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Att: KPN and XS4ALL customers in the NL having gating problems (updated 04.Aug 2014)

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Lately, dutch players are reporting problems when gating.


We found out that all these players are using "KPN" or XS4ALL as their provider.


Googling the net i found out, that these ISP's are known for such problems - which is originating from the overload factor of their structure and from fragmented packet stuff originating from wrong configured MTU sizes, esp. when it comes to ADSL lines.


To set up your correct MTU:

Please use google to find out how to change/setup the correct MTU size for your operating system.

Note that Windows does NOT allow/support setting the so called "MSS size" - which is the one we really want to affect here.

Windows is using a static formula here (MTU - 40 bytes = MSS), so what you need to adjust is the MTU size of your network card - it must be set to 1492 for eg. DSL (not 1500!!).


If you are unsure, call your ISP and ask for a TECH(!) support guy, they should know the very correct MTU size for your connection. Also make sure the correct MTU size is set in your modem/router!


If you have a modem/router supporting MSS settings and the MTU is eg. 1492, MSS should be 1492-40, so 1452.

Correcting the MTU (and therefore the MSS) size can already fix the gating/docking problems.


If your problems remain, you are kind of lost because the problem is most likely within the ISP network structure.



Please note, that esp. ADSL lines from eg. XS4ALL accessing the ISP network via "DSL POPS" (Point of presence) are often accessing a highly protected ISP infrastructure protecting from various attacks - a result is dropping UDP packets first when fragmented packets passing their switches - which is always the case when it comes to EnB since the client is using old frame sizes, which will result in such fragmenting.


The main problem here is that UDP has no "congestion control" like the TCP protocol: Thats why UDP packets are simply dropped first in such infrastructures when switches are overloaded.


Another player was reporting, that these problems with XS4ALL are not present, if you upgrade your ADSL line to a VDSL line (maybe these POPs are not overloaded yet?).

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Very usefull info zackman.

Was trying to help yesterday one of our dutch members with his gating problems and i concluded that it must be something with his ISP. I dont know if he has KPN but i will inform him about this.

Maybe he can play this game again :)

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Hmmmmmmmmm maybe Rakash could apologise to MadcowJD now (MadcowJD asked in New Player chat yesterday if there was a 'fix' for this issue and Rakash thought it was clever to rip into MadcowJD and call him stupid for asking such a question ) .

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Hmmmmmmmmm maybe Rakash could apologise to MadcowJD now (MadcowJD asked in New Player chat yesterday if there was a 'fix' for this issue and Rakash thought it was clever to rip into MadcowJD and call him stupid for asking such a question ) .

I would say it is uncalled for to rip into anyone for such questions.  The client/server connection is kind of touchy and there are any number of reasons people can have issues. 


Kudos to Zack for narrowing this down to ISP, that is an ugly troubleshoot to get that far.  You essentially have to eliminate everything else since it is not a common thing for ISP issues like this.

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hi i did try to set the MTU but it seems the versie of the kpn modem (V8) cant set MTU

And kpn says we cant help you with it, a other company did try it , but say its all locked in the modem and we cant change it.

So far i did spend 100 euro to fix but if kpn dont help the fix cant be set to the modem

And the networkcard dont have a option for it,

So ty for the time spend on it , lets hope with time it will get better

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100,- EUR for "no help"? Wow....the other company should not have charged a full hour just to find out the modem is locked, that's unfair  :unsure:


Anyway, looks like KPN might have set the MTU in the modem to the correct value already, therefore locking the modem so no1 can change it (to a wrong value).




You can still try to change the MTU size and test if it is better for your network setup at home. Please use these instructions (only if you are an advanced computer user):




Or if you are not an advanced computer user, use this tool:



The download is at the bottom, but read the page as well so you get a little idea of what it does (for you).


If the tool determines the "best value" at 1500 for you, ignore this value plz as it is most likely measured between your PC and your KPN modem (ethernet frame size, which is 1500).

Set it manually to 1492 in this case.


Now try if your PC connection runs better. If not, you can (and should) change the value back to the standard ethernet frame size which is 1500.

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C:\Users\Gaming>netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Local Area Connection" mt
u=1490 store=persistent
De syntaxis van de bestandsnaam, mapnaam of volumenaam is onjuist.

getting this error, but  1462 was good for me so its 1462+28=1490

now i only need a way to set it

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A possible solution could be buying a router (not modem/router) and bridging it to the one he already has but with the benefit of having full control over the configuration.

At the same time he could keep the telephony, if thats the case, working in the original router.


I did exactly that in order to overcome my gating problems. Best 60 euros i ever spent.

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ok MTU set to perfect number, netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "LAN-verbinding" mtu=1492 store=persistent

did restart the pc

but still freeze up at the gate, im lost again, dont get it.


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Well, im not able to give much more help here, since i dont have your connection on my PC to do some deep-going network stuff....

Somehow the UDP port change negotiation is not forwarded/working when you change sector (gating/docking).


Since a lot of the NL-KPN users are suffering from this problem, it must be an ISP problem (logical conclusion).

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I'm also curious to the outcome of this investigation.

Currently troubleshooting the same issue, as I currently have to restart the client every couple sector transfers I make.


Unfragmented ICMP packets can be successfully send with a size of 1472 on my end (+28 bytes for the header gives you 1500) so I'm kind of lost now :)

Not sure if it matters but my pings where towards Internet addresses.

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I am in Australia and from about 1 pm to midnight have a lot of gating and crashing events. Last night I followed the "change your mtu..." and ran the game for 4 hours without a crash


Change your MTU under Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8



Those who are having gating issues, I suggest to try the "change your mtu..." it might just work for you


My base number was 1500 and as per the instructions I lowered the figure to total 1492, who would think 8 units would make that much of a difference

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Hey folks,


I posted some time back in the thread that handled similar problems of gating (Zackman's "ATT everyone having gate/ctd issues..") about a gating issue I experienced.

I tried gating once in a while over the last half year but always got the recurring problem so i remained somewhat disappointed and at a loss to solve this problem.

Like Jamoos (previous post)  i also use the ISP Telenet in Belgium .


I wondered what would happen if  I tested this on a  different ISP.


So  I  made a similar setup (new enb-emu installation on w7-32bit) and tested it from a DMZ on my campusnetwork (BelNet provider).

To my suprise the result was just ..the SAME, gating issues over and over again while  everything else in the emulator works just perfectly.

Could this be a bigger problem in my countries' telecommunication infrastructure ? I wonder ....


I still have to test the proposed solutions in this thread...to be continued...i hope .


Kind regards,



PS:  btw jamoos did you find a solution to your gating issue ?


PS2: Telenet is one ISP of 44  in Belgium  using BelNet's internet nodes........


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I myself got UPC as an provider, and experience a lot of gate/dock/undock/WH crashes as well. Changing the MTU didn't help, as well as other things offered to fix the problem.

Sometimes, i can play a long time before i get gate crashes, and then suddenly it starts happening. I don't mean once or twice, but multiple times after another.


Besides the gate crashes, the game throws me back to the char selection, login screen, or even a complete CTD while gating/docking/undocking or wormholing on occasion.


If i stay inside a station or in space for a bit too long (usually 10/20 minutes) without doing anything, the game also becomes  unresponsive. I can walk/fly around (no warp), but buttons, or even the chat, do not work anymore, and i have to /quit and restart.


Since multiple people with different providers share the same problems, it makes me think it's not the provider that's causing the problems, but has to be something else.

Hell, it makes me wonder if the problem is actually at the player's side, since no rig-setup is the same, yet lots of folks have these issues.

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i used the belgiium ISP because i was there with some friends for the weekened. now im back home and i use Zeelandnet. i have non of the problems i have on other ISP. but soon im going to move in with my GF and she has KPN and i just dit what zack told us change the MTU and problem fixed.

Before i had Zeelandnet i used XS4All and with this ISP you  can not enter Zweihander. And thats the only place you cant enter a friend of mine who lives on the other side of the Netherlands has the same problem with XS4All so i dont think its your personal computer doing this it is the ISP. and as some of you know XS4All is owned by KPN. We even tryed to lower the MTU and see if we can enter zweihander then but that dit not work.

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