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  1. by switching my phone hotspot i can log in on both pc. (i set up a 2nd pc and couldnt get on that one either, both connect via my phone.) weird, thanks keru for the help!! so if someone is having a issue with their game and getting that message, hopefully you can try a 2nd internet and see if thats it. thanks all!!
  2. Hello allz. (searched for my issue before posting) returning player, having a issue where it says i am not using the right launcher. i just set up the game for another returning player, and it worked fine. setup: windows 10 home amd ryzen card 8gb onboard ramm install -> client first end up 2nd net7 launcher 3rd Set everything to compatibility modes and run as admins. i keep getting this error, and the program autpmatically closes. I know i am connected to the server, because this only happens when i enter the "right" password. Entering the wrong password, gives me the error message, wrong password try again. when i enter the right one, it says use the default launcher and closes. please if anyone knows how to deal with this issue let me know, thanks and have a great day.
  3. logged into game and was greeted with a weird message about all my gear being installed. weird
  4. Sakers - zeke requires some items in your cargo hold to start the quest. you need to find 3 different types of moonshine and present them to him... hes a heavy drinker... so you might wanna bring him a few of each hehe
  5. Hello Everyone! hey guys Cia, Raidtank, Missileboat, Nabi, ect ect ect....... here.... I posted in the game the other day I found a poster from the original game, which was given away at a Earth and Beyond event, this poster was a door prize. I just got it on thrusday, and sent to kinkos to be copied and scanned. Original is going back into its tube, and than sealed and put away, the vivid copy I made will go in the poster frame and be displayed. Hope you guys enjoy this treasure, I don't mind if you print out a copy for yourself, I'm excited to own a piece of the E&B History and happy theres people still around I can share it with, and those who care lol hmmmmm gonna take me a minute to figure out how to get the 140mb pdf scan of the poster on here... lol here is a "printscreen", if someone wants a HD cut of it, i'll need to post/upload it somewhere.
  6. Littlej find me in-game I'll give you this one for free. lol
  7. For the people who don't know, this item only has 1 buff on it, see cloaked, which dosent even work in the emulator, so its COMPLETE F'in POINTLESS and WORTHLESS. F-in Garbage, its as good as a Broken F-in Floodlight!
  8. i;ve gotten the same lvl 7 aa device everytime i identify a lvl 7 AA device.       WHY THE HELL DO I KEEP GETTING THE SAME CRAPPY ASS AA DEVICE!!! ITS SOPOSED TO BE RANDOM!!!!!!!   lvl 7 aa bahtu ys (see cloaked) this is LESSS THAN GARBAGE, its CRAP. WORTHLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This is the 3rd god damn one of these pieces of CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP i got in a GOD DAMN ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     This is total F-in BULLSHIT. You guys need to look into this, and see if its broken, or the game just F-in hates me.         Cia        
  9. Hello all!!!       Over the past few weeks I have had a lot of people ask me to organize raids for them, and also I noticed sometimes public waits for me to get home from work to lead the raids. I know they have the man power to do it on their own while im at work. So... im starting this thread to give some helpful pointers and tips on how to throw your raids, weither they be public or private.         Points:   1. Verify Trigger/Raid is Ready   2. Set a time frame   3. Inform your raiders of the particulars of the raid your running.   4. Inform your raiders of the loot rules   5. Form your groups   6. Lead the raid during the battle   7. Loot and Distribution   8. Thanks         1. Verify the Trigger/Raid is Ready   This is important, if you cry wolf too many times, or if you from up, in anticipation of a spawn, and it never shows, you hurt your standings with the raiding community.   Triggers: Name / Raid it Starts / Location Ascendant Voltoi (if you have synthesized crystal lvl 7)             (AV Raid)                                     Dahin Scavenger Drone ZX1                                                                (Controller Raid)                          BBW Communications Array SDX                                                       (RD Base Raid)                            AP Servant of Edward Teach                                                           (Ghost of Blackbeard Raid)          Paramis Harvey                                                                                         (Tada-o Gate Raid)                     Cooper 4th Group of 66/65/63                                                                 (Scooter & Gen'ril Raid)               DT     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With the exception to the DT Raids, all the triggers are pretty much str8 forward.   The Triggers in DT are a lot harder to locate.   @ The Roost Nav - The trigger is a 4th group of 66/65/63 with the 66 leading the group. If you have 4 of these groups near the Roost, Scooter Raid is ready @ The Edge of No Place Nav  - The trigger is a 4th group of 66/65/63 with the 66 leading the group. If you have 4 of these groups near the Edge of No Place Nav, Gen'ril McDanner Raid is ready   -these can be further isolated to figure which one of the 4 groups is the actual trigger by killing all 4 skuttlebugs, and waiting to see which group dosent get a respawn of the skuttlebug. That will be your trigger group. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     2. Set a Time Frame.   Set a time, that is reasonable for all parties involved. If you run your raid @ 12AM at night PST, its 3am on the east coast. So you have to try and find a neutral time, everyone can be available.   Also set a time frame. ie. 1hr to do the raid, 1.5hrs to do the raid.  Letting the people know how long they can expect to be tied up, helps prevent people from having to leave early, and leaving you short for complete the raid, or drag it out unnecessarily.   3. Informing your raiders of the particular of the raid your running.   This is where you discuss ammo choices, and tatics.   This is a rough list, if you see something that's not right, you can post on this post, and I can refrence/edit things.   Raid / Ammo Types (best to weakest) / Tactics Ascendant Voltoi / EMP Plasma Impact Explosive / 2 groups sit in one spot and tank and spank Controller Raid / Chemical Plasma Impact Explosive / 2 groups - 1 takes bosses 1 takes adds. Rd Base Raid / Chemical Plasma Impact Explosive / 2 groups - 1 takes bosses 1 takes adds. Ghost of Blackbeard / EMP Chemical Plasma Explosive Impact / 2 groups - 1 takes bosses 1 takes adds. Tada-o Gate Raid / Plasma Impact Energy Explosive / 1 group - kill bosses last Scooter Raid / Chemical Plasma Impact / 2 groups - chasing sparkles - Boss Last Gen'ril McDanner Raid / ALL Types (shields change every 10-20 seconds to a different ammo type reisit. / 2 groups - chasing sparkles - Boss Last   4. Informing your raiders of the loot rules.   Not everyone is a veteran to raiding, so sometimes you will have to explain how the loot works. As the leader of the Raid, you can set these rules up, as you see fit. However, if your rules are unreasonable or crazy you may have a hard time gathering interest in your raids.   This is how I run the Public Rotation raids, and my own personal raids.   Rules: 1 win per person, no using alts for extra rolls. we use /random 1 100 1 and the highest number wins. If your unsure of the rules of the looting than ask.   5. Forming your groups.   Forming the groups is pretty easy and a lot of people have multiple lvl150 toons, so if your short on something, people can switch to fill in the holes.   You should have a TE in every group for the Rally Buff.   Generally speaking I setup groups with 1 pw 1 te 1 tt and a offhealer (JS/PP/TS) than fill in the 2 spots with whatever is available.   The PW is your agro taker, he keeps the aggro  off the healers and softer targets.    The TE is your Hacker and Rally. The rally gives extra reisit to everyone in the group and makes them harder to kill.   Not spending much time on this subject.   6. Lead the raid during the battle.   Make sure you type in Local - you can use TeamSpeak, but remember not everyone is on teamspeak, and not everyone who didn't hear what u said will even ask you to repeat yourself.   Don't yell @ people or call them names. That's the fastest way to get people to leave and than your raid fails if you cant get people to replace them.   Be clear in your directions.   Keep an eye on both groups and make sure you pay attention to the spawns and waves so you can call out things as needed.   7. Loot and distribution.   List the items in a list with their Quality percentage, so that people can gauge which item they want to roll for.   Keep track of who won what, so you can make sure you enforce the 1win per rule.   I like to put a -------------------------- (line) when doing rolls to clearly identify its a roll and not a info/description.   Example:   120% Dragon's Fang lvl 9 ML TE Only - Buildable non-trade  /random 1 100 1 ----------------------------------------------------------   Here is the list of loot commands: command --- example --- Syntax   /loot add <playername> --- /loot add raidtank --- must have corpse targeted /loot release ---- /loot release --- must have corpse targeted /credit kill <playername> --- /credit kill raidtank --- must be in same system. No need to target looter.   8. Thanks     Remember to thank everyone for coming, thanking the looter, and paying special praise to anyone who performed out of the ordinary.         If you think of something I should add/remove/edit let me know, and i'll update.     thanks, Cia / Raidtank                  
  10.     I will serve on consul with Syber and the others.
  11. o/ Everyone   First let me start by thanking EFI for calling out for arms.  That was very nice, was a good learning experience of a raid, and a good time was had.   2nd. not really taking any sides to this matter, but I did mediate it at the end.   At no time before or after he was called out, did kodiac aka greywolf ever say he wasent going to do was was proper. at the same time he did say he was gonna space it. I didn't think he was serious. mr brown messaged me and told me to get the card from kodiac. So he initiated the transfer to get the situation handled. I didn't ask them.   I think this was just a incident of bad timing/communication.     3 people rolled on the hellfire access card. Me, Shisho/explorator, and reddscout. about 10 people sitting at the wreck. I messaged a few people who did not show up, and they said pass, didn't want to roll on something that caused this much drama.   Efi did say he would pass, as mentioned in his last post, and I posted in local at Fedd wreck in DT, I was in PM with efi.       Sorry for anyone who was present - and did not get to roll cuz of location/time of roll.   ---       Cia / Raidtank / Bot / Rager / Nabi / Feather / Missileboat
  12. o/   hey guys.   I don't wanna offend anyone or whatever. so i'll make my opinion simple.       Public had to jump thru hoops to get the raid rotation slot, they even had to pass tests! .....we got told we'd never be able to do it, and we'd be the ones wasting the triggers, then we weren't worthy to have a slot...       thanks, and like I said no offence intended, but anyone who has payed attention to the forums back when this rotation added public knows this is public knowledge.     Cia     (I personally think we keep skip week, and add the the dt raid once its deemed there is enough people with faction. (hopefully everyone who has faction will be allowed/raid together until that point))
  13. Server coming online! 10:36 am (PST) \o/
  14. Wireclub is Englishvirtue? I wasent aware of that, and I thought personally thought wireclub was an even more pathetic person than Englishvirtue. Funny how that works.     anyways back on Topic: (half ways back on topic anyways)   My poke was more of a joke, than a direct attack.   I did not post his name on my 1st post, as I didnt want people to avoid his raids. Only way hes going to get better at hosting raids is to keep hosting raids.   --In English's defence (I do not stand by any of his opinions or anything like that)   he does host a lot of raids(his triggers), and shows up at every public raid, rdy to die for the loot, hes shown up to every pub raid I have thrown.   Hes looted on serveral raids, as the designated looter, and no issues. (not my raids)   so to clarify my point. Hes a decent raider, and semi-trust worthy. He sticks to his "rules" in his raids. He follows commands when he joins other people's raids. He has TS.   he just extreamly opinionated, and has semi-alianenated himself to some of the Server.     So for a raiding standpoint, hes pretty decent. - his mouth...well... no one can control that.   I do not agree with any of his politics crap, or anything else. that's all on him.   I do not mind EV showing up to the raids I host. I just ask that everyone keeps the politics to themselfs, as I play this game to get away from IRL Drama.     Cia
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