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When is a Public Raid a successful Public Raid

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Participated in RD and Gobb and it was a smashing success, not so well coordinated but that was to be expected as some of us have not done these raids before. We were adviced on what ammo type to bring and it was not advisable to bring ammo that you don't have a debuff for. Raiding channel was announced well in advance and so was ts. All loot was thrown in the lotto and it all went well. And yes Epic played fair imho.


Out of curiosity why would someone want to be anonymous?

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When non guilded guys like me get to participate in the 'events'.  I have been in 3 raids so far with my PW, 2 GOBB and a controller today, Even got a Spitter out of a GOBB raid via trade.  I hope to be able to gear up my TT to take part in a few to come.  Thanks to all who let me cut my teeth in these raids.

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Been in a few fishbowls as public raids.  They have, for the most part, been successful in that we completed the raid successfully & I got at least one item.  The best weekend I had raiding, with others, I got a Scientist Data Cube, Made to Live, and IIRC an Asperity of the Master.  My JT was able to get the MtL beam analyzed. I was also able to get the one buildable part of the beam that I didn't already have the recipe for, the Athanor Astral Mounts.

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Over the Weekend, BL opened up the Gate and Bowl for Public raids. 

I have a Q on loot protocall.  Is it a free-for-all for the non-boss items?   I went for ammo and cannon comps, after all that's the only place to get them,  A few ammo comps were handed out at the gate raid, but other than boss loot, nothing from the Bowl.  For some of the guys, looted bile cannon/comps and ammo may be so damn common you don't think of it, But not for those who's only chance are public raids

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Red, the main parts for the Bile weapons do not always drop, (Ten-Gu Carapace) and (Ten-Gu Ossien Matter). The Ten-Gu Nerve Bundle drops all the time. When the (Ten-Gu Carapace) and (Ten-Gu Ossien Matter) do drop they are random-ed off. As for the ammo samples they tend to go with the weapon winner that won it. as for the ammo parts just ask in market channel I know they will be given to you, if not just ask for me in any channel between 6 to 10 cdt and I'll give you some. The Gate raid is were more ammo parts drop, the fishbowl not so many.


Now loot protocall.... well that's a fish of a different color, Each group is a little different, I could be wrong but BI / Static / VGE run theirs with you can win 1 non-tradeable and one tradeable, and if no one X's up for an item it goes to FFA at the end of the other randoms. Public raids we run the random with one win and once everyone has won the rest is FFA.


Well I hope I was close on the above. I hope this helps you out. and if you have a feather and want to do a Gate raid you can reserve an item if it drops, just let other know what the item is.

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Then I must apologize to all. I was under the assumption several would drop and a full cannon or two.  I have Nerve bundles (given to me by another player after the raid) and comps for the semi-organic comp, just haven't had any replies for the other 2 in market.   I do have the trigger set up for the gate, missing the cortex for the face (and print to assemble it).   Are the Gate and Bowl raids a whenever you want kinda thing or do they fall in the weekly rotation of guilds/public?

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Hey There


As a returning playing from ST4, I have been raiding since I got up in lvl in Live. I have thrown lots of raids, been to a bunch of public/private and so far, I have thrown 2 successful Public fish bowl raids for the server.


There are several things that I think make a Public Raid a success.


1. Prep Time (Advanced Notice/Planning)

2. Group Building

3. Buffing/Gear

4. Strategy/Leading/Leader

5. Loot

6. Thanks



those 6 things make raids enjoyable and fun.



this is not a complete breakdown, but if you follow these little tips/points I think you will get a better understanding of why.


1. Prep.

Letting people know you want to throw a raid in advance. I try to give 2hours advanced Notice. Sometimes I post the day before letting people know im planning it for the next day. This is very Important. People are in different timezones and countries. What might be optimal for you, may not be the best for everyone else. State the time and timezone, the people interested can than plan according, and make any changes in their day to accommodate.


2. Group Building.

Very important. Most groups I see are JD/TE/TT/TT/DPSx2 - Most groups I form, will be similar - the groups can be changed to reflect the turnout from the Public. I ask that people interested send me a /tell letting me know their coming and what class(s) they are brining. Once I write them down on paper, I start puzzle piecing the groups together. 2 groups is perfect, 3 groups is faster. Ofcourse this depends on the actual people that show up. -some people don't allow dualboxing people, some people allow them, it is up to the leader of the raid. - I allow dualboxing, as long as no "solo" player is left out. - I have removed people's 2nd toon from my raids to make room for a non-dualer.


A mixture of all Races and classes is a great time. In addition to the raiders, you will need a "Looter" and some jumpstarters. People will die, and the faster they are jumpstarted, the faster they can heal again, or faster they can apply more dps to the mobs.


If you are raiding with more than 1 group of players "Credit Kill" is extremely important to make your public raid a success. What credit kill does is it links both of the groups together. Allowing a designated looter to loot all of the kills. Having one person loot everything makes keeping track of the items that drop, a less tedious task. The command to set Credit kill is "/credit kill <playername>" example: /credit kill Cia


After you type this, check the chat - u will see a line stating the credit has been set and to who. (if u do it twice, it removes the player from the credit kill)


Making sure your looter knows the difference between non-tradeable and tradeable loot. I have seen JE's loot smiter's wrath before, the crowds don't tend to appreciate that!


General Requirements for the raids: lvl140 (last shield) atleast lvl 8 guns. (Jenquais usually escape this requirement, in lieu to reactor buffs, foldspace, summon, jumpstart) 


Every raid leader is different, ask if you are not sure, if you would be usefull or not. they will tell.


3.  Gear.


Like stated before you should have your last shield, to avoid being one shotted. Like it was stated before on the forums, if you need a jumpstart every 45 seconds, your more of a burden than an actual help to the raid.


Ivory Ward's all around. Everyone should have one of these lvl 7 deflect devices, or something equal or better. (deflects max at 72, if you have 72 across the board without an ivory ward, you don't need it.)

Reactor Recharge Devices. All types, stack as many as you can.

HullPatch/Shield Recharge items. Items that give buffs to the those skills. Guardian, Smugglers Recourse, Terran Advantage, ect ect.



Give your raiders plenty of time to buff up and swap their gear back to combat gear from buffing gear. Its popular to say "2min warning" this gives people ample time. After the 2minutes are up, just recheck in local/broadcast, and make sure everyone's ready.





Let me start this section by saying this.


"If you are leading a raid, and that raid fails, it is 100% YOUR (the leaders) fault"

"If you are in a raid, and that raid fails, it is 95% the leaders fault"


A good leader will cancell a raid if they cannot get enough people. A poor leader will say "it'll just take a little longer"


I have seen a certain jerk in the public channels, blaming the people that show up to his public raids for his raids being horrible, saying they are idiot clueless noobs. It shows how incompetent the leader is, if they engage in a raid that they are poorly equipped to run. (aka knows he doesn't have enough, but proceeds anyways) (7hr fishbowl raid...that raid did finish, however it was no where near a "successful raid".. lol)


Sorry for that - but it had to be said.


Having a Decent leader is important, one that knows how the spawns spawn, the order to kill, the damage and ammo types to use, and which tactics work the best.


In a FB raid - we have a Jenquai person, who is dedicated to "folding bosses away".


This strat lets the groups kill the Trash Mobs, while not taking too much constant damage from the boss fish.


Each raid has a strategy. If your not sure, ask, people are very helpful in this game, compared to when it was ran by EA and everything was a guild secret. Try searching the forums for a good strat for the public raid you want to run.


It is not mandatory to have TeamSpeak - but it does help a lot, even if you can only listen. This works great for keeping the groups both well informed, and directed. As well, if someone needs an emergency heal!


Keeping your groups within a close range of each other is also very important. Area hullpatch and Area shield recharge effect all ships within a certin range. Having the groups close together allows for "Healing Overlap"


Before the raid starts - tell each group driver - what their task is. example: group 1 is on boss, group 2 is adds(trashmobs). This cuts down on confusion and lets the leader watch both groups at a glance to see if they are following directions.


--If you are hosting a public raid-- please try to represent the server. Be nice, honest, and considerate. Do not turn away people who meet your qualifications, because you don't like them.


Your raid is a OPEN raid NOT A PUBLIC raid if you bann anyone from attending. Public means everyone. If you single someone out, your not Hosting a raid for the public. Your hosting a raid for YOURSELF, and you need help completing it.


That's a HUGE difference than a PUBLIC raid.





5. Loot.

Everyone loves loot, and the point of the Public raids is to "gear up" the public.


The Loot that drops should be carefully documented - and announced as it drops in broadcast/local/teamspeak. Every Raid leader may have different sets of rules regarding loot. If you have any questions, you need to ask before you join.


Some people will NOT allow alt rolling. (You can only win items for the toons you raided with, you are NOT allowed to loot with your alt that did not participate in the raid)


If you are a dualboxer - you should let your raid leader know, and be respectful and only /roll or X with 1 toon.


I have found, posting the items with % as they drop, lets people plan how they are going to /roll and makes for a smoother lotto. Also if you post items with %, make sure they are right. lol


I have seen 2 main ways people like to Random/Lotto off the loot.


First is the roll method. Everyone who is interested in the item, rolls a random number in local/broadcast, the one who rolls the highest number is the winner of the item. this uses the command line "/random 1 100 1"  which is /random <start #> <end #> <which channel to post it in>   (1 = Broadcast/Local)


Next is the X up method. An item gets posted in local and everyone who wants a shot at it will post an X in local/broadcaster.


Than someone will do /random using the number of people who X'd up. Example. 6 people X on an item. someone will do "/random 1 6 1" - if it rolls to #2 - than whoever the 2nd X belongs too, is the winner.



Write down all winners names with the item(s) they won. I have found people will hope you don't notice that they are Alt Rolling, or Rolling after having won something else. I recommend writing all the winners right onto the paper you put the grouping information on.



6. Thanks.

It is important at the end for everyone to be thankfull to everyone else. The leader should thank all the raiders from coming, and the raiders should thank eachother and the leader for the event. Always give your thanks to the Looter as well.


The win is from everyone doing their task and working together for the common goal. everyone worked hard for that win, so everyone deserves a thanks when the raid is over. :)






I think if you have those 6 basic things, your raid will be successful! niceness goes a long way. Don't forget to be nice!!!


















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Cia Quoted : I have seen a certain jerk in the public channels, blaming the people that show up to his public raids for his raids being horrible, saying they are idiot clueless noobs. It shows how incompetent the leader is, if they engage in a raid that they are poorly equipped to run. (aka knows he doesn't have enough, but proceeds anyways) (7hr fishbowl raid...that raid did finish, however it was no where near a "successful raid".. lol)

I assume he does not get any help in raids now (i wonder who he is ?) ,7 hours for a 30 minute raid :huh: :D

Full marks for trying to get a raid together though , but should not talk to other players like he did. Edited by Prrekoorb
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Prree please provide screenshots of these statements , Or it just comes across that your the idiot , Trying to damage someone who hasn't said anything of the sort. Because you have a mutual dislike of each other , And your desperate to attack because said person is trying to fix said flaws your benefiting from . On that note last thing . Please stick to the truth prre I know its extremely hard for you, but try never the less .


Last post I'm reading on this thread as no doubt in general VGE style you'll have 18 guildys on to simulate agreement , no screenshot , and resort to a whole host of personal attacks with no solid basis what so ever . Just essentially "We want to keep our strangle hold on content"

I think you should read all of the content before attacking. Prre was directly quoting the poster previous to him, however his quote didn't show up in the appropriate "quotes"


This thread is geared specifically for gathering information on how the Public (this includes you Wireclub) completes the same raid content that the "Big 3" also complete, no strangling necessary.  Please don't 'sully' the point of the thread with arguments that are not valid to the topic.


Fly Safe



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A word to the wise wireclub, I would think twice about calling Prre a liar. He has a great reputation on this server and to my knowledge has never mislead anyone in all the years I have known him. Just so you know I am not in VGE in fact I am an admiral of Static and everyone speaks highly of him in our guild. If you wish to challenge his honesty I would suggest you bring a mountain of proof or keep your mouth shut.

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Had you read it properly Mr Wireclub (aka Englishvirtue) you would have seen i was quoting another players post , and i actualy did give you 'Brownie points' for trying to get raids together . Also no player was named but you have seen fit to come forward ' guilty concience maybe ? BUT ! this is the type of reaction we have come to expect from you . As for disliking you , if not agreeing with your thoughts and rantings (like the one you had at me after my refusal to allow you to join VGE last week , of which i do have screen shots) is disliking you then i am guilty as charged . And yes i have '18' guildies (and a whole lot more on the server besides) to back me up , but thats because i have friends . A concept which is alien to you :) As for a 'strangle hold' on content please reread my same post where i point out it took me over a year to get a Spitter and a GoD . So i obviously dont benefit from any flaws but achieve everything through hard work and commitment, and being a nice person i benefit from the community. Is that enough truth for you ?

BTW Where did the forum post to vote Englishvirtue out of the game go ? :)

As its been pointed out this is not the place to deal with your deluded issues so from now on i dont want anything to do with you as your ruining my enjoyment of this game , and leaving me wonder why i bother playing while your about. Edited by Prrekoorb
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Prree please provide screenshots of these statements , Or it just comes across that your the idiot , Trying to damage someone who hasn't said anything of the sort. Because you have a mutual dislike of each other , And your desperate to attack because said person is trying to fix said flaws your benefiting from . On that note last thing . Please stick to the truth prre I know its extremely hard for you, but try never the less .


Last post I'm reading on this thread as no doubt in general VGE style you'll have 18 guildys on to simulate agreement , no screenshot , and resort to a whole host of personal attacks with no solid basis what so ever . Just essentially "We want to keep our strangle hold on content"

Interesting you come into a forum, make unsubstantiated claims and besmirch a known good player...then say ... "Last post I'm reading on this thread ..." WTF??? You started it don't back down now. Stick around and take your medicine. 


Just saying...


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Wireclub is Englishvirtue? I wasent aware of that, and I thought personally thought wireclub was an even more pathetic person than Englishvirtue. Funny how that works.



anyways back on Topic: (half ways back on topic anyways)


My poke was more of a joke, than a direct attack.


I did not post his name on my 1st post, as I didnt want people to avoid his raids. Only way hes going to get better at hosting raids is to keep hosting raids.


--In English's defence (I do not stand by any of his opinions or anything like that)


he does host a lot of raids(his triggers), and shows up at every public raid, rdy to die for the loot, hes shown up to every pub raid I have thrown.


Hes looted on serveral raids, as the designated looter, and no issues. (not my raids)


so to clarify my point. Hes a decent raider, and semi-trust worthy. He sticks to his "rules" in his raids. He follows commands when he joins other people's raids. He has TS.


he just extreamly opinionated, and has semi-alianenated himself to some of the Server.



So for a raiding standpoint, hes pretty decent. - his mouth...well... no one can control that.


I do not agree with any of his politics crap, or anything else. that's all on him.


I do not mind EV showing up to the raids I host. I just ask that everyone keeps the politics to themselfs, as I play this game to get away from IRL Drama.




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Okay I'll give my philosophy on group building in response to CIA's post earlier.


In almost all cases I build groups around a core pair of classes pw/te tank and rally.


You need someone to absorb damage not panic or act flaky that gets the idea of just sitting still and letting mobs come to them

Second part is the te because he can reach out and touch mobs, he has rally and can provide some serious firepower.


This is my core group


At this point depending on the difficulty of the raid I'll try and find 1 more lvl 9 shielded dps toon(pp/ps/pw/te) to fill in as the dps part of the front row.

The actual type of toon doesn't particularly matter. as Long as it has some firepower and some beefy shields.(I'll get to jd's in a moment you are not forgotten)


So lets assume we have a pw/te/ps, what I would start adding next depends on the raid(say fb vrs mordana) do you need 2 groups to do the raid or 1.


1 group raids a tt is probably the best choice(but wait.. there is more) it gives shield recharge and hull patch.

Second option is a terran scout for dps/hull patches(and the occasional js) and either a pp or a js.

It depends on the people around you and the mobs you are fighting.


So far according to this you have 4 people in the group, what do you add next? My prefference is any jenquai(je/js actually preffered) because of reactor buffs.

Terrans.. what can you do their reactors suck.


If a normal jenquai isn't handy use another healer or a dps or whatever you want.

It's really flexible on how you set up a group If you understand the basics of each class and their purpose in a raid.


The last invite slot should be used for your jd(if using one) And i'll explain this carefully.

If you invite the summoner offset in formation to the driver you will spin in circles chasing mobs.

if you select the jd last then the mob will be pulled directly in front of the driver.

Kapish? it's really that simple.

Jd's make pretty good drivers also because they always summon in front of themselves.. and can cloak after doing so.


2+ group raids.

Same basic core pw/te/whatever dps(this is where pp's shine they can dps or heal).

4/5th invite should be healers a tt and a js make an excellent combo a pp as dps .. well you get the basic idea.

6th invite, looter or summoner(if a second group has a jd then the first group can use the jd's group and use there targets), or whatever class is there that can provide firepower or fold space or debuffing(ps/ts/je's fill this hole very nicely).


This is how I invariably set up raid groups from guild stuff to public's raids to whatever.


If no pw's are availble for both groups a te can be the secondary tank.


Any scan based toon can make an excellent drivers in a pinch, tough to go hunting if you can't find mobs.


Most people have pw's drive the groups.. (hence the reason I use a spitter 14.9k scan)

But.. anyone can drive as long as the pw is in the front row for sapping.


My guild learned this and I have tried to pass it to the public guilds because it simply works.


Pw's and drivers do me a favor do not go chasing mobs with auto follow.

Just sit still this is why you have combat trance.

Just don't move and use large sig engines.

Jd's summon mobs, thats what the jd's are for, get on there asses if they are not summoning (failure isn't a reason to get angry thats just life at times) but not firing guns and not summoning gets them bad marks from me and I will kick them from the group and use someone else if needed.


Here is my basic philosophy of building a group. Adjust to the people available.

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Would it be possible to have public raid dates and times ( approximate) posted in forums?

that would be hard to do sir . since most raid's are on a timer and that varies a few hours .


The Fish Bowel and gate raids have a trigger made for them .  As for setting a set time to due a raid ... there are to many ingame variables to set an exact time ,  players online of raid lvl's  . a group doing a raid already . and so on .

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