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  1. I don't think anyone from the public seriously read and understand what I've posted. Misunderstanding can be easily cleared if people just let us know if they are interested in doing Gobb, which happens to fall on our rotation and our guys are out of town or busy in real life. In this case, it's not since it's intentionally killing. Be it my post or tone is aggressive, whatever you think of me, it doesn't matter. I'm stating the obvious and you guys just covering the real issue leading to the big picture. Seem to me the message I've received here is that invitation to people who's capable of taking down any raid triggers anytime anywhere as long as they are capable of finishing the raids is legit? This is going to create the issue of same group of people who keep killing controllers all the time just for cores, not following your so-called uncalled player agreement which you claimed being forced to abide it. Eventually, worst situation that could happen to us which Kyp mentioned before that he would remove all raids in-game if nobody plays nice. Key word is play nice, and somebody didn't. Also, many thanks to Hestha. Had a long decent chat with him in-game earlier. He knows what I think and most importantly what VGE think. We are human beings just like you and me. If you guys want something, just say so. If we can help, we will. Showing disrespect to others in an online gaming world by killing their week raid trigger without informing, doesn't make you a better person in real life.
  2. S22KSTR3K2D2STR46 Seekstrikedestroy Name of the guild who killed our trigger. Confirmed by my guildie who saw the incident during Monday evening Alaska date/time 11/21/2016 at 9:45pm. Same guild camping and waiting for Gobb trigger today till VGE shown up in numbers. They probably going do it again when our people log off for real life as trigger didn't spawn yet at this moment I'm typing this out.
  3. It's VGE Gobb week and I'm 200% certain that Gobb trigger was up for us since rotation change. It's gone when I checked on Tue est. Agreement is there for a reason. Just because you see any particular raid trigger up, it doesn't mean you can kill it, especially without informing and getting permission from the particular guild or parties involved for that week. This is extremely disrespectful and rude. If you want to do a particular raid that belongs to VGE week, just approach our officers. I'm pretty sure Prre, Ice, Efi, Mord, me or others won't mind letting others have a go at our triggers when our guys are tied up with real life issues or busy work schedules. Key is you let us know and we can check guild about it. But nope, you chosen the shortcut way to piss off people, by killing our Gobb trigger intentionally. We found out about it when we wanted to do it, but trigger was no longer around. Anyone who organize raids before would know how bad that feel. I've given chance to people who killed our Gobb trigger just to apologize to us, but nobody is man enough to own up. And such incidents keep on reoccurring like hit and run which is why I'm posting here. To the DEV/GM team, I really hope you guys can do something about it. It's annoying for players who finally manage to log into the game from busy hectic life/work schedules but couldn't enjoy the game content provided. If such incidents happened to us, I believe it can happen to others.
  4. This happened after New Server migration all fully done and up online. When trying to log on any of my 150 toons, my game clients getting instant crash as if couldn't transmit to the new server. Had a chat with Arthurdent before he went to sleep and he helped transfer my main Alan to Net7 Sol station. Still couldn't log him in after more than over 20 tries. Thus he advised me to post here. Then I logged out totally, rebooted my computer and tried to log on every of my 150 toons, all also failed now. Only time I'm able to get online is 1st time on my JD and JE when server just went up and now they both couldn't as well. I do notice I can get online on my bank mules (which aren't 150) at Queen Anne's Revenge (QAR) station, but not my other toons which are. All my 150 toons and bank mules are parked at QAR station if that helps to solve the mystery. Thus, I believe it's not the station or location issue. It's the level issue since same account bank mules able to log on at QAR station but not the 150.
  5. Already informed Flip and general chat regarding this, in case anyone miss out: Maxi Bubumpa (Jagerstadt City) - Condolences Moire Archer (Somerled Station) - will direct you to MacGregor Fergus MacGregor (Somerled Station) - The Lucky Charm Same mission flows as previously before the patch, just changes in NPCs as they removed Herrera & DeWinter. Cheers, Alan
  6. So the warder isn't a raid to you? Glad to know. Anyway, thanks for the offer, I have to pass. I getting busier in real life and have other commitments to take care of and can't afford to camp like you guys do LOL.
  7. "FFA on all Raids" Does this include the warder? I always seen you guys quickly log on your full fleets whenever others came over to have fun so I assume that's a consider a raid to BI standards. If people just want to collect more loots for their bank vaults or better % for their number ## alts or just for WTT to market, then it's pointless. PS: Anything you do represent everything you do.
  8. Hi Holy,   I guess you probably missed out something along the way. I have 6 TEs, all of them able to acquire enrage skill.   Cheers.  
  9. Anyone in VGE who read up guild forum knows I only posted the same picture inside VGE forums on Tue 19 Jan 2016 1:09pm. (Time stated is gmt+8)   Incident happened on that day if you forgotten what you did last month. If my intention is to embarrass you, I would have done it last month.   So you didn't notice other players staring hard at you for a minute, even though you didn't "AFK". Maybe you just simply don't care, or laughing at whoever trying to mine "your" hulks. Since I think that way, do you think I would be stupid enough to ask if I can "mine" your hulks?   Reasons why I posted it now?   Firstly, you doing it again. (I already given you a chance, but maybe you don't see it that way) Secondly, Prre got insulted verbally for no apparent reasons.   As simple as that.    
  10.     They say a picture speaks a thousand words, it's true. All the miner toons are AFK, and all hulks can't be mined.    
  11.   False statement. I've seen Epic muli-boxing simple FB raids yet still seeking more random people for help. Your healers are bad enough and your dspers aren't any better.   Conclusion: Yes, Epic is incapable of raiding alone, and you also multi-boxing for raids.     Lastly, GHB, I have nothing against you. Just stating facts. Keep the rotation as it is. You won't want to see me or anyone else flying in with full fleets to kill mobs. It's not a threat, it's just an advice.    
  12. Maybe I can suggest something here.   1) Do not rush trigger all the time, especially if you know it's your last raid for the rotation. Spare some thoughts for others who couldn't attend. It doesn't hurt to wait a few more hours just to let people who aren't in your usual time zone of raids to attend. This way, everyone wins.   2) Since regular people are attending raids all the time, show considerations for others who can only attend raids once in a blue moon. For VGE, I always see good examples of volunteers to sit out raids should we exceed the group limits, be it fishbowls, gateraids, or regular raids.   3) Help one another. You don't win the game when you have 6 toons with 6 spitters/casters. You win the game when you have 6 different players all geared for the raids. I assume regulars by now are just rolling for their alts. Why not let someone who seldom participate raids have a better chance to win raid items?   On a side note, take a good look at warder or modi's child or some particular hulks that's always camped. Is that what you really want for a change? Since public group has 2-3 times the number of people, maybe you can start with the warder platform first. Correct me if I'm wrong, I do see public group sometimes having issue gathering people for raids.      
  13. Jenquai Explorer has Drone Energy Amplifier (DEA). Progen Sentinel has Drone Shield Amplifier (DSA).   Thus, it will be logical to give Terran Scout a similar class device that drops from the Controller raid, maybe let's called it Drone Hull Amplifier (DHA).   L9 Drone Hull Amplifier (DHA) Terran Only Explorer Only Not manufacturable   Bonus/Buffs: Maximize Hull (Activated) Increase hull capacity by 8% for 2420 seconds when activated.   Hull Damage Control (Self-activated) Increase your hulls effectiveness at sustaining damage by 175% for 2420 seconds when activted.   Avoidance Control (Self-activated) Reduce mobs aggression by 175% and increase chance to avoid killing blows by 75% when hull is below 50% for 2420 seconds when activated.   Equipment Damage Control - Engine (Equip) Increase your engine's effectiveness at sustaining damage by 75% when equipped.   Energy: 1812 Range: 2500     Note: All statistics and bonus/buffs are just a guide and will be changed accordingly by developers to balance the gameplay.   Just an idea to help Terran Scouts survive longer during raids and make them more raid-friendly. Whenever a Terran Scout hull patch during raids, they almost always gain aggo from mobs instantly. Hopefully this can helps Terran Scouts better since they lack of powerdown or cloak to survive during raids.   Cheers.  
  14. Not sure how you guys play the game, but I always play with explorer(s) in group(s), be it solo or raid.   And yes, I have all classes 150+ in the game, don't let my signature deceive you. :)  
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