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  1. Weekends seem to be more busy. But if your waiting for population to play, the population won't go up. It's easier if you drag a family member or friend in with you. Note for those that may not know. The community here is as awesome as it used to be back in the live server days. Super helpful / nice.
  2. What would be the best way about farming V'rix faction?
  3. I look forward to all that stuff you say in the first line. JE ships and the JE music themes are so beautiful. Thanks for the info. Bullets are not for me.
  4. Thinkin about it, but I remember back in the day everyone sayin if your Jenqui, best thing to do is focus on beams. But they are such close range that its very difficult to get combat XP solo. Are the projectiles worth spending points on?
  5. I'd like my ships engines to be copper pipes. Yesterday I payed to paint them 3 times and it didn't stick. But it sure did bill me each time. Is this a known bug?
  6. I'd be interested in seeing some.
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