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  1. in the old versie of E&B there was a repair tool, to look for corrupt files . with all the upgrades you guys did make, and that is a great job but with that many new files it can be handy to have a tool to look for the corrupt files and repair or even download a new 1   dont know if it can be made so it works now with all the new stuff in the game
  2. did not see this 1 yet as idea. but most use a travel and combat build is it maybe a idea to make a button to change to the 2 build. like 1 travel 2 combat and maybe 3 buff build   or 2-3 buttons above the bar     just a 5 cent idea
  3. ok MTU set to perfect number, netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "LAN-verbinding" mtu=1492 store=persistent did restart the pc but still freeze up at the gate, im lost again, dont get it.  
  4. nope  Change your MTU under Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 but command line dont work. maybe im to noobies
  5. C:\Users\Gaming>netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Local Area Connection" mt u=1490 store=persistent De syntaxis van de bestandsnaam, mapnaam of volumenaam is onjuist. getting this error, but  1462 was good for me so its 1462+28=1490 now i only need a way to set it
  6. i have 4 old accounts and all linked. but only 1 have a correct email adres. how do i break the link from the other 3 accounts with the old email adress. i did move all chars to the 1 main account. having much problemme with dock/undock and gates, not sure if the 3 old email adres make it that way. but to be sure i whant to break them so the main account is a stand alone account   plz help little lost here
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