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  1. Hmmm...FishJD...I reckon I know you🤔
  2. A tad out of context but what is the reward for this mission again?
  3. I tried looking up the firmware and I couldn't find anything, my current router is a Duxbury Dux 412. I am currently engaged in some super secret mission to liberate a different router from one of my friends, just as soon as he buys my story that it's for testing purposes only and he will get it back as soon as I am done, what I am not telling him is that T&Cs apply ;)
  4. Since changing the ISP is not an option at this stage I will just live with it. Fun fact Texas is the second largest state in the USA while South Africa is 1.75 times bigger than texas, taking into consideration that the USA has 50 states I bet that Americans have more ISPs to choose from compared to South Africans. While on the same track I will double bet that in a parallel universe (don't ask me which one) Texas is bigger than South Africa :blink:
  5. The following are checked: Packet Optimization Prototype Reorder Disable Mouse Lock Delete TH6 Files Secure Auth SSL (Grayed out but still checked) The following are unchecked: Local Cert Client Detours (Grayed out but still unchecked) Debug Launch Lock Port Somebody mentioned that I should try switching off my router overnight, not sure how that would help but I am gonna go ahead and try that, by the way did you get that catnip I sent ya  :)
  6. Here have some catnip, just don't nuke it like the ones you gave me  :)
  7. Seriously why am I lagging, the rubberband effect seems to be permanently glued to me. Speedtest shows my connection at an average of 10Mbps upload and download, it sort of fluctuates a bit but in anycase. Torrents average at 400kbps, and some other game which I would not name here plays smoothly *cough*WOW*cough*. But on EnB I start of smoothly but somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes the lagmonster just holds on to me. Before you even ask I have made sure that there is nothing else downloading or uploading at that time, and I have ticked all the boxes on the launcher. Any ideas what I am missing. My rig is as follows: CPU: i5 650 @3.20 GHz OS: Windows 10 64Bit Memory: 12GB DDR3 Graphics Card: GTX 760 Any ideas what I can do to improve my gaming experience?
  8. Just out of curiosity and some mild concern, what happened to the news team. One of my first stops when returning to the game was to look up the news on the portal and lo and behold there has been no action on that frontier for quiet sometime. Did something terrible happen to the news team (hopefully not), are they on an extended vacation or did they all get fired? 
  9. As I recall the pumpkin chucker was a reward for halloween, don't remember about the eyeball poppers. So unless things have changed then you should expect said rewards to show up at the specific holidays or events.
  10. Drop locations and search seems to be working just fine for me, granted there is a bit of a learning curve to it.
  11. Look to the sky and make sure that your spacesuits are in good condition, and always I mean always keep your spacesuits on when you dock at any station because the Skunk cometh :P
  12. This must be the dangest thing if I say so myself and I do say so myself, you voiced my sentiments exactly. Just reinstalling EnB and can't wait to see what has happened as it has been a year since I last showed my face around here :)
  13. It was a cool Friday morning, but the exam room was exceedingly cold. As I sat down I could feel the pc glaring at me, taunting me even.   Then it began, the first 2 questions knocked me clean out of the chair, the following ones were a blow by blow situation. Then the exam let its guard down and I picked it up by the tail swung it around a few times and threw it against the wall, it tried to get up and I mopped the floor with it.   What I did to that poor exam was a shame, I beat it to a pulp and then some. When I got to the last question I didn't want to leave I was on the roll, the invigilator had to pull me out of the exam room.   Long story short I passed :)
  14. For some reason I was not feeling confident enough to take this one so i rescheduled for next week friday, thanks for the vote of confidence though. One last thing Prre, why do you have so many JEs?
  15. Thanx Prre, final exam is tomorrow.
  16. Ahemmm if I may just step in here, I was online today for quiet sometime today, final exam tomorrow needed sometime to clear my head and yadi-yada-yada. During a random discussion on general it came to light that most of the players do not frequent the forum as some of us. I would bet that is the cause for the lack of participation in these discussions, hence the lack of response to this thread. Also just occurred to me that some may just fear the responsibility that will come with being involved in these discussions.
  17. Howdy folks, just popping in to let you all know I am still around. Yes not dead yet :P In anycase I am currently busy with MCSA and just passed my second exam today. So 1 more exam to go and I can come back to the game, wish me luck, no seriously wish me luck, I barely passed todays exam :)
  18. Lure - Level 7 device, The Fihmaster 2000 - Level 5 component I ended up with a JE for building the lure and the PP for the Fishmaster, I did it in an extremely haphazard manner and definitely not recommended way, thanks to the help of the community :)
  19. Never heard of keyclone till now, maybe you will have better luck asking on their forums. I am able to run more than one client just by launching the client again without the use of any other program. Of course I get the occasional client is already running message but I just launch it again till it figures out that I am not going to give up ;)
  20. *Puts on flame shield, rereads post again, then again.*   I was just asking folks that's all, didn't mean to come off as negative, please don't shoot me to bits when we meet in game. Imagine my surprise when Evermore says he had gone and tweaked it, definitely not the response I was expecting  :D
  21. Glad to hear I didn't break it to bits  :D
  22. Earlier on today I was adding some missions to the wiki, first time I do it mind you. After adding the third mission something wasn't right, so I went back to edit it. I ended up editing the template itself instead of the mission, no idea how I got that right. However Miraya did point out to me that there is a list of changes and you can revert to working condition, and I sort of stumbled my way through that. But it looks ok now, could somebody have a look at it and double check and also is it possible to make the templates none editable?
  23. My apologies for not mentioning the name of the mob (Pro-Magistrate Vespasian) and thanks for looking into it  :)
  24. I have been informed that the lvl 56 in moto drops the Warrior's Pride Delta reactor, but he only has been dropping wreckage slags and terran heads, I have killed him more than 10 times, is it an extremely rare drop or am I killing the wrong mob? Seriously a lvl 56 should really consider his life choices if he is going to just drop  wreckage slags and terran heads :p
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