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    Bacon sammiches, Whiskey, Gaming, RL Job - working hard to be as relaxed as I can...

    I am a big fan of BROCOLLI also LASAGNE.
    I am middle aged, plus a bit.
    I like making soups from packets and tins of stuff.
    I like Garlic.
    I like onion rings but can't eat them for Air-Biscuits drop.
    Used to be a guitarist.
    Used to be an Electrician.
    Used to be in the army.
    Used to be self centred.
    Used to be a Farmer.
    I now travel Europe with my job, over 80 flights in 3 years (it's starting to calm down now), and will hopefully be soon going to China for a short spell.
    Single - never married.

    "It's been a long time since I rock and rolled" - Led Zep
  1.     Just to play the Devils advocate....   Off Topic but - Charities have to be transparent... And I am sure Kyp welcomed the chance to clarify that players donations are used correctly, which I would suggest motivates people to give because they then know the money they give has an impact.   I mean... for all I knew Kyp was hoarding the cash in the form of 1 tonne of chocolate chip cookies under his bed.....
  2.         Nope - I have not threatened, suggested or even hinted, anything of the sort.   If you go though Mimir's historical posts you will see some interesting trends though - in the way he quite skillfully shapes other peoples threads to promote his agendas, or is just  generally hostile. I would suggest to anyone who agrees with my point of view, or disagrees to use the thread-post voting system (Mimir so frequently uses, and comments on) to make their voice heard.
  3. You pointy eared, green blooded......   RIP Mr Nimoy
  4. "Blame Canada....!!!"       Quote from South Park.         .......before anyone tries to flame me for being not politically correct :D     w00t YAY \o/ - does a dance, and tries ravaging a hedgehog.
  5.     O.K. I installed teh FireFox - and now everyfinks works, I was even able to ads a picture to my sig :D Thx Alurra
  6. Here is a treat - it is an out of forum link: 50 breakfasts from around the world, from some hotel website.   Please do not open the link if your hungry - or the pictures will make you lick your screen....     http://blog.hostelbookers.com/travel/best-breakfast/
  7. @Raazyr     This is obviously not your first and only account, considering your knowledge of EnB.   Your "Raazyr" account was created 8/01/2015, and remained inactive in the forum until your 1st post on the 16th adding your voice in favour of a vendor-buy-back system.   26 minutes later you donated to EnB-EMU.       Probably unwisely - I did comment in an email to you, that you must feel strongly about the vendor-buy-back issue, if ..... the timing of your donation was related to the post.     I would not consider this harassment.   However I will heed your advice and be a little more cautious regarding my emails.
  8. I thought it was you Mimir - well, shame - not much I can do here except add to the drama. Which I won't do.   All the posts are there for people to read if they so choose, and we will be judged accordingly.       See you around....
  9. Hi EMU,     I seem to find myself posting or replying to some quite controversial topics here at the forums. This is attracting a considerable amount of negative votes to my reputation, something I have only just discovered.   There is a correlating trend regarding who is present/posting in a specific thread and the activity of the voting process.   Please - anyone feel free in this thread to make any comments on my conduct, constructive or not LOL, perhaps I/we can take your anger and put a positive flip on it, or perhaps I do need to adjust my conduct...       yours sincerely,     Naughtious "The Pizza Guy"
  10. Hi Kyp,     Interesting to see this part of how the server is run and maintained - and that there is an action plan for future improvement.     You guys are doing a great job - thank you all for keeping E&B alive, and kicking...         Naughtious "The Pizza Guy" and genuine independent gamer
  11. Awesome... has echoes of "Witch-Space" in a game from the early 80's - parallel dimensions, where an invading force of  hive-mind aliens are exploring the cracks within the interstellar transport system used by the known universe. They are an aggressive race seeking to expand and gather resources....   *Grabs popcorn     "RUN...!! They are COMING......!!!   Queue music
  12. Sorry Blacklung I ment censoring / overruling the  "discussion" of this issue.   I too believe rules are to be adhered to - but as in any process that can be improved, rules are subject to change - once a management system has reviewed any proposal.   This topic and the suggestions were being discussed yesterday in game on the New Players Channel (not in length I might add), the discussion was cut short after a new player was told , that an Admin/GM/Dev would log in their Admin/GM/Dev character to stop the discussion. Which is why I brought this topic to the attention of the forum - where it can be properly discussed by "some" of the player base.     May I add, this is not about rights or free-speech, it is purely an exercise in discussion, with the goal of improvement. Continual improvement/assessment is key to the longevity of an entity/process.     Motivation:   I am not any devil - or his twin brother lol. Just a nice man who likes to understand how and why things work. It is possible people feel threatened by that. I assure you I have no malicious intent. Although I do like to have an impish giggle every now and again.   MUHAHAHAahaha.......     Goal:     Someone yesterday also refered to me ingame as, "It's that pizza guy" - which I absolutely loved, positive or negative - it means a social connection was made with another player.   I genuinely feel (after 3 - 4 weeks of playing EnB EMU, +8 hours a day) that new players are being shut out, of an established community that has forgotten how to have fun, and takes life and gaming very SERIOUSLY.     The thread of this suggestion is to re-engage the old and the new, by the means of a less cumbersome "out of context" chat system.
  13. People considering investing their time and donating money to an online game/community might want some transparency...     With a large portion of forum posts being posted by alt's and donations mostly being donated through alt's, all of which seem to post 6 times in 5 years - it is hardly surprising I have asked this question...
  14. Edit: Mmorpgs are not just about gaining levels and finding the best shinnies, or being nice to people to get your guild numbers up. There is a social communication aspect, which I feel Enb EMU is failing to facilitate for the public population.
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