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  1. Can confirm, I had Let's Encrypt X1, replaced with the X3 certificate per your instructions and now I'm good. Thanks a ton Cipher!
  2. I've completed these steps, and the CAPI2 operational logs definitely show some errors, should I just post up the XML data here or is there sensitive info that shouldn't be posted?
  3. This worked! I rebooted after disabling this setting and I was able to login! I tried setting my date/time in the past but that didn't seem to have any effect.
  4. Answers to each question: 1. Registry item - I do not have an \EACom\ folder under the HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE path, so I can't check this. Is it possible this was missed during installation due to permissions? 2. the Auth.ini file I have has the following data: [General] AAIBase=AuthLogin AAIUrl=sunrise.net-7.org LKeyUrl=https://sunrise.net-7.org/misc/touchsession.jsp?lkey=%s 3. I've captured wireshark data for my attempts, but I'm not familiar with using the application so I'm not sure how to get what you're asking for. Should I just send you the capture data? Regarding internet security apps, I have nothing installed other than what comes with Win7 Pro (windows firewall basically) so I don't think that's the issue.
  5. Hi all, Sorry to be a bother but I'm still not able to get in. I used the https://sunrise.net-7.org/AuthLogin page to check my certificate status and while my browsers tell me the certificate I have is installed and valid, I'm still getting valid=false from that page. I've reset my game account password twice to make sure it's not my game account data that's wrong, but it's still not letting me login. I've reinstalled Net-7 completely (deleted my old Net-7 folder and the user data folder) and after it did the launcher updates, I still get the same error. If there's any info I can provide that can help, I'll gladly do so.
  6. Thanks Kyp, I went ahead and deleted my net-7 installation (and the app data from my users folder) to reinstall net7 from scratch. Unfortunately I'm still getting the same errors, and the "install certificate" help option still isn't doing anything.
  7. Thanks again for the help. I've checked and there are no hosts overrides that I can see (everything in the hosts file is commented out). proxy settings are unchecked in internet options, and as far as I know I don't have any malware problems. I did try reinstalling Net-7 using the unified installer, but I am unfortunately getting the same results. Should I delete my net-7 folder completely and try again?
  8. Just tried that URL in IE11 and got a return of Valid=False
  9. Thanks Karu, I've taken a look at my installed certificates and don't see anything pointing to net-7.org but I do have one for "Let's Encrypt Authority X1" in my intermediate cert list. When I use the "install certificates" option in the launcher, nothing happens.
  10. Hi All, Been away from the Net-7/EMU scene for a while, but was looking to give it a go today, and am getting fast INV-300s when attempting to login. Trying the help options from the launcher went as follows: Check Certificate - Error box came up "could not check SSL certificate status." with details stating "the underlying connection was closed. The connection was closed unexpectedly". Install Certificate - Pop up prompted me to confirm installation of SSL certs, I said yes. After first use of this option, nothing happens. INV-300 - Same result as "check certificate" option As for my setup, I'm on Win7 Pro x64 with a typical Netgear router connecting to comcast via a typical cable modem. I do notice that the cert files in my net-7\bin folder are really outdated, should those be more recent? Edit - Some additional relevant info and screenshot of error when checking certificate. LaunchNet7 version - 2.2.0 ENB version - 540? Advanced Settings error log data reads as follows: 20:34:59: Found 1 servers in (sunrise.net-7.org) 20:34:59: Trying server: (sunrise.net-7.org) 20:34:59: Could not send HTTP request. Last Error : 12057 Description : Error Description Not Found 20:34:59: GetTicketSync(1) failed with IAUTHORIZE_BAD_CONNECTION. User : Serge Password Context : NOT NULL, NOT ZERO LENGTH ServiceID : 2184 Auth Login Base Service : AuthLogin Auth Login Server : sunrise.net-7.org Code : INV-300 Text : EA.com is temporarily unavailable. This may be due to routine server maintenance or a problem with your Internet Service Provider. Please check your ISP connection or try again later. (INV-300) LaunchNet7 Error Log file has following info: LaunchNet7 - Exception Version: Time: Thu, 29 Mar 2018 00:32:06 GMT Message: Could not check ssl certificate status. System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly. at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() at LaunchNet7.CertificationUtility.IsSslCertificateValid(String hostName, Int32 port) at LaunchNet7.FormMain.DoCheckCertificate()
  11. I think both macroing and multiboxing are means to an end. Multiboxing is only popular now because of the lack of players in this large galaxy of E&B. I myself have considered attempting to multibox due to the difficulty in finding a builder, or a group, or a jumpstart. It's just the natural progression of logic. You have a problem that you can remedy yourself, you're going to attempt to do so. Macroing has really only been used to counter what players find to be "tedious" activities, like farming mobs for a certain item, or farming an asteroid field to gain the elusive exploration experience. I'm not saying I agree with macroing as a solution to these gameplay features being thought of as tedious, but I think if there were alternative methods for players to accomplish these goals without having to macro (explore jobs and faction changing missions) then I would think that macroing would see a downturn in usage. Some people are going to do these things no matter what, because they want to be 150 right away and have masses of money, removing any semblance of difficulty from the game. To these people, I say, GTFO. You're doing it wrong.
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