into the html link, thus breaking it.
  13. Ardus - do the weapons actually drop?

    Drop rates are painfully low. Its especially bad for the Beam from the Terrible gazer. And there's only one spawn of the gazer on about an hour respawn timer. Plenty of us can build weapons for you out of those comps if you need one built; shout out on Market channel.
  14. Warp Processed Organic Fibers

    Supposedly you can get them from mining the hulks. But they're easier to get by dismantling reinforced solar sail engines, which drop in fair quantity in the Scooter or Gen'ril Raids. Or just the trash packs in the areas of those raids.
  15. Wasted Triggers !

    First, the 'raid rotation' is more of an agreement between guilds, I'm not sure this thread really belongs in general forum. Anyway, as a private project I've been tracking usage of the raid triggers within the rotation for the last two months. From that I can see that Controller is the one that is most consistently taken down shortly after spawn. This week seems to be a (rare) exception to that. As it is now, it most definitely needs some kind of rotation in place to assure fair distribution. And whenever rotation drama comes up, its almost always the Controller raid at the heart of it. Following that, Ghost of BlackBeard is fairly frequently taken down by the rotation guilds. Red Dragon Base, very rarely is it touched. Usually only Publics or Builders Inc. The two raids in der Todesengel -- Scooter and Gen'ril -- are almost never taken down except when they're on Publics' week. This agreement is purely within the big guilds following the rotation; it needs to be sorted out and/or possibly modified by them. Or enough of the general server population needs to rise up to tell them to stuff it and take raids when they want to. Good luck with that. Disclaimer: I raid with Publics along with the rest of my Damage Inc Guildmates, and am happy to assist other guilds with their raids when I can. Unfortunately I play on Pacific time.