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  1. What is the point of the rotation anyway? To get more gear? To reduce stress and community infighting? Prevent lag which increases difficulty or causes a server crash which despawns the trigger? If it's the first then having guilds hold the triggers with no intention of doing them for days on end certainly doesn't help get more drops. If it's the second well the rotation helps the majority of players which are in the three main guilds not yell at each other but for everyone else in a smaller or in no guild they're left seeing trigger spawns being wasted which leads to annoyance at the least. For the third well in this discussion the problem is the large guild isn't showing up so I guess solves the lag issue. Personally I see the gear reason as the main reason to have the rotation which is why I've been a little annoyed seeing the wasted spawns. Ideally what I'd love to see is to take Xotto's idea and have the big 3 integrate the public into any off triggers that wouldn't get done otherwise for a considerable time. I could see it be run just like a public triggered FB raid is done now. The guild which has the rotation can either ask someone in the public to host or host the raid themselves and would reserve items which are declared before the raid starts. The members of the guild would have priority for placement into parties and of course at their discretion could call the whole thing off and do it themselves if their members finally show up.  Even with that idea, to help encourage some better behavior we might be wise to add a penalty. The most obvious way to solve the issue of timeliness is to say after 36-48 hours of a trigger being noted as available with no raid starting then that trigger and all the rest of the triggers for that week are given to the next group in the rotation in the hope they're better organized. It's obvious at that point the original group doesn't want to do the raid that week so relieve them off it. ;) Furthermore if that becomes a continuing trend then it'd become obvious which group would need to be removed from the rotation and steps then could be taken as Xotto recommended. Note this would also apply to the Public losing it's triggers. Currently the public raids allow people from the big 3 to join when there isn't quite enough to safely complete the raid with just members of the public. All I'd like to see is the same situation reversed with the big 3 inviting the public so the triggers can be used in a timely manner. Finally to Unicorn, of course if someone wants to go help in Static's raid they'd follow Static's rules but why would anyone from the public help Static when they can't roll? Also keep in mind what Gunney said and don't try to apply your guild rules to us in the public raids. The GMs have said over and over that this rotation business is all on us so even with all this I'm hoping we can keep it working at the same (mostly) smooth level.
  2. The commands I use are '/loot release' which allows anyone to open the corpse and '/loot add <name>' which makes only the person you specify then be able to loot the corpse. To use either you'll have to have the corpse targeted then type the command. As to the first thing you mention, I'm positive there wasn't a loot all button as the time taken to loot something is part of the risk/reward balance for dangerous areas, as evidenced by there being devices to increase tractor beam range and speed. 
  3. The wiki has a list of the missions like this broken down by build type at http://net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Agrippa_Walkthrough which I found pretty helpful for all 3 Progen races, but this guide is very handy too! :)
  4. Adding direct links to the different pages with this update is a little thing but wow if doesn't make using the site so much better. Thank you so much!
  5. Great post Magoo! I made my own gear list for TE a bit ago over here http://net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Terran_Enforcer_Gear_Guide   Couple things to clarify if people don't know the abbreviations:  Shield - HFF = Hyperian Frontier's Friend Reactor - SSR8 = Shooting Star VIII Engine - PDW = Prismatic Dragon Wing Device - AWCS = Advanced Weapon Control System   Now my thoughts on the rest of it, for weapons I bring a full hold of Zet ammo and on my TT or TE can shoot for 2-3 hours continuously no problem so leaving out DPS so your ammo last longer never seemed like a thing to me. I was surprised to see you mention the Ballistic Sniper as I thought it wasn't in game yet since the DB says it doesn't drop. I definitely want one if it's around though! Any info on where it's from would be appreciated :) For reactor's all my Terrans love the Tang's Vigor which seems like a great balance of Cap/Reacharge until they can upgrade to SSR8. I'm curious what you think of this reactor though. A 200% AWCS gives 4% damage which stacks with Intolerance as the buffs have different names (Missile Precision vs Enhance Missiles). Lastly for TS devices using an Aquila Prime IWBS 9 will make your sig go to 0.0 which I love when mining. Well worth taking a slot!
  6. As the Gate and Fishbowl are triggered they're not in the rotation so look if anyone else is gathering right then and if not then trigger away. :)  Worst case you have to wait 45 min to an hour until they're done before it's free again is how it seems to go.
  7. This will probably explain why I die all the time in raids but here's what I bring  Weapons: 4 Zets (Highest DPS Weapon)   Shields: Black Force IX (This recently replaced a Diamond Scale though may replace with Invincible Bastion) Bulwark of the Reaver (Swap for the 5% Turbo)   Reactor: Tang's Vigor (Great Cap and good Recharge)   Engine: Terran Advantage III (Mainly for Hull Patch but ML buffs help too)   Devices: aa Gamik Ry (40% Turbo lets me run all Zets for more DPS) Martyr's Heart (Use this constantly) Roadrunner 8 (Shield Recharge Skill and Warp Charge) Intolerance (40% Damage) NOS (Max Thrust Speed) Decay of the Vindis (Befriend and this means big Psi Debuffs! :) ) Manticore 8 (Energy Debuff if no JS is around using the L9 version) Ivory Ward (Most all the Deflects you want in one device)     So all in all I put way too much emphasis on fighting with my gear but if you're in the 2nd or 3rd group you don't do as much healing so might as well help fight! :)
  8. The wiki is at net-7.org/wiki but you're right that there is no link to it anywhere which is strange and hopefully can be fixed soonish. Also a note on the wiki you'll need to login to even view it with the same login/password for the the forum here or the main net-7.org site as it doesn't share the cookie. :(
  9. Love this and it's so thorough!  FYI though the weapons on the Database often have incorrect DPS listings so for weapons(for some reason often lists ammo damage or the PL itself at 100% quality) the best combo possible I found is a 90% or higher FoTM, a 105% or higher Black Spitter, and 4 200% Biles.    I found that out when I did a guide for PW and good news is we mostly agree but here's the link  http://net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Progen_Warrior_Gear_Guide Also have a list of Turbos with all the ones that overwrite each other grouped on each line at the bottom here http://net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=High_Level_Content   One other thing I might add for reactors is using a Heart of the Dark One on a PW since the range buff is rather nice.   As for me I hadn't been using a Binder Octo so will definitely give that a try. Thanks for the tip!   :)
  10. Actually had the same problem of it not offering the quest on JalitorPP so would love to have that added to my guy as well Blacklung :)
  11. Also for anyone else, http://net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=India_in_Distress!
  12. First of all the good news is Agrippa's Stage I only becomes available after HU50 and when your character has whichever Build Skill at Level 5 (or 3 in Component's case). So sounds like you're right in the range to start even at OL74. :) All the Stage I missions which are needed to progress to Stages II/III are cut off at HU100, but lots of time to get them finished. So you know there is a cut off for the extra missions which are not directly part of agrippa (basically just the extra ammo types for low level weapons) at HU75, but these can be safely skipped. As to your PT's situation you can still complete Stage I no problem but the extra missions for the other ammo types including the mission you mentioned of 'Hey who turned out the lights' will most likely be blocked unless you do a mission to unblock it which is done at mars and costs around 100k IIRC. I'm having trouble finding which mission it is on the wiki but ask around and hopefully someone else here or ingame remembers who to talk to for accessing Silver Token missions when higher level. About your last question, Agrippa missions are their own self contained story and mission chain and it is highly unlikely that there will be a continuation or other missions added that have Agrippa mission as a prerequisite.   Anyway hope that helps but if not then this certainly will ;) http://net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Agrippa_Walkthrough
  13. Well we want the templates editable so they can be improved. The current templates are pretty good but by no means perfect, not to mention how we need more templates which don't exist at all yet, so locking them down wouldn't work right now. The other thing is we have accountability for the wiki since you have to login so any vandalism or even simple mistakes are pretty easy to spot and fix. I checked things over for the page you mentioned and reverted the changes so we're all good again :) Also just want to say thanks for adding some new missions! Good to see some new info on there. :)
  14. Excellent ML Type A has the highest DPS but doesn't shoot Plasma missiles. Best DPS for Plasma damage is the Terrific ML Class Z3. Along with either of those use a Claimjumper's Reward Seven in your last mount spot as it gives a nice buff to Missile Handling and some Reactor Recharge.   BTW you can look up all the missile launchers or any other equipment by level in the database at net-7.org
  15. croddam

    Net 7 Wiki.

    Thanks for the backup Kingdud. Saved myself a copy in case anything does happen to the wiki. Would hate to lose all that work I've put in as it's become my main note pad! :) About the admins I agree with Jamoos that it's smart to have a team of admins to focus on improving different parts at this point since there is so much needing to be added still. For example I've been going through and adding NPC and Station pages just so there are places to make links from.  Doing that and the missions I'd recently played through got me up to like 200 edits in the last month and I feel like I've barely started making those anchor pages. But in general when it comes to one admin vs a team I'd say that unless someone like me gets in an editing mood with like 50 edits there is only something like 5-10 changes tops on the busiest days since the wiki isn't promoted/gets so little traffic. So with even one admin it's not like it's hard to keep up with that.   My only regret about  losing admin rights is I didn't get around to fixing the wording on the home page's readme section :p   heh
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