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  1. Wow That's powerful stuff Dronelocker very well said
  2. Welcome back Serina. I do believe I remember participating in your raids on Andromeda. Good to se you back.
  3. Would it be possible to have public raid dates and times ( approximate) posted in forums?
  4. Just found this thread I was in Lunar Dawn and hello Blueboy I remember you well:) I was garway:))
  5. played from live to sunset had 150 PW named Garway and 150 Explorer named Waygar. My guild was Lunar Dawn. I still have the original cd in the box :) I think was on Andromeda
  6. Thanks I am in game not that diffcult when you acctualle READ the instructions :)
  7. Hello New member here, I D/L and made my way to the patch screen and am now receiving message "unable to find patch file" Hopefully someone could give me a little guidance :) Layman's terms would be appreciated I am a gamer not a programer :)) Thanks in advance On a side note I am really happy I stumbled upon this game as I used to play before sunset and have never found a game that I enjoyed as much as E&B great job gang.
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