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  1. the Vega is a unique spawn found only in Varen's Girdle. search the wiki for it -- might mention which nav. if not there, try the Ostarae Seeder navs and/or between navs VG 5 and 6. happy hunting! ps: it regenerates fairly quickly if the first one you kill doesn't have the drop you want
  2. your computer and its graphic ability limits what can be done. figuring out how to control the size of the window that EnB is in can be done from studying TragerMagoo's post under "technical" in these forums. How to specify exactly where it shows on the screen may be a bit tricky ... I just followed Magoo's instructions without sorting out the how it works details. Using a second, separate computer makes this a lot easier. Magoo's instructions leave the lower toolbar visible when EnB is running. I use this toolbar to toggle to my browser, which has multiple net-7.org pages open. You could, of course, also do the same with any other program of your choice.
  3. side by side may require you to customize the client display size. The starting point for that is TraderMagoo's thread in the forums under "technical". however, I do not know how to 'pep' the beginning point for each image ... hopefully someone else does. Two monitors is a lot easier solution if your gpu will support that -- and adequate monitors for EnB are now under 100 [USD, pound, or Euro -- likely VAT included].
  4. Our profound condolences to his family. We'll miss him ingame.
  5. open the net-7 database [or your 'toon's build recipes] in a separate window and you can then toggle back and forth
  6. Can you check your mission log ingame and then tell the player community [ingame "New Player" chat works] which mission this is? a quick wiki search came up empty of any mention at all of the moon Shakti. I have at least two 'toons from every player race/class and do not remember ever receiving that message ...
  7. the goal of 4k [in USD because the server is located in the US] was for the three quarters from April through December 2019 [about 1350 per quarter or 450 a month]. As I write this [26 May], we've raised 1400, so we're well on track -- bar unforeseen costs arising. Thank you to all who donated and thus are helping keep our game alive.
  8. exactly so, Zackman -- in a 'stiff' situation [big raid, etc.] the critical thing is to target remaining mobs immediately and begin inflicting damage. Sure, sometimes it isn't the optimal mob that gets targeted -- at least as the group leader thinks 'optimal' in her/his mind ... but there's at least a chance that it is the optimal mob, too. That's superior in a tight situation to targeting a corpse.
  9. Summer has started in Florida already. It's the steamy humidity at 95 degrees and everyday that gets ya ... any outdoor work at all, or even stilling still without shade, and your sweat makes your clothes stick to you. [Leather car seats just aren't helpful in Florida -- you want the cloth ones; lots cooler.] Tampa area [McDill] expected to have mid 90s every day for at least the next week. Rain? none expected.
  10. Zackman's post suggests a DDoS attack with an old proxy "hammering" the server. The net-7 website is up, so the underlying IP address is good and the hired server farm is working. I don't understand how to defeat a DDoS attack myself and suspect it requires adding specialized code to the host server's gateway [that code would discard all messages from the offending IP address(es) without reply]
  11. EpicGamers and VonsGalatic are the ones I see most frequently ingame. [I don't know anything about their internals, nor their support for players.]
  12. you might want to send a private message directly to Cipher -- he's part of the DEV team. He'll want your ISBoxer build info .... Note that, as Zackman commented, ISBoxer is NOT supported by the DEVs but merely tolerated. Multiboxing via the method laid out by TraderMagoo in this forum's Technical area DOES work.
  13. I was told by one of the DEVs that the emulator organization has a licensing agreement with EA and that some aspects of the game are immutable under that agreement. Specifically which aspects I've not been told. It is also reasonable to assume that some aspects of the game are simply very difficult to revise ... example: an entirely new effect or skill would likely require coding effort to sort out its direct effects and interactions with other events/effects/skills. I don't know if that coding would be limited to the central server or would require added efforts to revise the client .exe code as well [although I suspect both since that's the efficient way to reduce the volume of Internet traffic]. It might be that either or both of these sets of code are covered in the licensing agreement and that our emulator team is prohibited from changing them. And, the licensing agreement might even prohibit the emulator team from disclosing the contents of the licensing agreement -- I can see an attorney for EA insisting on that as a precautionary intellectual property protection measure.
  14. saw a battlegroup from VGE when I was on yesterday ... so some of 'em are still around, yes
  15. on the wiki ... new or returning players also want to read the page about the Sulami Pirates and their Grav Well. This'll come up if you search the wiki for "grav well" or "Sulami Pirates". And then, READ the pages about the V'rix -- especially their patrols in Primus and Endriago -- which are of importance to all Progen characters. The content referred to in these two pages was NOT in live 15 years ago and WILL affect your play.
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