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  1. May I remind everyone that the dev team are volunteers. Asking them to make a modification such as this seems to me to require much more work for the dev team compared to simply clicking the release looting restrictions for us.
  2. Health Issues

    Wow That's powerful stuff Dronelocker very well said
  3. Happy New Year

    Welcome back Serina. I do believe I remember participating in your raids on Andromeda. Good to se you back.
  4. Would it be possible to have public raid dates and times ( approximate) posted in forums?
  5. Lunar Dawn

    Just found this thread I was in Lunar Dawn and hello Blueboy I remember you well:) I was garway:))
  6. played from live to sunset had 150 PW named Garway and 150 Explorer named Waygar. My guild was Lunar Dawn. I still have the original cd in the box :) I think was on Andromeda
  7. Unable to find patch file

    Thanks I am in game not that diffcult when you acctualle READ the instructions :)
  8. Hello New member here, I D/L and made my way to the patch screen and am now receiving message "unable to find patch file" Hopefully someone could give me a little guidance :) Layman's terms would be appreciated I am a gamer not a programer :)) Thanks in advance On a side note I am really happy I stumbled upon this game as I used to play before sunset and have never found a game that I enjoyed as much as E&B great job gang.