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  1. Dunno if proxy update fixed it, but I went back and fixed the bad url in my prior post. Thanks to Akean for spotting it. Poop on the forum editor that put the period ending the sentence with proper grammar into the html link, thus breaking it.
  2. Drop rates are painfully low. Its especially bad for the Beam from the Terrible gazer. And there's only one spawn of the gazer on about an hour respawn timer. Plenty of us can build weapons for you out of those comps if you need one built; shout out on Market channel.
  3. Supposedly you can get them from mining the hulks. But they're easier to get by dismantling reinforced solar sail engines, which drop in fair quantity in the Scooter or Gen'ril Raids. Or just the trash packs in the areas of those raids.
  4. First, the 'raid rotation' is more of an agreement between guilds, I'm not sure this thread really belongs in general forum. Anyway, as a private project I've been tracking usage of the raid triggers within the rotation for the last two months. From that I can see that Controller is the one that is most consistently taken down shortly after spawn. This week seems to be a (rare) exception to that. As it is now, it most definitely needs some kind of rotation in place to assure fair distribution. And whenever rotation drama comes up, its almost always the Controller raid at the heart of it. Following that, Ghost of BlackBeard is fairly frequently taken down by the rotation guilds. Red Dragon Base, very rarely is it touched. Usually only Publics or Builders Inc. The two raids in der Todesengel -- Scooter and Gen'ril -- are almost never taken down except when they're on Publics' week. This agreement is purely within the big guilds following the rotation; it needs to be sorted out and/or possibly modified by them. Or enough of the general server population needs to rise up to tell them to stuff it and take raids when they want to. Good luck with that. Disclaimer: I raid with Publics along with the rest of my Damage Inc Guildmates, and am happy to assist other guilds with their raids when I can. Unfortunately I play on Pacific time.
  5. We can jump on the Earth&Beyond Teamspeak if you want to chat (see below forum thead for information on how to connect), although we do not use it as heavily as some other guilds. You have to be online and in-game with some character for the guild invite to work -- just once in game ask for an invite to Damage Inc in either new players or General chat.
  6. Damage Inc is still always actively recruiting more players. We go a good job of hosting raids, and helping new members advance in the game -- both in leveling and equipping them. We're also full of advice -- most of it even good! Ask for us directly in new players or general chat, or feel free to message any of the officers in this thread. -Zargol/Jexxor, Damage Inc Officer
  7. Yeah the group invite system is really screwy if someone misses the invite (due to gating), or logs with a pending invite and now the group can't invite anyone new. Also I've seen times where /invite fails wiht the message 'you are not in a group'. DUH, thats why I'm trying to invite someone. Get in targeting range of them and click on the 'invite' button and it works fine. Maybe a slash command to rescind an invitation if someone didn't accept it -- like say /uninvite ? And even if they do have a pending invitation, /group accept doesn't always work.
  8. Net-7 Launcher can launch the Character & Starship creator from its tools menu, but does not do so with the --noclassrestrictions option that enables the Scout, Seeker, and Privateer. Please add this. Prototype Reorder isn't checked on by default, and at this point it really should be. This is like the #1 new players question to turn it on, and it would make the game a lot more friendly to new players. -Zarg
  9. Well it took a couple of hours of rewriting macro code so I don't really need my XP box any more, other than for sentimental reasons.
  10. I too have an old Windows XP install that seems to no longer be able to get into the game. INV 300 errors at login. Looks like it might be the same issue. I keep it around because its my old box Iused to play on back in Live, and the AC tools and associated macros I wrote in AC tools seems to work best on it. I've done some porting effort for AC Tools on windows 7 but there's still issues. This machine literally does nothing but E&B & AC tools. So, are there no workarounds? Looks like its time to go through the Linux/Wine Install thread in the tech support forum...
  11. I'll have to check this out. Most of my macro code is in AC Tools, and it is really sensitive to screen/windows positions. So I either run it with E&B full screen or windowed in the default top-left starting position. But using something like this to get repeatable accurate locations of windows could fix much of that.
  12. Site is still there ; file is still there. You might have been experiencing temporary problems. There are a few other private mirrors of the file, and if needed I can u/l it to some other site. Even compressed its 3.0Mb in size, so too big to attach here.
  13. Trigger spawn permitting, we generally try to do the public raids at a time that has the most of the public available, which happens to be early evening for US/Eastern time zone. Sadly, that shuts out the players who are on off time zones like the Europeans and US-West coast (like me) or Asia. Sure you can push the raid to fit your schedule, but that just makes you selfish. Grow some flexibility. I did...
  14. About a week ago, Builders Inc invited the public to join them in a Red Dragon Base raid in their rotation week. It went well and there was much loot to be had. Its a punishing raid and often hard to find raiders willing and able to go due to Red Dragon faction requirement. I commend BI on inviting the public into their raid, and humbly suggest other of the 'big 3' do so as well in the future. Sorry to hijack this thread with something positive. Edit: Disclaimer -- I'm not from BI, but one of the general public that joined that raid.
  15. Server population is low; groups are rare but do happen. seems like a lot of people multibox for making their own levelling groups. Don't be shy to ask for help/advice in New Players channel. There are guilds that can help you in the leveling grind with gear and advice and assistance through rough parts.