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  1.   Lol. Gotta go watch that flick sometime soon again :)
  2. Did you have Windows set to use all cores of the processor?   For Windows 7 : Startbutton, Run, type MSCONFIG and press enter. go to the Startup Tab, and select Advanced Options. There you can set the cores windows can use, as well as how much memory it can use.   (did this from a Dutch version, so not sure if the tab/buttons are correctly)   I think it's about the same for Windows 8, but not sure. If someone knows, post it here.   Hope it helps.
  3. How are they updated?   Mine currently shows i'm still OL 129 (Master), but ingame i'm 139 (Grandmaster) I thought they updated automatically?
  4. Seen something like this once, after using one of those "Satellite Terminals". Installed things i didn't have. May be a "Graphical" error though.
  5. Desphex


    Imo, I'd say make ALL raids triggerable.   You need to work together to create a trigger. Should not be something that a single person could get in minutes, but should be an efford for entire guilds (Mining, killing and building needed to get the trigger). For non-guilded people, there should at least be 1 week in total a month, where the guilds work together to create the trigger for an public raid. In exchange, the guilds that participated in the creating of the trigger, could get a part for a new trigger, wich they can use for a guildraid(randomized between parts and raid, so you won't get items for 1 certain raid only), or saved for the next public raid.   This would enchance the co-operation between guilds, and give everyone a chance. Guilds could work together as well combining trigger materials and sharing the raid(s).   Example, an boss has an chance to drop an item, needed for an raid, and that raid, gives drops for yet another raid, or the same raid, etc.   This would give raids meaning as well. You, and others have to work for participation in a raid, making them more "special"
  6. Damn, truely sad news. My condolances to you, your family and friends.
  7. Have you tried installing into a different directory? I've heard of programs/games having trouble with the (x86) thing.   I'ts worth a try.
  8. I myself got UPC as an provider, and experience a lot of gate/dock/undock/WH crashes as well. Changing the MTU didn't help, as well as other things offered to fix the problem. Sometimes, i can play a long time before i get gate crashes, and then suddenly it starts happening. I don't mean once or twice, but multiple times after another.   Besides the gate crashes, the game throws me back to the char selection, login screen, or even a complete CTD while gating/docking/undocking or wormholing on occasion.   If i stay inside a station or in space for a bit too long (usually 10/20 minutes) without doing anything, the game also becomes  unresponsive. I can walk/fly around (no warp), but buttons, or even the chat, do not work anymore, and i have to /quit and restart.   Since multiple people with different providers share the same problems, it makes me think it's not the provider that's causing the problems, but has to be something else. Hell, it makes me wonder if the problem is actually at the player's side, since no rig-setup is the same, yet lots of folks have these issues.
  9. I like Terell's idea as well.   Random Spawns (Mob CL according to sector). The drops from those mobs could also give the economy a boost, since they are pretty uncommon, thus worth (lots of) credits. It also makes exploring worthwile some more. Now, most things you'll find are hidden ore or hulk fields, but imagine that you come across one of those random MoB's, kill it and get a nice item (or two) that could be worth millions.   Killed it in that spot?, it'll spawn somewhere else in the sector, making camping useless.   Maybe even add something like that Quartermaster. Make it a really rare MoB, but you can buy certain items from him that are usually drop only. Only make it sell 1 item at a time, and it should be quite expensive.   Heck, let's take it a step further. Everyone who played Diablo knows about those "Hoarders" or "Treasure Goblins". Why not have such a mob in EnB :)
  10. Same for me in FireFox.   Sometimes it gives an error, but 1 or 2 tries later it works normally.
  11. The Voltoi drop some nice things too. If you can handle them that is. Killed one at CL30 (took a long time though :P), and got a "common" drop (1 only) that was worth 90k. Stack of that would be worth a lot credit wise, and you might find some stuff you, an alt, or guild members could print.
  12. There should be NO enforcing on this matter. It should just become etiquette. That would make a game much more enjoyable. Ofcourse you are going to have D**ks though.   Maybe add a rule that if you camp a spot, and killed the mob twice, let someone else try twice after that, and so on. Will be hard with 24+ hrs spawn though, hence it would be better if "bosses" were placed on item activation or something. Could be possible i think, since Job-Mobs are fixed to a player as well.
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