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  1. I personally want to do the missions but I find that there isn't a DB for them.  I am not saying that there should be I am saying I am the type of player that likes one so I tend to avoid missions and stick with the random grind and terminals.  If there was a DB I would probably do them.
  2. Ok when I got the new launcher the Prototype Reorder button wasnt clicked.  Will see if that works
  3. After I solved my problem of the invalid Net-7 launcher I have a new one.   I get severe lag after about 10 minutes.  The first 10 minutes are perfect but after that........once the lag shows up I will gate crash on my very next gating.  I have repeated this 3 times.   I just find it odd that it is exactly the same each time
  4. I have downloaded the Net 7 install and patch updater and launched those but still nothing
  5. There was a problem during the patch today and now I can't launch.   I get the incompatible version of Net-7 Proxy, current version is 2.41   When giving me advice please remember I am only semi computer savvy
  6. I would like to add to this:   Is there a job database somewhere.  I do remember the game being fairly sandbox and I am fine with that but sometimes I would like to get into a mission line and I have no idea where any of them are
  7. I am having the same problem as everyone above.  The game has become pretty much unplayable between the crashing and safe spotting. 
  8. I just find with everyone having so many different accounts its almost pointless.   I think at lower levels any player should be able to build ammo without the build weapons skill, at higher levels I understand the reasoning
  9. So I have had this idea popping around my brain for a couple of days now.  The reason I didn't post it right away is I was thinking there must be some way that this is a stupid suggestion but I can't think of one.  If there is please don't flame me, I really looked at it from every angle.   I know with the vault transfer system that passing things between alts isn't all that hard but when doing large amounts of items it is.    Most people have a toon or seven that need ammo but who wants to become a weapon builder on each one just for ammo so I thought why not let each toon build the ammo that it requires.  Basically if you use L5 Oguns then you have the ability to build that level ammo.  I don't think it would take away from any of the weapon builders but it sure would save a lot of time for toons that use ammo.  Of course you would be require to analyze a sample as everyone else.   If this is a major coding change then I understand that even though it may be a great idea that it still can't be done but I thought I would throw it out there.
  10. Looks like they are doing a server reboot.  I crashed and can't get back in but the amount of people online is dropping
  11.     I realize this is nothing, that is the confusing part.  I have now done a computer restore and logged in and all my reciepes are missing.  Tried to undock and I hang up.  As of last Wednesday the game was almost flawless except for the odd thing.  Now I cant even play.  It came out of nowhere
  12. Well the game has become unplayable again, I can't even do trade runs because I can't interact with the vendors.  I will keep checking to see if anyone has a solution.  Hope someone figures it out
  13. somehow I got it to update.....I will let everyone know how it works out
  14. I thought I would reinstall the client to see if this helped with my lag.  Now when I try to launch it I get "incompatible version of Net 7 proxy, current version is 2.22"   I have checked the forums and there is comment to change a downloadable file in C:/Net7/bin but I can't find that.  Not sure what to do at this point.  I am not very tech savvy so please make sure any instructions spell things out
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