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    Automatic message XC321-7   Eyes Only Pakrat   Spa here, I was passing through Ak's Gate and as I was entering the Earth Side Gate this Data cube attached itself to my data link   After listening to it, I scoured all the quadrants and both gates, no sled, no asteroid and no hulks so I'm not sure if this was a... oh what did they call it... ah, an April Fools Joke.  I am sending the message to you just in case there is some truth to this recording   End Message... Encryption code 334.45.Zulu   ***Voice activation Xanax “Start recording. Dead man’s switch set” *** The probe returned as I expected and I removed the camera module and placed it in the developing machine and waited. Old tech took time to work, and all the research I had done over the years was hopefully going to pay off. I thought about how I first saw the hulks floating around this asteroid, Asteroid 642 to be exact, surveyed so long ago and buried deep in old archives that only by digging through layers of information was I able to find any reference to it and what was written was very scarce and intriguing   ‘Asteroid 642. Sector: Akron’s Gate. Quadrant 4. Composition: unknown. Oval shape. Strong magnetic field?. ***WARNING** No probes landed, all attempts failed”   The only thing that saved me from the same fate as the other ships which are now hulks was a Jenquai Explorer warping in and as the looting sequence started, the JE ship went dark and a massive drain on the ships power system was detected. I reversed thrusters and sent a probe to see what could have caused the malfunction of the JE ship. As the probe headed to the ship it was displaying all data it could analyse from the immediate area, it stopped transmitting 24Ks from the JE ship, the last item displayed on the recording I could see was a total power failure.   A quick survey around the asteroid showed 48 ships, now hulks, floating long dead and forgotten, there was an old PS ship closest to the asteroid that could have mined the asteroid that was one of the first designed ships incorporating mechanical and electronic controls that left Mars after gene call forwarding was developed. “That’s old” I thought, this asteroid has been capturing ships for years, yet nothing is shown on any map that it ever existed apart from what I found. I recall finding information on the PS ships of the era and looked at the manufacturing processes on how they were build. Combining mechanical and electronic controls to fly the ship and activate the mining sequence, the mechanical components controlled the position thrusters to manoeuvre the ship into mining range then the electronic controls were activated to mine the asteroid. That could explain why the ship was in mining proximity to the asteroid, but didn’t explain the other ships and why they were all ‘dead’.   I released a data satellite and set it to record, which required returning to the satellite every 3 weeks to remove the data and visual images. Over a period of a year I recorded 2 more ships approach the asteroid and displayed the same event that I witnessed with the JE ship, they started looting the hulks and then nothing. The information gathered and analysed with every possible piece of equipment available to me showed nothing. As frustration started to upset my normal running routine, I went to the gene repository and filed a request to research old gene manipulation techniques knowing that searching will also give sideline information on old and now thought redundant technology which was niggling in the back of my mind as I’m sure had something to do with that old PS hulk.   While studying in the gene repository I read old scripts on power leakage displays using analogue meters wired to recorders that were used, so I built a prototype by requesting through the Market Channel a certain set of parts to  purchase, that when  combined built a power reductor jet engine with an analogue recording device that  transferred the readings to a mechanical foil strip, I recalled this idea from old black box recording devices used in twentieth century aircraft. Having a flash of inspiration I studied lander designs going back to the first space exploration devices sent from Earth; this gave me valuable insight into mechanical propulsion systems. A probe was duly build and fitted with propellant tanks and all and any devices I could think of that operated using mechanical activation, I even re-engineered a ‘polaroid’ camera which developed its own pictures and added 35mm film cameras set to different visual wavelengths with attached mechanical apparatus to wind and click the shutter buttons. When the probe was completed I returned to Ak’s Gate and set the probe to do a flyby of the asteroid when my satellite detected another ship approaching the debris area.   Resetting the satellite to activate the probe and send a message when it detected another ship approaching thus saving a return visit every 3 weeks, I returned to mining for the market and waited knowing it was no use sitting idle and not knowing what might be needed or built, I studied old gene records and built anything that was uncovered from old technology.   “Satellite X341 detected ship approaching Asteroid 642, Drone probe released. End”   That message woke me so I recalled the mining drones that were mining low level ores in Asteroid Belt alpha, while they were returning I checked my ship. When the last drone was emptied and stacked in its cradle, I warped to Jove’s Fury for supplies and to gather equipment long built and placed in vault storage. With all sensors pushed to maximum detection I waited at the satellite for the return of the drone probe. It had been set to release from the satellite do a sweep of the detected ship and a run pass the asteroid and return. I filled the developing tanks for the film and while setting the computers to read the mechanical data when the drone probe returned, I saw a flash in the corner of my eye from the main screen, looking out, nothing was visible, but when I checked the recorder there was a slight indication of power usage or drain coming from the same direction as asteroid 642.    “Satellite X341 detected ship approaching Satellite X341. End”   The probe was returning so I readied the docking cradle for the drone probe and watched as it docked and cycled into the cargo bay, I noticed the power display was not displaying a reading meaning all the power had been drained, that was expected. I removed the camera cover from the module, the ‘polaroid’ camera had discharged all its film cartridge paper onto a metal grate which destroyed the film except the last picture and it showed a hexagon pattern of what looked like small spires with a central spire and all were just glowing and joined by what looked like lighting. When the developing machine printed the 35mm camera pictures in normal light there was nothing to see except the asteroid surface, but the infrared pictures showed a different story. The camera captured 2 ships that looked like they were about to loot a hulk, a TS and a PW in tow and the lightning display was incredible, the ships were being drained of power. I removed the ‘Black Box’ and put the etchings through the recorder display and it confirmed the power drain from the drone and it wasn’t constant. The display showed a slow drain as the drone approached the asteroid and the camera displayed the power being drained to the central spire on a hexagon a kilometre above the ‘nose’ of the asteroid, but the time frame shows the power drain went off the display just as the two ships arrived in the ‘drain’ zone. Working on the data available I came to the conclusion the drain responds to the power available but where is it going? Into those spires? Then where?   I released an electronic probe and a mechanical probe and set them to record, knowing I will lose the electronic probe but needed more data on the spires. I set the probes to impulse at the central spire that was captured on the film above the ‘nose’ of the asteroid. The probes exited the cargo bay and headed to the asteroid, the electronic probe failed, but because of an incorrect navigating data input I had placed the mechanical probe behind the electronic probe. This error pushed the probes into the asteroid and the probes deflected away from the asteroid instead of returning to my ship. After the drones had passed far enough away from the asteroid I recovered the probes and returned to the satellite and studied the data from them. Nothing on the electronic probe, but the mechanical probes pictures showed the power from the electronic probe being drawn to the central spire and then I noticed there was power in the electronic probe. Another combination of probes was launched to the same coordinates as the first pair but this time the navigation data was adjusted so the probes were side by side. I stared in amazement as both probes returned and reading the data, both functioned as designed and no power was drained from the electronic probe.   I studied the data long and hard, something has changed, but what? Then 2 things happened, first, was a series of images being displayed from the broken electronic probe that bounced off the asteroid and second was a message from the data analyse console. I looked at the two screens and was dumbfounded. The pictures being displayed in a repeat sequence showed the probes defence screen hitting a spire and breaking it and smashing into the asteroid and bouncing off. The second screen showed the data indicating the asteroid was hollow. I raced to the second set of probes and removed the camera modules from both and set up the mechanical camera to develop, and loading the electronic data sat down and looked at the display. The display showed the probe approaching the asteroid and as the command to return was activated the probe turned and I just made out the broken spire. Freezing the display I could not enlarge the screen to any zoom to get a clear image so I waited for the timer to inform me the 35mm film was ready. While I waited I set up the on-board display to view the asteroid in zoom and scour the surface looking for spires now I had an idea what to look for. After setting the program parameters I went for a long overdue rest and programed a large lunch from the food dispenser when I woke up.   “Satellite X341 detected ship approaching Asteroid 642. End”    I had just woken up and went to the cockpit, scanned and recorded a JE impulse to the hulk closest to where my probes hit the asteroid point. A hulk was to one side of the broken spire and the JE looted it, as the ship moved to the next hulk, I waited to see what would happen, nothing, the JE looted the next hulk, then started heading towards another next hulk which was further away from the ‘nose’ of the asteroid. The ship stopped, and started spinning slowly like the rest of the hulks, I checked the data, and another ship had been drained and now joined the rest of the derelict hulks. I noticed more ships were exploring, so I decided I had to advance my inspection and possible landing on the asteroid before anyone else claims it. Heading to the dispenser, I grabbed the developed prints and sat down and ate while looking at the data. The program I inputted, by studying the surface and finding hexagon patterns, the spires stood out even though they looked like normal pieces of the asteroid and the JE that I just observed did indeed head towards the next hexagon pattern aft of the one that my probe had broken. I sent a new electronic probe with all the instruments my spacesuit would use; I waited for the return of the probe to see if landing at the broken spire would affect any of the instruments. I build a sled that would carry a variety of tools and instruments, I set about making my journey to the asteroid as safe as possible using old technology and the latest devices I could beg, borrow, steal or buy.   The probe returned after completing a touch and go on the surface of the asteroid and no instrument failed and no power was drained. Setting off, I kept a constant voice recording of what was happening and everything I did. After landing a metre away from the spire, a few instruments were placed on the surface and detailed readings were recorded. A set of mini probes were sent in different directions with trips set in them to drop beacons and markers when they lost power, thus I had a working area displayed on my monitors after they all went dead. I found I was in a circle 40 metres wide and the broken spire was exactly in the centre of the circle. I methodically removed the entire spire and every piece was bagged and boxed and placed on the sled ready to be sent back to my ship or sent to a safe place according to the parameters of the Dead man’s switch, When I examined the ground I was stunned to see a circle resembling a recessed hatch that was uncovered when all the debris was removed. Examining the area around the circle, I found a deep indentation slightly curved about 20cms deep with what looked like a press button at the bottom. After finding the button I set a dead man’s switch to send the sled to the ancient gate to Sol sector with instructions to contact Net 7 News as I knew if anything untold happened to me, the news would be published. I grabbed a long metal probe and ever so slowly inserted the probe into the indentation and pressed the button, nothing happened, I repeated the operation, still nothing, so I grabbed a plastic probe and pressed the button, the hatch slowly raised and moved away from the opening on a crystal arm which allowed a large entrance area. I sent a probe down and watched the display show a large chamber with what looked like an airlock built into the back wall of the hatch area.   Entering the hatch chamber, I scanned every mm that could be seen and loading all the devices I manufactured, I used the plastic probe to press another button inside another indention simular to the one on the surface. The upper hatch closed and a low level yellow glow engulfed the chamber. I noticed a few sparks around my suit and equipment but nothing malfunctioned and testing all my devices, they still had power and showed correct data. My spacesuit deflated indicating pressure and testing the atmosphere, slightly higher oxygen than earth standard, the air was breathable. After inspecting the airlock controls I spun the wheel and slowly pulled the hatch open and sent a mini probe through and watched the display, nothing on the monitor showed as the probe moved down a corridor descending on a slight angle 20 metres before stopping at another bulkhead door. The probe suddenly stopped, the data displayed a major power drain before going offline and I felt a momentary change in pressure indicating a hatch or something had been opened. After waiting for a few minutes I slowly entered the corridor and the airlock hatch closed behind me, no lights were visible and I’m moving towards the bulkhead I viewed on the monitor from the probe and I can hear something… “Clicking and skittering of hairy, chitinous legs coming from the darkness” ***End recording. Dead man’s switch activated***  
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    Where has everyone gone?

    you read it all? I scrolled thru the posts more than 10 lines long, means a bitch session if more that 10 lines and of no interest to me. Good to see new content coming, should be interesting.
  3. To speed up the login rename the eb_sizzle in C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\Data\client\mixfiles or wherever it is in your computer to anything you want. I added a 1 to the end of mine. Game continues as if it was never called. Want to see the original Westwood login video? Rename eb_ws_logo to eb_sizzle
  4. Spa

    AHK And Multiboxing

    This was sent to me Yesterday. I tested it as-is. Worked fine and 3 screens were placed on my monitor. I could change the window positions if I felt a need, but they seemed ok where they were. I use the unlocker so it was easy to set up, only thing I did wrong first attempt was putting the accounts in wrong order, I put main account first instead of last. Hope it helps. Made the logging 3 accounts easy for me, and looking at the code it can be changed to 4 easily enough. 3ScreenLogin.mac
  5. Spa

    Open Discussion to EA about EnB

    As much as that would be nice, the Devs on the Emu have advanced the game beyond what was playable at Sunset. If the game was opened, I believe players would have a look, but go back to the Emu as it has more content. just my opinion.
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    Xanax's solar cube panel message I can only imprint on this piece of solar cube panel with a small headset from a device I was given that I broke off and being so weak I cannot talk much. I was blind and I felt something touch me, I went into combat mode, my instructors would have been proud, reverse outside-in high kick followed by a straight arm jab followed by trailing arm fist punch. Broken left leg, right arm and a broken left wrist, well done Xanax, combat yell changed to screaming jabbering pain, yea, what a way to see the human race. When I woke I found a beaker of something in the room/cell and I drank it, really had no choice, I was naked and thirsty/hungry. The pain subsided and I fell asleep again. I woke up or daydreamed that huge ant like beings/creatures were examining me and I vaguely recall going into different rooms with devices that scanned and squealed. I also remember watching an army of these beings dismantling devices and asking me or I should say removing answers from me about how the devices worked. I tried to explain the best I could about the Jenquai and Terran devices and engines, but no-ones perfect. This is like a dream, felt like days or years went by and hundreds of items were displayed and I answered as best as I could. There were others, I know, I heard the screams, the pleas and the angry questions and answers. I’m sure they were just not mine. I am moved from section to section, no idea where I am inside this torturous labyrinth but I remember the airlock doors, I see them now and then. If my plan works I might be able to release this message on this piece of solar cube panel I managed to hide when I was examining these new style of devices they were manufacturing. I’m going to place this message inside one of the chambers and hope it is jettisoned when the chamber is opened. I see these beings stacking items in the chambers and cycling them, I have no idea what is happening but if I can succeed in placing this message in, it might, just might be evacuated to space when they open the outer airlock. Time will tell. Whatever gods you pray to, start now, the holocaust is coming Xanax. Progen Sentential 3rd class. PS102245-Z Ship number SN-034. Gene Repository Number LF454
  7. Spa

    Jobs question

    OL 50. 1/3rd is the MoB cbt level Lvl 50 cbt job from Joves to Saturn MoB cbt lvl is lvl 17. grab 6 and go thru the navs to trigger them
  8. Spa

    Earth and Beyond Isos

    https://www.net-7.org/?#downloads Is where we download the game as well
  9. Spa

    cloak consumes energy

    Just means the wording is wrong. Cloak has and always should use energy to activate, then use energy to keep active.
  10. Started playing again myself. And there are a few "Old" players finding the emu as Astro mentioned, fun watching new player channel.
  11. A JE and a JD would work well together. That would get you up and running, mining and protection from mobs, good for the 2 of you
  12. Spa


    “Satellite X341 detected ship approaching Data Link established... Encode Cube Sending Data Stream...... Cube Encoded Ejecting Cube in 3. 2. 1... Satellite X341.End” Automatic message AA5951-1 Eyes Only Pakkrat ***Voice activation Xarnax “Start recording. Dead man’s switch engaged” *** I was passing through AK’s Gate and as I was mapping the sector a Data cube attached itself to my data link. After listening to it, I jumped and warped to the repository to return some gene cubes and was given Xanax's gene cube by accident, I asked why I was given the cube and as I held the cube to return it, I was 'Flashed' and woke up at the gate in New Edinburgh. I will repeat as much as I can remember from the data and gene cubes as it seems they have disappeared from my ship. A message cube was sent to a PW called Spa I believe from what I could glean from my wiped ships memory log (Attached). After a contraband gene test, (I had a test done because my memory was wiped, or I am a clone, and Xanax kept coming to mind. It seems I am a copy of the Original Xanax) “Satellite X341 detected ship approaching Ship Name....hunter Killer... Owner: Spa Data Link established... Sending data stream...... Automatic message XC321-7 Eyes132jkhkl43234235jk346jb 4567kj46h56Spaou90sdsdhAk's30.............. Satellite X341.End” End Message... Encryption code 334.45.Zulu I set the Dead man’s switch as per some inner feeing/warning from a past notion, not sure why, but seems like a good idea. Copied the co-ords to my ships nav computer storage that I recalled from the 'flash' so I can recall it later. ‘Asteroid 642. Sector: Akron’s Gate. Quadrant 4. Composition: unknown. Oval shape. Strong magnetic field?. ***WARNING** No probes landed, all attempts failed” It feels like I have been here before. That is all I can remember for the moment, but I am getting flashes of information and I will act on what I recall. Now I might sound strange here but, I went to Lady DE Winter as I was being told to see her... weird but I followed my instincts. As soon as the Lady DE winter looked at me, she held her hand up in the stop position, pulled out a small communication device with her other hand and pressed a button. The floor dropped out and I was gravity dropped to a room 3 levels below the main deck and a hand written message from Lady DE winter, that drifted down from the trap door, asked me to wait in the room until she was free and could talk to me. I was free to go if I wished, and when I checked to door, it was unlocked and a grav lift was outside in the passageway. When Lady DE winter came to talk me, she didn't, just gave me a head unit and a memory disk, 80 million credits on a credit slate and a sonic key with instructions to a hatch under the station that I didn't know existed and as she left all she said was "Xanax, debt paid, find what you 'were' searching for" I sat there for ages looking at the memory disk and the sonic key pondering what to do next. I left the items on the desk in the room and followed the directions to the Hatch through the inner workings of the station; this hatch was not meant to be found. I finally approached and stared at the hatch as I had no idea how to open it, it was just a hatch, with no handles, optic sensors, biometric scanners, no nothing. Running my fingers around the frame a needle probe so small it was thinner than a ships cat’s whisker, pricked my finger and the hatch opened. An Air Lock, this is getting interesting. Nothing, opened the air lock hatch after closing the outer hatch, absolute darkness, no lights, my light was drained as soon as it was activated. hollow, a large space, stamped my foot and it returned a long echo, guessing by the returning echo, the whole lower deck of the station that no-one even knew was here, I decided to go back to the room and rest for a bit before trying again, the sonic key did open or activate something, heard a click when I pressed the top button and turned the dials but then a huge clunk and then a whiff of sleep fog, that’s when I decided very fast to leave. Before I examine the memory cube with the headset the Lady DE winter gave me, I will copy it and send the copy and this information to you via a person I can contact from the memory flash that was imprinted on my mind ***Voice deactivation Xarnax “Stop recording. Dead man’s switch disengaged” ***
  13. It runs excel macros (internal coding) all good Prre, had this one saved on my computer but completely forgot about it
  14. Spa

    Best grind for credits?

    I started in Mars at the missile drones getting combat and selling the loot. Lvl 6 mobs that do not like plasma, lvl 1 proto beams work well and the xp comes fast
  15. Why is camping a spot automatically entitling a player to a MoB? Nothing in the TOS says a 'spot' belongs to any one player.   If I wasn't so accommodating to the player base and happen to see a MoB I'm looking for and no-one is apparently shooting it even if they are cloaked, uncloaked or just sitting there, I will attack it and if I get debuffs and start registering damage, I will keep attacking till the MoB is dead. That is not a KS. Also there is no rule that states I have to ask anyone if I can attack a MoB. If I get a pm BEFORE I start shooting by a player saying "I'm cloaked or about to attack 'Name" MoB" I will back off,   but   If I start shooting after them and taking the kill, that is a KS.
  16. Spa

    Trouble with Windows 7

    I use Ultimate Windows Tweaker V2.2.0.0. It allows me to set my computer in admin mode for everything. I just reinstalled, same file, same system. I left clicked and let it run. Closed the screen going to a non existent website I then click on net-7_install, install and let it update. Works for me   Hope this info helps you
  17. Spa

    JE Env Shield vs Jump Start

    Start another JE, have one for Mining with EV Shield and the other for JSing, nothing beats cloaking to a incap ship waiting for the right moment and uncloaking, jsing and cloaking again, hoping the player remembered to freewarp away so they don't get killed again.   fun fun. Cooper jsing is fun
  18. Spa


    Hmm, used to be the Ocelot 4 plasma beam that dropped from Joe, Guess I missed that change of weapon, thanks for the info
  19. Spa


    loot some lvl 5s and rip them for the lower versions   Something tells me 'rouge progens' at the back of Endriago planet near the hidden nav But I might be wrong :)
  20. Spa

    Tzu's Test of Acquisition

    I did this not so long ago, took a few kills on my PW and a lot of kills on my JD, and there are Lunatic Miners in VT near the gate to Fenris.   Also the item you need is a 'Broken Scanner' from the mob, soon as you click on a broken scanner the mission will update.   Hope that helps.
  21. :ph34r: This has nothing to do with EnB on a computer it's a survey from Microsoft, what I read, about consoles in competition with Xbox   Waste time and fill it out as you wish :ph34r:
  22. Spa

    Automatic Towing

    I believe disabling all skills while incapacitated is the way to go. The distress beacon leads players to their position. The only available skill a player should have is what they can see out their viewport or use the function keys to see around their ship, but the player cannot access any on-board systems, they are broken.    As a JSer I always check the surrounds before getting in close for a JS, including waiting in cloak or powerdown till the mob is far enough away to start the JS process, if the player fails to freewarp away nor not have a nav set to warp to after being jumpstarted, then it gets to be fun
  23. Spa

    Automatic Towing

    The comment is in relation to the mobs, they go into cloak, that makes the 'see cloak' buff viable as it's not being used now that I know of, nothing seems to be in cloak that a player needs 'see cloak' to find them
  24. Gate failures, beware the V'rix are coming, be afraid, very afraid   https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/10092-xanax/
  25. Spa

    Automatic Towing

    Also increase the spawn area for the mob, make it over a few navs so when the mob does spawn it's not exactly in the same spot, but in the same general area. Or add cloak, hence the see cloak buff. Make us work to find the mob, because if we are incapacitated no buffs or skills should work   There was a suggestion in the forums on the lines of no movement of an avatar for a time, the avatar was disconnected from the server, same principle as a dead avatar