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  1. Oh yes I have the bug! A disease most welcomed back! Come out of warp, follow to range, begin the mob attack!   The graphics are sharp, the music is grand, avoid the large asteroid! Weapons firing, shield at half, the "target" has been "destroyed!"   Building items or trading with others, the rewards are grand indeed! Dock at a station, land or gate, satisfaction for my MMO need!   And now at last, but not the least, there is something else in this vast open space, The peeps are smart, kind and giving, qualities to emulate in the leveling race!   Worm
  2. Back after all these years!!   “New Location Discovered” and “Land Confirmed” are words good to hear again! “Shield at 25!” and “Device Installed!” more said from a long missed friend! Oh the sound of the warp charging its drive!  The hum of the speed attained! Fly through space in a ship of choice, so much to see, to conquer and gain!   It’s so good to be back to Earth and Beyond, to travel the systems through gates! Or perhaps a JE will open a hole, and you can worm your way with haste! I know some of you have been back awhile, but I think I know why you’re here… The same reason for me, to make credits real fast, and kick the RD in the rear!!   Worm
  3. Making the second account was the trick!  All three are there now waiting for me!  Very cool...thank you!
  4. Well I did everything and made a TC and a PP and a JT but when I launch Net-7 to play no new characters show up and I have an empty slot...Do I suppose to add the space and -noclassrestrictions to the Launch N7 target line? Or?
  5. Thank you!   Looks a little complicated, however, I will follow it carefully...I am assuming since I am running on Win 10 and have everything working well, this should work as well...do you concur?
  6. While playing I saw chat that indicated availability to three other classes:  P-Trader; J-Trader, and a Terran Scout.  What is the procedure for making the TS character in the emulator?  Thank you...
  7. Thanks again Stevinium for that Galaxy Map....very useful and has and will continue to be heavily used!   Question to all my friends above:   Do you have a really good mission site?  One that shows all of them, perhaps even race/class/level based and where?  Mobs; NPC's; Locations, details...??  I have researched myself and found some help here and there, but not what I am looking for yet...
  8. Thank you!  Now I just need to get smart all over again in here! LOL   Great timing...I was searching for an answer for Primus and I got it now!   And thanks for the link!!!
  9. Well, I am happy to say after playing many hours yesterday with my TE and PS the "hand-off/loading issue" appears to be resolved!  Thank you all very much for assisting in this project!!   Now...I need to find a way to get to Tiberius Shipyards in Primus for my lvl 10 PS Hull Upgrade Mish....Only way I see is through Mars Alpha Gate...however, it is not an active gate for me...any ideas?
  10. OK...that makes sense...There is a SP 3??  Should I try that?  
  11. Oh my...that would be a big difference for sure...checking on now and seeing if it worked....thanks!!!
  12. Yeah...It very well may be a compatibility issue.  After all, it does only go up to Windows 8 and Win XP SP 2 probably is the "hot tamale" for windows 7 and older systems.  There is not much more I can do I suppose other than just trying Win 8 compatibility again now that I have everything tweaked as suggested above...here it goes...   Thank you both for responding here and trying to help!  Anything that comes up that may help, I will always be looking for it...
  13. Well...I did everything above that you said to do, but is any of this making sense, Arthur?  I mean were you nodding off and listening at all?  YES!!  It's about my Universe in E & B!!  LOL ;o)   So, as stated above, I still have "hand-off" issues.  As a thought, it has a Windows 8 Compatibility setting (I had it on that before and it worked good/same issues though) but, I have now unchecked the boxes from launch and checked everything run as admin, so maybe try a different compatibility for the heck of it?  Or do I sound like a geek noob??  Could this be a Windows 10 Issue?   Any other help would be awesome!  This problem is robbing me of my full joy at this time! LOL...I used to have just about every toon in the old days at 100+ and quite a few 150's too.  My main was a PW.  I was manufacturing with all of them and knew this game like the back of my hand.  Some is coming back...but still learning it over again in a way...but I do enjoy very much.  I like it way better than Star Trek which I have 3 Rear Admirals there...and just burned out on it.   So Arthur and Stevinium...you run smoothly or have issues too?  What systems are you running?
  14. Thank you very much!   Appreciate the input!!  I will post here later on today/tonight after trying these things, and let you know if it worked!!
  15. I love this game.  Played it when it started and was there the day it ended.  It was a bit tough getting to where I am now with the "emulator" but I have managed to get my resolution to 1920 x 1080 and the game plays really well, with even the graphics surprisingly sharp.  Just started up, and been playing on and off for about 4 days now..however...   OS: Windows 10   I have made all five characters of different races and skills...and the problem I am having is more often than not, with all of them, whenever I dock, land, gate, or accept a tow...it goes to the next proper galaxy/universe screen, however, the loading icon to the lower right just pulses (dot dot dot) and the music is on, but I get no message in the upper left corner, and it never leaves that screen until I "control; alt; delete" and end task.  It doesn't happen all the time, but frequently.  Additionally, and not so much anymore, but I was also getting stuck in NPC conversations that end but the "done" button does not end the conversation (control; alt; delete...)   When I log right back in, 9 out of 10 times, I am on the other end of the dock, land, etc. and everything plays again well until it happens again randomly and not all the time, but a lot more than I like (see above).   No other issues other than typical lag from time to time (with any online game) with game-play just beautiful and everything I remember!   IF ANYONE has a solve to this...it would make my day!!  Thank you!
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