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  1. Lquan

    Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    yes, I also have this. I'd guess that the web interface to the game database is having issues
  2. Lquan

    Rebooting the economy

    I'm a slacker ... only one L 150 JE so far. Like Thuvia, I have mules for multiple purposes. Mostly it's convenient. I have other 'toons building up slowly -- as each tops out, I turn to building. But, in order to build, I first must have the item to analyze ... so my mules save a few of each item as I loot them so that my designated builders, when they reach the target level, can analyze them. And yes, I have ore mules as well ... their function is to feed ores to ammo builders as they need them, plus to component builders as they need them [unless I happen to have the component in stock ... too many possibles to do that for all but the most commonly used]. And, being naturally thrifty, and a JE, I also have a girl who saves materials that can be turned in to npcs for standing gains. Never know when I might get the bug to go to der Todesengel and to do that, my 'toon would have to improve standing with the Bogies. *** Not to speak too much about another game [horrors!] and EVE Online started their market system with npcs buying AND selling ores. One bit is that EVE has far fewer refined minerals ... which automatically makes the buy/sell action more concentrated. EVE's free market prices are now well above what npcs will pay to buy minerals in and npcs selling minerals was phased out long ago. They do adjust their economy [and ore spawn rates] several times a year.
  3. Lquan

    enable Arrojar Array

    with the Progen Republic taking steps to actively oppose the V'rix, I suggest that it is time to enable the Arrojar Array [which I recall from live]. For those unknowing, anyone who had completed the Array's explore mission could use it by entering the code learned in the mission; it acted as an accelerator to instantly move your ship to the vicinity of the Gate to Roc [now called R4c in V'rix-speak]. In the spirit of enabling anyone who wants to fight the V'rix go out to R4c, I suggest making the criteria to get the mission that enables the accelerator something like: 1. Sabine Explorer faction > +5000 2. V'rix faction < -5000 3. OL > 100 [or CL > 30] 4. [implied] 'toon's race immaterial thereafter, I'd simply have the Array work like other accelerators -- faction [Sabine] must be > +2000 [green] to access
  4. Lquan

    Running Windows 10, game wont start up

    EBConfig has to be run in Windows XP [sp3] compatibility mode
  5. 30 sept. cookie not working here. have to log in each day -- used to be that the cookie allowed me to just navigate to www.net-7.org and i was automatically logged in. not a big deal, just annoying since I know it used to work over days and days just fine. I did change my forum name to that of my best known character somewhen before this began to happen ... is that related?
  6. Lquan

    Taking out the trash

    Data Satellite 4 ... start at The Launching Point. Warp to Nav Glory's Orbit 3. Then, without moving your ship, right-click to allow free warp and continue warping straight ahead. Data Sat 3 is first and then 4. Mind the Red Dragon guards [CL 35??] in the area if you aren't friends with them.
  7. Lquan

    I've reached a limit

    I've been out the past six weeks myself ... seems like the guys I knew slowly disappeared. Donno when I might be back.
  8. Lquan

    Login problems

    5:15 pm. server issues reportedly still being looked at. In my case, four devices disappeared from my hold between logging off a couple of hours ago and getting back on. Looks like some other items may have disappeared from vault as well -- probably ones I added in the approx two hours I played.
  9. approx 3pm est [US time] on 13 feb 2017 all access via net-7.org crashed for me. webtools of various sorts are unable to find a DNS entry for "net-7.org" and thus all ordinary access fails. Whois does report that the domain exists and has an unfamiliar to me [not that I'd know -- I'm a player, not a DEV] admin firm etc. I posted on the EnB emulator facebook page to this effect. hope for news soon
  10. ah, yup ... I figured out how to fix what could be fixed easily and the rest will have to stay the way they are ... fortunately the rest are mostly simple missions, so not much is lost.
  11. steps still exist in edit tab, but not displaying properly. unable to upload due to space limitation
  12. Thursday, 26 jan wiki not displaying properly
  13. i chose format badly and the shot showing that all the steps in the edit screen actually exist will not upload due to excessive size. I assure you, it is there and does seem to be perfectly correct. same result with IE as Firefox.
  14. yes -- properly signed in -- can edit pages as usual. also checked with alternative browser and same error in both.
  15. the steps and notes portions of the mission descriptions in the Net-7 wiki have ceased to display. This has occurred across every mission description I checked. Cause unknown to me and I suggest that the wiki code has changed [new version?] or the Template mechanism has changed somehow [thankfully, I can't find it, so I didn't change it]. ty