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  1. I was also suffering from this and couldn't logon! Changing the setting did allow me to login. But the real solution came from Cipher, thanks a lot man I appreciate it! I had Let's Encrypt X1 and after deleting and replacing with X3 all is good now! My best friend hasn't been able to login for years, I'm betting this was his issue also.
  2. I'm having this same exact error now, no matter how many times I download...
  3. I too have this problem, yikes it has created issues tonight. Preventing me from playing =/
  4. Galileo Server! I remember Syber of course, Woodstock and Brazen too. Wow man don't think I've seen you around before. Immediately I remembered you when I read your first post above. Awesome to see another Galilean, we seem to be rare these days compared to the others  :P   I had a fun time spending several of the last months up until sunset with Syber and SCC. Good times!   I was mainly Hatu, Hatum, xHatu, Hatumahala, Zoid, Zoids, Ultrawarrior and inherited Traderbruce for the last 6 months or so. I ran a ton of FB's all the way until the end, loved those end days - some of them are my most memorable!
  5. Of course! The token's and NPC's and say they're non-critical content but I did 2 or 3 last night and I definitely recommend. There are token missions for every hu, sometimes multiple one's (you get bonus content missions on top of the token mission you do at times). I used 1 token did that mission and got 2 bonus missions on top of it. I skipped one of the lower hu token missions and made the mistake of not using the token! I won't do that again ;)
  6. Welcome back homie! Good to hear from you bro. I don't play maybe I should =D RL keepin' me away too!
  7. this made me lol =P Worth reading to the end of the thread haha!
  8. Update on this? I searched the DB and didn't find that ore anywhere =(
  9. I see Hatu is on there =P I also played Hatum, Hatumahala, Ultrawarrior and about 5 others all on Galileo with short stints in 2 of the other Galaxies after sunset announcement just to check them out for a few days =P
  10. Played Live on Galileo and later on the others as well, after the announcement I looked around a bit =D From Spring '03 on Galileo until day of sunset, didn't get a chance to play the final minutes.
  11. [quote name='Reon' timestamp='1343839114' post='61233'] EDIT: As far as a countdown or other things, that could get tricky because if they start modifying the client this goes from the grey area straight to the black (cease and desist letter territory). [/quote] The Client has already been modified lol, it's a different game - a replica. Afaik, new content is on the agenda too down the road.
  12. +1 I remember this and I think it would be a good feature to have come back But also I'd love if the countdown timer was displayed on the item on the HUD (cooldown's and install times even) I'd fancy a countdown for when items are first available, without hovering over each slot when buffing
  13. or were you referring to the Ballista lol
  14. [quote name='Vitaes' timestamp='1327695729' post='52528'] As someone who was on a PvP server for nine years, about 95% of the encounters I had were never one on one. Keep that in mind. If there ever is PvP, players will find a way to kill PW's. [/quote] I can show the whole server how to do it : ) [quote name='Mimir' timestamp='1332848601' post='56002'] /agree Having played a few PvP games they can be loads of fun. But on the other hand griefers will make it totally unplayable imho. Even though you have the non combat mode of x seconds, or until movement, activation of buffs/weapons or warp, you will still have those players who WILL take this as a kill the new entrant. I can't predict how PvP will affect this game but I am fairly certain that there will be many who won't give it a go. Are we really that close to getting all the bugs out to start talking PvP? [/quote] Lets just put all creative development on hold while we work out the kinks =P I don't advise anyone holds their breath during this period Just because "many" players may not utilize a feature in a game does not render it useless or give a Developer enough reason to negate it altogether. I've played a ton of MMO's over the years and I find it true that MOST players in MMO's with PvP systems do not utilize that part of the game. +1 to PvP and to each his own. This is just another part of the game that may bring joy to players who don't get the same entertainment from mining, jobbing, building, touring, etc. as you do.
  15. Hatu


    I get this bug every time I use the skill (maxed) on TE. Has been doing it for forever it seems =/
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