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  1. I followed the wiki, got some cbt help, worked fine for me.
  2. I use this program and never had any problems with positioning windows. https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/8349-running-multiple-clients-simultaneously-multiboxing/
  3. My first macro built a hold full of a lvl 1 device, when hold full, pulled out, ran to analyse terminal, inserted and disassembled. When all the devices were pulled down, pull out, run back to build terminal and repeat. I could get over 900 builds per stack until one of the components run out. I never struck the "Invalid Item" and that was building over 2500 on 5 avatars in Joves on the sunrise server. (I watched drinking coffee and tweaking the code, approx. 6 months ago) This week I ran my first avatar on PTR Server using the build/pull macro. Build and ripped 2500 before just coding a build/destroy macro (quicker and credits were easy to obtain) and never came across the "Invalid Item" Lucky I guess or you're just unlucky
  4. Ok it's the Dark theme, going to original.
  5. Am I the only one seeing this?
  6. Ran 3 avatars thru Joves and Mars Build Terminals using an ACTools build macro I coded. 2 built over 2500 lvl 1 and lvl 2 devices. 1 built over 2500 lvl 1 weapons. All avatars preformed with no errors or glitches. (Apart from my Wireless Tower dropping me out ) Terminal Build V1.0.mac
  7. was it the abort (0) error? Same is I put in the C++ runtime library thread?
  8. Just happened Is this what you want? proxylog.dat
  9. Thanks for the update. Don't ask, don't know.
  10. Spa

    A special beta test!

    Ok, thanks for the reply. I'll keep informing where to go
  11. Spa

    A special beta test!

    [[Template forums/front/global/embedTopic is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] From Ciphers post above. Ok I'm stupid, can't find this, any ideas on how to fix it? or where it is?
  12. Spa

    A special beta test!

    A few asked me how as well, I asked in PTR section if the link in the launcher drop down list can be changed to PTR Server instead of the dead link
  13. I popped into normal game this morning and a few players asked me how to get to PTR Server. Any chance of changing the main launcher to link to PTR Server using the drop down list, that is where a few tried (as I did) and gave up. If I wasn't directed to the thread on the forums, I would not have bothered, which I believe a few do.
  14. Think I found why, my wireless tower went down last night again and we lost internet and I was in terminal building for the 2500 items and the same message came up, think something to do with no connection to game.
  15. Just had this happen after update. Logged in, went to terminal in joves to build and comp froze with this error, closed game. logged back in, building more to see if error returns
  16. Spa

    March 6th Maintenance

    Yep. INV-300 error still.
  17. you read it all? I scrolled thru the posts more than 10 lines long, means a bitch session if more that 10 lines and of no interest to me. Good to see new content coming, should be interesting.
  18. To speed up the login rename the eb_sizzle in C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\Data\client\mixfiles or wherever it is in your computer to anything you want. I added a 1 to the end of mine. Game continues as if it was never called. Want to see the original Westwood login video? Rename eb_ws_logo to eb_sizzle
  19. This was sent to me Yesterday. I tested it as-is. Worked fine and 3 screens were placed on my monitor. I could change the window positions if I felt a need, but they seemed ok where they were. I use the unlocker so it was easy to set up, only thing I did wrong first attempt was putting the accounts in wrong order, I put main account first instead of last. Hope it helps. Made the logging 3 accounts easy for me, and looking at the code it can be changed to 4 easily enough. 3ScreenLogin.mac
  20. As much as that would be nice, the Devs on the Emu have advanced the game beyond what was playable at Sunset. If the game was opened, I believe players would have a look, but go back to the Emu as it has more content. just my opinion.
  21. Spa


    Xanax's solar cube panel message I can only imprint on this piece of solar cube panel with a small headset from a device I was given that I broke off and being so weak I cannot talk much. I was blind and I felt something touch me, I went into combat mode, my instructors would have been proud, reverse outside-in high kick followed by a straight arm jab followed by trailing arm fist punch. Broken left leg, right arm and a broken left wrist, well done Xanax, combat yell changed to screaming jabbering pain, yea, what a way to see the human race. When I woke I found a beaker of something in the room/cell and I drank it, really had no choice, I was naked and thirsty/hungry. The pain subsided and I fell asleep again. I woke up or daydreamed that huge ant like beings/creatures were examining me and I vaguely recall going into different rooms with devices that scanned and squealed. I also remember watching an army of these beings dismantling devices and asking me or I should say removing answers from me about how the devices worked. I tried to explain the best I could about the Jenquai and Terran devices and engines, but no-ones perfect. This is like a dream, felt like days or years went by and hundreds of items were displayed and I answered as best as I could. There were others, I know, I heard the screams, the pleas and the angry questions and answers. I’m sure they were just not mine. I am moved from section to section, no idea where I am inside this torturous labyrinth but I remember the airlock doors, I see them now and then. If my plan works I might be able to release this message on this piece of solar cube panel I managed to hide when I was examining these new style of devices they were manufacturing. I’m going to place this message inside one of the chambers and hope it is jettisoned when the chamber is opened. I see these beings stacking items in the chambers and cycling them, I have no idea what is happening but if I can succeed in placing this message in, it might, just might be evacuated to space when they open the outer airlock. Time will tell. Whatever gods you pray to, start now, the holocaust is coming Xanax. Progen Sentential 3rd class. PS102245-Z Ship number SN-034. Gene Repository Number LF454
  22. OL 50. 1/3rd is the MoB cbt level Lvl 50 cbt job from Joves to Saturn MoB cbt lvl is lvl 17. grab 6 and go thru the navs to trigger them
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