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  1. I hope you mistyped and have Win XP, SP 3 [three] compatibility mode being used. We've reached the limit of my knowledge of EnB interactions with Windows ... so I'll have to be a bit quieter now
  2. Lquan

    Incompatible version of Net-7 Proxy

    to everyone who is having install issues: -- hang in there. Earth and Beyond does work. and, PLEASE -- when you post your problem, tell the DEVs what operating system you are running and which service pack. If you're trying to use a Windows emulator [on either an iMac or Linux box], they need those details as well. Yes, Earth and Beyond apparently still runs on Win XP [SP 3]. It runs on Win 7 64 bit [I'm less sure about 32 bit -- haven't had a 32 bit computer in over a decade now]. It runs on Win 8 and Win 10. Yes, you have to run the install under admin privileges [MicroSoft won't allow programs from outside sources to automatically select "run as admin" -- it's a fundamental safety measure]. And YES, after the program is installed, you then have to manually set the LaunchNet7.exe file to "run as admin" as well as run under the proper Windows compatibility mode {Win XP, SP 3 -- I admit that I'm unsure of this for Win 10 users since I'm refusing to use that operating system myself}. And yes, it is quite possible that your anti-virus or anti-malware program, including the firewall in your router or computer, is stopping EnB from communicating with the server. This can be fixed by creating an exception for the LaunchNet7.exe file in the preventing program. We're looking forward to seeing you ingame ....
  3. Lquan

    A Space Game That's going into Sunset

    thank you, thank you. More folk always welcome
  4. Gullet -- the emulator's tech support staff needs to know what operating system you are running and that you are running the .exe with administrator privileges, and as an emulation of which operating system [if applicable]. Also that you have all four check boxes on the login screen checked. Windows 7 64 bit is prone to this; possibly other o/s. I use the taskbar for this -- just click on the session you want to make active. Does require setting up the window to be slightly smaller as per the post by Magoo in this part of the forums.
  5. at website ==> www.net-7.org/#maps the map for sector Altair III will not load as of 6 Jan 2019 at 1640 GMT other sectors seem to be loading just fine. Server issue??
  6. Lquan

    Where has everyone gone?

    <whew> too much up there to really track. There is and always has been competition from game creators for the attention of the game playing public. This tends to siphon off a few existing players each quarter. That said, Earth And Beyond emulator grows by offering something people want. *** Elsewhere, I've been somewhat critical of the fundamental net-7.org website ... it lacks clear and obvious "how to get started" material -- a HUGE turnoff for newcomers. Such a "getting started" page is where content/links to the basics should all be gathered together. And that includes player generated content such as Magoo's technical post on how to set up your screen for easy multi-boxing, or a possible how to for running EnB under a Windows emulator on a Mac machine [and/or Linux machine] {along with the notice that this is NOT supported by the DEV team}. {And a notice that Windows before version 7 is not supported because there is no required Secure Socket Layer update for such Windows versions as MicroSoft hasn't and won't be releasing any while SSL is required for safety reasons to access the servers.} Lord knows that I'm not a webhead ... I'm decades out of date with web design tools. So this will have to be for someone else to do -- and thank you in advance to the volunteer who does it. I hope there's someone who does volunteer to do it ... the Net-7.org annual budget sure looks like (from the outside -- I'm not part of the DEV team) it is less than three thousand USD ... that doesn't allow paying for much beyond the basic server costs.
  7. Lquan

    Help with Portal

    good job, Mouli
  8. Lquan

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    ok .. now we're becoming more concrete on the "what" -- write dialogue. That seems possible ... have to admit that i have not tried every mission in the game -- and that my recollection of some is hazy at best. My recollection of the wiki pages I've started is also hazy ... well, that comes with having other concerns for much of the past two years and growing older, I guess. I'll see what I come up with over the holidays ....
  9. Lquan

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    as would I. Back in the bad old days, I actually could program. Learned in assembly language on an IBM 360/50 [mainframe] system. The much later x386 assembly language proved to be very, very similar. Graduated to C [before C++] and fiddled a bit with Fortran and other languages I've forgotten now. Never did much database work or scripts -- no Java at all. And if it's any newer than that -- I was doing other things by then and lost interest. Well, logic is still logical. I'm actually decent at that.
  10. Lquan

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    Kyp ... "content developers" doesn't communicate much to me. There are a profusion of languages, database systems and scripting tools out here. Plus graphic tools. I can't even find a link to which ones EnB uses. I'm retired and income is fixed plus somewhat scant -- limits my donations. What I do have is time. And a bit of willingness. Might be that our game could use some added ingame publicity regarding the need for donations, too [when was the donation tracker last updated?] --- what comm channels to us players are available for that?
  11. Seems that many of our esteemed DEVs, GMs, and web fellows are volunteers who donate their time. What I don't see is how more folk can volunteer ... and what skills are needed. {this has confined my activities to improving the wiki ...}
  12. Lquan

    Web Portal: Suggestions

    re: these Forums It seems that the "sort by" mechanism [upper right of main page] does not work. I'm using Firefox [don't think it matters] and the "last update" and "reply date" choices appear to do nothing
  13. Lquan

    Web Portal: Suggestions

    seems to me that the process for new players starting up with EnB is unclear from the web portal access. Suggest a new icon/entry [on the master net-7.org webpage] to further page(s) titled "Getting Started". Within this the usual suspects could be listed: link to download/install instructions, multi-boxing setup instructions, link to and discussion of the wiki, link to the most used EnB maps, etc.
  14. Lquan

    V'rix -- too difficult [Oct 2018 plus]

    I'm talking about the pre-EA intended vision of the then independent DEVs. I could be wrong -- I wasn't one of them and thus have to rely on my memories of what they said back 16 or so years ago. My guild [whose name I have forgotten] was unofficially allied to that of the DEVs -- we helped them in testing various features of EnB. [For example; I distinctly recall that it was possible to build a Progen capital ship in Mars at what is now the construction site and for a player(s) to pilot it.]
  15. one of my lesser toons just had a disconnect while in a system without a station. When he logged back in, I found that the arbitrary spot the server placed him in the system was in the middle of a mob ... who promptly tried to slaughter him. I think this is too much ... and unfair. I didn't voluntarily disconnect; server dropped me. Putting me into the middle of a likely or certain 'death' is a bit much. *** I suggest that the default location for player placement when the server/client didn't save the player's location be changed to a neutral location in each system without a station. [I think, in systems with a station, the default location is just outside the station -- which works fine everywhere except Primus Planet.] {This actually happened in Odin Rex ... and the location was near the Chavez Camp. I recall it happening in similarly difficult location in other systems but didn't make note of it at the time.} {How to replicate ... I was making a wormhole to another system when I was dropped -- old location was gone from where ever it gets saved butt the new location (weft) wasn't enabled since I'd not yet gotten there.} Cheers