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  1. Funny but so true. Its like that mean ole aunt you hope never shows up for the holidays but always does.
  2. There is really no need for all this. Just ask if help is needed to do the raids. Keep this simple and more will be happy. A FFA atmosphere will promote small groups to take the raids.
  3. leave the rotation on but try open invites when the hosting guild needs players. host handles raids and loot.
  4. Just think of all the time spent leveling toons up to lose them for worthless credits.
  5. Static on the 9th of January will be hosting a free PRS day to the public. Well free for the first 12 people in line. Static WILL pay your entry fee to the PRS. Thats right all you got to do is bring ammo and your own beer, snacks, and smiling faces. Lets have a good time.   1. First 12 from the public for each raid is paid for by Static. 2. DEV's need to sign off on this and of course be present to activate. 3. First raid is at NOON CST. This will give the Euro guys a chance at at least 1 raid. 4. Second raid is at 3PM CST. 5. Third and last raid will be at 6PM CST. 6. Static has lots of goodies that we will hand out after each raid!!!!!! 7. Public players will decide what raid is to be done. 8. Please show up early to make sure you get a spot and others dont have to wait for you.   Leave Politics at the door and please be respectful to others.
  6. What the heck are you smoking???? LOL The reason getoffme pulled out of the discussion had nothing to do with what you posted. WOW He pulled out after being confronted with the FACT that EG was supplementing its numbers with another guild in the rotation already. I was at that meeting buddy you should not spout crap cause I will call you on it. Gettoffme was told directly if he booted the NON-EG raiders from your guild he would be put in the rotation if EG could legitimately field the raids. He choose not to do so. His doing not Static. The puppet master (not gettoffme) used EG to get even with slights that went down years before and the current Static members had nothing to do with. We (Static, VGE and BI) did our best to come up with something that was fair for the whole server and I think we did a dam good job!!!     Nothing but GREED and stomping feet like children to get more loot. I was wondering when the threats would start and now they have. I was surprised who the threats came from first though. As others have stated many times theses raids can be done with 1 group and will be done just like that if a few get their way here. Then we will be back here listening to the same people cause they dont get to raid at all or that only a hand full of people are doing the raids Blah blah blah it goes on and on.   I keep seeing post claiming that the BIG 3 dont represent the majority of the server pop when we all know they do but somehow the BIG 3 should not get the raids as it is now. If you represent 25% you should get 25% NOT 75%.   The facts are, 1. Most on the server get to raid regularly. 2. The rotation HAS kept the peace. 3. Keep going on with this and sooner or later the DEV's will step in and as stated already we will not like it. 4. Far more have stated to leave things alone so why does this not end? 5. PRS DUH!!! Want more loot? Use it!!! The DEV's worked hard to help us out so use it.
  7.       The BIG 3 do make up most of the server pop. Saying otherwise will not change the facts.
  8. PC ALERT.   Wow panda man really? Is someone disagreeing with you abuse? Rewrote this 3 times to keep it civil. Its hard sometimes just really hard.
  9.   Well said Efi!!! I wrote up a response that was alot more grumpy so I am very glad you said what i wanted to but with a nice tone LOL. 
  10.   You are way over stepping your non-elected post as ADV here. I seem to remember most of the same people here trashing Alurra when she posted on matters like this. I remind you that you are a go between the players and the DEV's. That in no way gives you the power (for lack of a better term) to project yourself into player agreements.  You have no right to call a vote. Your authorities only go so far as to send request and questions to the DEV's and then post answers to them. BTW when was the last time you did that? You seem to have time to post here but not your responsibility's as ADV.
  11. Pumpkin Pie!!!     Enough said....!!
  12. Raiderman thanks to you and Whitemoon for taking care of this. As a Admiral in Static we consider this matter closed and hope to continue good relations with BI.
  13. Static is not alone in this. Leave triggers alone that are not yours to take.  If we or VGE want to leave our trigger up all week its ours to do so and your opinion makes NO difference. Static, VGE and yes even BI earned its spot but that does in no way give anyone the right to threaten over spawns. Its never going to be on the table!!!!   I would how ever like to clear something up to those that think I am being a bit hard in our stance on this subject. We have guildies that can only play at certain times/certian days so we try sometimes to hold triggers for them (when we can) so they get a chance at some rare loot or just the experience of the raid. Also as Prre said in a earlier post its about playing with your buddies If we did not do this these players only have the PRS as an option. Now there is nothing wrong with the PRS but if they can not be around for the times its open then I guess our members are just out of luck? Dont think so. We will continue to hold triggers when we see fit. If our triggers are taken yours WILL be taken in turn!   As for Alurra. She posted this as an Admiral of Static not as ADV. There is a difference. Even the DEV's have play toons. Enough said deal with it.
  14. Prre my friend I could not have said it better myself. Thanks!!!   This can easly be fixed and then we can all move on. Step 1. BI and EG apologize. 2. BI stands down for 1 GOBB and Static takes it on BI's week (as per the agreement BI gave its word on).   We would not expect it from public's week as we do not wish to see other guilds that was not involved lose any raids for the actions of BI and EG.
  15. Greed pure simple greed. The rotation set aside equal time for all on each raid but some decide thats not enough and wanted more. If drama follows even better for them. A meeting took place in which members of BI (Magoo and Jamoos) gave its word that they would not break this rotation yet Sunday they formed a raid group and took a spawn that was not theirs to take. As for EG what the heck are you guys thinking? I talked to members of EG's leadership not that long ago and they assured me they wanted no part in drama yet here we are.   Static will not be bullied by a few who think they are entitled to set policy for the entire server. True colors have come out now lets see how long it takes for others to see them.
  16. Good Day!!! Enough said!
  17. Alurra was asked to post this info as a player not the ADV. The info was discussed during the meeting and all she did was write it up and post it for all. Most of the time was spent talking over how to make sure the public was treated fairly. The public gets everything the 3 guilds do. I mean what else can you guys want? There has been other attempts to get the public to elect a rep for themselves but was not done and now you are complaining cause there was no rep for the public there. 
  18. But but I want my cookies and yours too!!!! Kids these days huh prre?   We all know who is behind all this. He takes delight in spreading his lies to stir up drama. I wonder if he knows just how many people laugh at him all the time. 
  19. Grats Gramps   Bring him up Terran!!!
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