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  1. i hear yah Zackman ;-)  and i believe you are spot on regarding the overload issues. i have no real problems playing other MMO's, but yeah they may handle their communication differently (TCP). Alternatives ..yes like you said , my current ISP is the best for digicorders (movies/series, video on demand) , so take an extra ADSL-account (not used that much anymore in my area) with a competitor ISP  "just"  to play EnB, it's an agonizing choice - lol   kind regards, have a swell day ;) Luke.
  2. I'm sorry Jamoos, didnt check your reply there, I tested on 4 different PC's so far, WINXP, WIN7-32bit, win7-64 bit & win8-64 bit builds, from 2 different locations all WITH fixed cabling (i dont believe in Wireless ;-) ) , with 3 different routers so far...taking into account Zackman's tips . so  i think i can rule out PC-setup and network equipment :lol: , just not too sure about network infrastructure in my country.....will keep testing sporadically but tbh i'm afraid i lost hope in a solution...     Luke
  3. Tested with a new router, exactly the same gating issue...i'm all out of things to try, it's a pitty :|   kind regards, luke.
  4. Tnx all for responding, I agree its weird and not really tangible.   Tests yesterday with lowered MTU (standard set to 1500, i tried the highest possible and some lower values) gave me 3 good gates and then the problem appeared again to remain for the rest of the  evening. As always all tested with disabled firewall.   Will test this weekend with a new router from a new installation, taking into account all recommeneded settings from previous posters and Zackman but tbh i'm not very hopeful of a good outcome....     Kind regards, luke  
  5. Hey folks,   I posted some time back in the thread that handled similar problems of gating (Zackman's "ATT everyone having gate/ctd issues..") about a gating issue I experienced. I tried gating once in a while over the last half year but always got the recurring problem so i remained somewhat disappointed and at a loss to solve this problem. Like Jamoos (previous post)  i also use the ISP Telenet in Belgium .   I wondered what would happen if  I tested this on a  different ISP.   So  I  made a similar setup (new enb-emu installation on w7-32bit) and tested it from a DMZ on my campusnetwork (BelNet provider). To my suprise the result was just ..the SAME, gating issues over and over again while  everything else in the emulator works just perfectly. Could this be a bigger problem in my countries' telecommunication infrastructure ? I wonder ....   I still have to test the proposed solutions in this thread...to be continued...i hope .   Kind regards, luke.   PS:  btw jamoos did you find a solution to your gating issue ?   PS2: Telenet is one ISP of 44  in Belgium  using BelNet's internet nodes........  
  6. update: i have exactly the same problem on another PC (wsmlb packets and all) where i installed the game from scratch so basically this would mean its router or ISP ...?... The thing is i'm playing other MMo's and so are my kids and we have no problems there whatsoever...is this server Europe-based ?   I'm gonna test this game from another ISP the following week if possible, i'll keep this thread updated ^_^   kind regards, LukeSky.
  7. ah all right i'll check it out. I do not use a remote control on my pc nor can't remember to have installed software/drivers for such a thing, i'll scrutinize every process & service, i believe thats the best way of getiing to the bottom of this - lol.   Cheers for following up on this Rolo :)   with kind regards, LukeSky.
  8. Hello,   yes Rolo that one is off already see below :)   [attachment=2690:IMG-SYS-ADV-REMOTE.PNG]   So it is 100% sure then (like you mentionned earlier Zack) that this response from my PC to the enb game server (wsmlb port) does not belong there ? If this is so i'm gonna pursue this avenue further and start looking at all the processes and services (windows proc & serv only and start from there).   Still its weird tho, i logged in with one of my other accounts yesterdag evening, mined some and managed to gate 4-5 times without problems and then it started to foul up again, and after restart it immediately fouled up again....   Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys - cheers :lol:   Kind regards, LukeSky.
  9. Ok, tried it with another router (same type tho), I let the other err..users :lol: remain on the main router while i connected from my main switch to this backup router. On first try i got 3 successful gates (yay !) and then it failed again. After restart the first gate was unsuccesful again. One thing i can try is using another PC (on the assumption its my win7 somehow) or my alternate boot-OS (winxp - i know ;-p ) and install everything there.   I'll be testing this tomorrow, bit depri but not enough to remember to thank you Zack for all your help in this regard, i owe you , not just a beer but more like a 10-year old scotch - lol  . I'll keep you informed of any progress here; if another OS + install does not solve the issue i may 'lend' a router at work on monday ^_^ and test again monday night.   Thank you sir, with kind regards , LukeSky.
  10. Yes i can , problem is i'm sharing this LAN with 3 game-crazed kids, mine! :D , will take some effort to get them all off - lol   I managed to capture a succesful gate and an unsuccesful, this time i manually made a filter so both source/dest dest/source are visible (i managed to **w that up in the earlier snapshot, sorry). If you are using wireshark i can send you the 2 capture logs - the main diff (that i see) between the two is that in the unsuccesful one i see references (after the gate attempt) to a destination port galileo ??!?  wsmlb (port) packets are abundantly present...and all directed to the enb game server....weird .   Snapshots below -  IMG-ENB-GATE-OK = succesful gate, IMG-ENB-GATE-NOK = unsuccesful gate   compare packet 556 in IMG-ENB-GATE-OK with packet 41 in IMG-ENB-GATE-NOK (dest:sun-as-iiops-ca)   [attachment=2688:IMG-ENB-GATE-OK.PNG] [attachment=2689:IMG-ENB-GATE-NOK.PNG]   Getting another router in place, thank you for your time and interest.   Kind regards, LukeSky.     PS interesting note - while capturing (wireshark) i kept an eye on the applications ports with TCPView , whenever my PC sends a wsmlb packet to the enb game server i'm not seeing it on TCPView....
  11. Thank you for responding so quickly Zackman, the 54110 (wsmlb) appears everytime i gate, it's puzzling. Well at least the problem is consistent :-| ; I placed my Ip-address in the DMZ on my router and tried again 6-7 times times in a row but only managed to gate once. I'm gonna start logging continuously to figure out the difference (in packets) between a faulty gate and a succesful one.   Not sure what all those netsocketports mean, i'm not using a proxy;  i'll post my results here, i appreciate your interest in this problem sir, thank you!   Kind regards, LukeSky.
  12. Hello Zackman and all ,   just updated and tried the enb-emu again after doing other stuff for like 5/6 months. I tried this process of gating several times last week and this week an i see no real difference in the problems i encounter. With my main account logged in only i rarely seem to be able to gate (1 in 8/10 gating attempts succeed), i hardly ever had problems with this issue b4 even when using multiple accounts. Since my PC setup / network setup hasn't changed in the last year i'm dumbfounded at what is really causing this problem. I followed all threads here and tried all options suggested (IPV6 OFF (my default), proposed network card registers, prototype reorder On or OFF = no difference) but the problem is persistent.   I decided to sniff the packages with wireshark but can't see where it exactly goes wrong. My internet suite (norton) has firewall & anti-virus & intrusion detection completely disabled for this test. I share my network (router with NAT, fixed cabling CAT5E) with a couple of other PC's and a network printer, my internal Ip address is . I have included a snapshot of my filtered packages; i can provide a wireshark .pcapng file if needed since it will provide the actual content of the packages. I just included the snapshot to give an idea of the load of packages in the mentioned timeframe; 3 minutes after attempting to gate i stopped capture. After that i killed the processes.   [attachment=2687:Capture-enb1.PNG]   Commentary on the provided snapshot: I started warping to Akeron's Gate in Pluto & Charon system, as far as i could see packet 113 is where the target is reached and packet 159 is produced when i push the gate button. Netproxy is displaying "stage 1 completed" and it stays that way during those 3 minutes.   I appreciate any input that may shed light on the problem i'm facing here.   Kind regards, LukeSky.
  13. I played from end december 2002 till anouncement of sunset. Went of for a couple of months in 2003 (summer) for PlanetSide ;-p I was on Pegasus (main toon LukeSky : JE +165), first in Echelon guild (iirc) later started a new one, Code Red with Ozonluke as GL. people i remember from back then in the guild, DarkKat, Spy(i)der ? , SirCharles .. Helped (like so many) in 'cracking' the authorization code (furnished a classroom of PCs for 14 days, not sure the results got ever used ..) Dropped in and played 3 ST's (not sure i did 1 or 3, 2 and 4 i'm sure of), came back to Live after about 6 months (after ST4).
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