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  1. How do I get the new classes?

    And the latest net-7 patch in Oct 2017 made the new classes available in the normal game client. No need to run external programs to do that now. -Zarg
  2. The problem is that the hull upgrade mission tells all Progen to go to Warship Genesis to pick up their hull upgrade mission. When you get there, the target 'talk bubble', which is usally the obvious way to get missions, brings up talk text to get you the 'What's Happened to Var' mission, which at level 50 is a suicide run to Primus Planet. The actual hull upgrade mission comes from the 'message' icon at the top of the screen next to the emote menu, which is very non-obvious. Prior to the V'rix invasion, the only notice a new Progen would get at genesis was the flashing notice icon, and the observant player would know to click on that. Now the obvious action is the target talk bubble, which sends new progen on the wrong mission. I've updated the wiki page on the progen hull upgrade missions cautioning of this issue. Alas, too few new progen bother to look at that. -Z
  3. TT Raid Setup/Gear

    The original page was just a copy of the Terran Enforcer guide, which I took a first pass through at fixing. Clearly I missed a few! I have gone and fixed the things you pointed out. Thanks for the feedback! -Z
  4. TT Raid Setup/Gear

    I have attempted to copy much of the wisdom in this thread into a Gear Guide on the net7 wiki. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Terran_Tradesman_Gear_Guide Feedback and/or updates much appreciated. -Zarg
  5. Jenquai Explorer

    End-Game Gear Guide for Jenquai Explorer, I put up on the Wiki. Feel free to update as necessary, or give me feedback to update it with. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Jenquai_Explorer_Gear_Guide -Zarg
  6. Jenquai Defender

    End-Game Jenquai Defender Gear Guide -- now updated on the Net-7 Wiki. Check it out, add updates as necessary, or give me feedback and I'll put them in. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Jenquai_Defender_Gear_Guide -Zarg
  7. Please bring back Threaded Archos and the machine

    I always thought the threading machine a neat mechanic. If its not too much effort to fix the bugs in it, I'd llove to see it kept in game.
  8. I'm sorry if I'm being too subtle. I did NOT call you a liar, but I did say that you sometimes used lies and distortions to drive home some point. You seem so quick to distort this and take offense that you can't see the subtle difference. I don't have anything more to say when you prove my points for me. -Z
  9. quod erat demonstrandum
  10. Dry Erase Board October 2017

    Yeah, that mining raid sector sounds a lot like Ceres. Nothing in there right now except a lot of nice fields to mine. You do have to be Chavez-friendly to get in though, so that keeps out a lot of the scrubs. I suspect the DEVs intentionally made the project use rare/hard-to-find ores. You'll appreciate the reward more at the end if the challenge was harder. -Zarg
  11. I think Mouli means well, and some of the stuff he has done has been great. The whiteboard posts and communication shared form the DEVs in his updates in this forum have been really great. However, what concerns and disappoints me is he is quick to take offense in discussions, and resorts to namecalling and ad-hominem attacks. This and the distortion and lies I've seen him use to push an agenda really bother me. I really hope he'll take this as constructive criticism, and not yet another attack. The cynic in me says he'll take at as an insult and react with more attacks, only proving my point. With this mixed opinion, I'm abstaining from Thuvia's poll. And Mouli, if you're reading this, don't let the haters get to you. You do great things when you're on an even keel. -Zarg
  12. Dev interfering on raids

    As a realist, I say its a solution if there's a consensus agreeing that it is. There's always a few selfish interests that will object. You just have to decide just how many agreeing is enough to form that consensus.
  13. Dev interfering on raids

    To be honest, I think a large part of Damage Inc's success has been because we were in the public spot, and forced to work with other guilds and the general public to get raids done. It makes for excellent opportunities to get to know other players, show goodwill, and generates recruiting opportunities. I think the insular nature of the older guilds is also a large part of why they're withering. A guild needs new blood to keep it active. More public raiding is good for everyone involved, in my opinion.
  14. Dev interfering on raids

    Under the raid rotation's classifications, DI was never one of the 'big 3' and raided in the public spot. Because we got so big sometimes it seemed like we were the only guild raiding in the "public's" turn in the rotations. I can't speak for the rest of the guild leaders, but certainly when I'm involved in the time-triggered (as opposed to crafted-triggered raids like Fishbowl/Gate), I make sure we try to recruit for the raid from general chat and what not. And I know of no circumstances where we've turned down anyone, except perhaps when they arrived woefully undergeared (like showing up with less than maximum shields for their class). That being said, we're not going to spend hours trying to recruit others for a public raid. We give a reasonable lead time between announcement and raid start time, and that's it.
  15. Dev interfering on raids

    Yeah, lets "go back" to being nice to each other. Open up time-triggered raids to the public and play nice together. That's what we in DI strive to do.