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  1. Well whether they're ghosts or not, my guild, at least, has seen a recent resurgence of activity and swelled ranks. I don't think its all fake...
  2. A problem is if net-7 had the financial resources to do things like buying game rights from EA, EA might think there's money still in the game and try to get the EMU shut down. That's a bit of a catch-22. Look what happened with Blizzard and WoW classic servers. And doing massive changes, while a nice idea, would be a bit against the preservationist goal of the Net-7 E&B Emulator. Net-7 board seems to have its hands tied in what they can do as far as marketing. What may really work is stealth marketing from the fans. Maybe something viral.
  3. Damage Inc, is, of course, still active. You'll see us a lot in the end-game content areas. Anyone interested can give us a shout out in new players or general chat. You can actually see guild size, at least for 'public' guilds, on the net-7 web site's guild list. That can be a little deceptive, because above about 576 members the in-game guild status window stops showing online/offline status properly. DI's been forced to regularly pare down the list of inactive members to keep under that limit -- several of the really old guilds have not, and have their roster inflated by huge numbers of inactive players. -Zarg
  4. And recently we've had a huge influx of players, and online counts are bigger than I've seen in a long time. Anyone know where they're all coming from, and if we can keep up or repeat the boost ?
  5. Well I, for one, am still here. You'll find me joining public raids, or in down times, camping for a rare glimpse of the Celestial Warder. But on the subject of OS upgrades, has anyone tried EnB on Linux lately? There's setup information elsewhere in the forums, so it at least worked in the past ...
  6. My explorer and TT are well into the positive V'rix faction due to ridiculous amounts of chitin bits turnins. They still get attacked by Helkos V'rix, so trips to primus planet are real fun -- fortunately cloak still evades them. I think they still also get scanned for the Vishao Codex; very annoying. -Z
  7. No worries -- I started this thread for some discussion between players as to what the new patch brings. It wouldn't be as fun if the Dev's told us everything! Looks like there are some new V'rix patrolling endriago now.
  8. Oh, another nice fix -- use of return-to-base on group leader when in formation no longer scatters the group to the sector's "default location". Now, it just breaks formation and leaves the rest of group in the same spot.
  9. Ooh another fix I noticed -- prior to this patch, I couild Return-To-Base a ship out of formation to base in same sector, and when that ship undocked it would still be in formation and quickly move back to the group. Now when they undock, they are out of formation and need to be summoned back to group. Subtle bug, I used to take advantage of it, but I guess I'm glad its fixed. Also, apparently the top level fold-space no longer resets the group speed to zero after a fold. Makes it a lot more useful to assist travel through gravity wells. *Correction -- it still resets to speed zero after fold of the JD is not the group leader. We did do RD base this evening -- It seemed mostly the same. We still had at least one player disconnect at the start, but aside from that it went fairly well.
  10. The Patch notes are somewhat vague. What surprises have people seen? One addition I've noticed is in the vast gas clouds of Glenn, which used to be popular as a mining levelling spot for explorers -- or a haven for macro mining scum (like me!). They are now populated with more manes, including CL45 Vivid Manes. I've notice the balance of power there between the Manes and the Sharim Archaeologists(CL 39) and Space Distortion Specialists(CL43) that patrol there is shifted, and the Sharim are getting butchered. This will add a bit more excitement to the mining experience there. I'm going to try to get people together to do RD base raid later to see what is new there.
  11. I didn't do any debugging beyond uninstalling Virtual Box and discovering EnB worked after that. I can try a reinstall and check local IP again.
  12. So I got a new laptop, and amongst the the things I install on new PC is BOINC. BOINC has an option to install virual box aloing with it, and since I occasionally like to dabble in Linux VM's, I figured I'd install that too. Shortly after installing Virtual box, the Net-7 loader would no longer get into the game. Instead, It would throw a 'server failed to respond' error before bringing up the login screen. Uninstalling virual box would return the Net-7 loader to normal functionality. Virtualbox sets up a bunch of virtual network interfaces, possibly this confuses the net-7 loader. Anyone have any experience with this, or know of a workaournd? -Zarg.
  13. Funny how the past repeats itself. I can understand not wanting to wait hours to form a public raid after the trigger spawns, but announcing a Ghost of Blackbeard (GoBB) raid in general and then starting it within a handful of minutes without really waiting for public folks to show up is a punk move. That's barely enough time to switch out EMP ammo and show up at Teach's memorial to only get swarmed by the first wave of Blackbeard's Guardians. I would suggest a more reasonable lead time to give people a chance to show, say 30 minutes. If you can't do that, drop the "public raid" pretense and run a private one.
  14. I'm not forgetting the excess cash problem in my commodities market suggestion. Coded correctly, it would self-balance to pull cash out of the economy, especially if there are more buyers for minerals than there are miners selling.
  15. Zarg

    Net 7 Wiki.

    Well specifically I wanted to fix the reference to the Chili Popper in "New Content" to also mention that Terran Scouts can do the mission line too. But that whole 'new content' section is badly out of date, and there is a fair collection of good suggestions for the main page in its discussion page from people frustrated that the admins have gone absent and nobody active seems to have permissions to make updates. Also there are pages only reachable via searching that nobody would know about, like the 'mechanics' and 'buff stacking mechanics' pages I recently updated. Is there no permission level between site admin and 'everyone else' ? Looking at update history there are a handful of people making regular updates, and but I can see a need to keep just anyone from defacing the main start page.
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