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  1. I think it wil be more of a gentlemans agreement than enforced rules.   Savic has a reputation for fairness as does VGE and other guilds play within the spirit of the game.   Would you prefer to play fairly or be considered a total &^%$! ?
  2. I was sunning myself on a Caribbean island when I heard about this.   Fair camping is going to be a real challenge especially if a JE is camping Desash.
  3. Please add positive experiences and outcomes of public raids.   Try to be 100% truthful and factual.   As always you can contact me if you wish to remain anonymous and I will post on your behalf.
  4. That is not the name of this post. If you want to start a post called 'who is Not7News' carry on.   This post is called 'When is a Public Raid not a Public Raid?'   I will start a new post called 'When is a Public Raid a successful Public Raid' and I will report on successful public raids.   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me lots of good things to report on the new post so that there are no longer underhanded activities to report on this post.   Please feel free to start a new post of your own called 'Who is Not7News?'
  5. Consider me a troll or a coward if you like.   I am the only one standing up for public / unguilded players who want to raid and who want a fair shot at the rewards.   if you want to stand up for the wrongdoers go ahead.   if you want to stand up to the wrongdoers and do what is right by the public that want to raid go ahead.   If you want me to shut up then ask your friends at Epic Builders to play the game in the spirit that was intended.
  6. The word is cowardice.   I am not a troll.   I am a freelance reporter, reporting on the truth and only the truth.   And once again the truth is that public participants were denied access to the rolling process.   Epic at best were negligent in their rolling process or as the evidence suggests they were underhanded.   Just take that on board and realize that if Epic is fair in public raids and does not do underhanded things such as this then I will be as quiet as a mouse.   And as for me being a coward. Who walked away from the public and left them on ther own? you did Daath.
  7. So you are proud that you left when you did?   Not as pleased as we were. We were partying all night....
  8.   Pick on my post as much as you like.   The facts are without doubt                The public players that participated in the raid were excluded from the rolls for loot   There is no doubt about this fact.   If it was a mistake you would have said 'very sorry we made a mistake and thought everyone was in the private channel' and done something to put things right. It was clearly not a mistake!   I have checked again with one of the public raiders. i cannot repeat here the response to the lies stating that efforts were made to include the public players.   Like I said before Do it fairly and you will not hear from me again.
  9. That is easy to answer, the public were not in the private channel.   This character is not guilded and has only reported on the public raids since they started a month ago.   I have no favorite guild and will report on any guild I see doing wrong.   Run the raids fairly and ensure fair play for all and you will not hear from me again.   As raid leaders you have a responsibility to all participants and ensure fairness for everyone.   Act like scumbags and be judged as scumbags or Act as decent people and be treated as decent people. It is your choice.   nicodemus? rofl, I don't think so...
  10. So when is a public raid not a public raid?   It is when Gizardpuke and Epic Gamers roll for the loot in a private channel and do not allow public players into the channel to roll.   Enjoy the skull shield Lojik   This happened at the last controller raid which was run by Epic Gamers and Builders on 13 January 2014.   There is no point having a public raid if the public are being ripped off.
  11. +1 for this post. Thankyou for taking the time to add balanced input....
  12. Another Controller raid was done yesterday.   Completed by Epic and BI alts.   Surely doing the raid at the earliest opportunity without inclusion of a reasonable quantity of genuine public / unguilded players is not what was intended.   If Magoo is such a great leader why has he not made it clear to his members that public raid means public and not a secondary raid that BI alts share with Epic?   What do Static and VGE think to Bi having extra raid opportunities at their and the publics expense?
  13. Ten minutes clearly is not enough as there was only one person able to get there in 10 minutes.   It had taken the group of people that did the raid well over an hour to get themselves sorted and in position.   If all is above board why was the call not put out in public when this group started to form for the raid instead of leaving it to the last 10 minutes?   Having said all that it is clear that the groups were filled with selected pilots bringing into question would the general public have been told no we don't need 'X type of ship' as we already have them on the field.
  14. No   and even if I were, my guildlessness does not change the actions of a few to exclude others.
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