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  1. Found out that while removing Avast firewall it is not gone. Instead Windows Firewall was still disabled in Component Services. Used Device Manager, slected View hidden devices, and showed that Avast firewall was still running. Rebooted to Safe mode, found the executable for Avast firewall, and added the extension ".off" and it poofed. Then went back to Component Services, and enabled Windows Firewall to run automatically. Another thing that ticks me off about Avast is that it will scan your computer, yet there's nothing shows that it is doing this to slow you down, then pops up with stuff it is saying about your computer, trying the paranoid sales tactic, and is all to get the user to spend more while Avast still continues to drag the system down. Time to find a reasonable firewall & antivirus that does its own jobs and not branch out wanting the user to spend more, more, more! Programs should know their place and do their job - nothing more.
  2. And now am trying to go back to the guild I created, since the current guild has been dead for some time. Only thing is I do not recall the other account's password. Lost a hard drive and all the data that should of been saved does not appear to have been saved. So time to rediscover the game. Is there a /leaveguild command?
  3. Used a gate and sitting there... waiting... was changing Win7 firewall rues and still at map screen... LOL
  4. Okay, found the issue, however could not find a reasonable workaround. Avast Firewall was the culprit. I added rules to allow, and all ports, in/out, etc. Yet every time I run the game Avast Firewall was showing it blocked Net7Proxy.exe No matter what priority or customs rules I gave to allow access, Avast would still end up blocking it. Cannot figure it out. So the one time I allowed access, I got Xelkos in. Then when I exited the game, Avast Firewall continue to block Net7Proxy no matter what I did. The initial setting was some port in the 5M range, and if was anything else was set to Block. I changed that setting to Allow, yet nothing changed. Now when I disable the Avast Firewall momentarily could get into the game. One in the game I enabled the firewall, and latency shot through the roof. So... in disgust, I removed the Avast Firewall component, enabled Windows Firewall via Services.msc as Avast disables Windows Firewall on install. Have Windows fireall enable, and am back into the game. Now to find a friendly firewall program that gets along with stuff and is Connectify friendly too.
  5. Yes, I'm in! Well, I was in. Forgot the controls. Quit the game briefly due to high latency. Clicked on Packet Optimization, then was booted to character selection. Restarted game without Packet Optimization, and well back to square one. Not getting past the map window.
  6. Earlier in the year the main hard drive was trashed from a MS update. It hosed the partition structure of a 3TB HDD that was partitioned to a 2TB, where I had everything running good. Did not have a current backup, and of course E&B was lost. This week I decided to tackle the installation process again, with some issues, but got it installed okay now - I think. Although I think Avast is could be causing me some grief. Am going to have to go in and set permissions on the firewall I bet. (?) Can log in, at least to one of my accounts, enter password, Avatars/characters show up. When selecting any the Map screen comes up for a few seconds to a minute, then am dumped back into the login screen. Gah! ~ I can log into Net-7 website no problem. Took a while to remember the main account password. As for the others ... Sent in a support ticket, and Woodstock replied: use the unblackhole command So, umm, what is the "unblackhole command" and how is it properly used? /grin PS: Running Win7 x64
  7. Xelkos


    Am unable to save Hosts at its location. :\
  8. I got on of my accounts to log in. When I select ant avatar can see the background Map screen for about 30 seconds to a minute, then and booted back to the login screen. How does one actually get into the game?!?
  9. Well, got one account in. Was going through passwords, and boom, got 1 at least! cept now am getting booted after logging in, and selecting Xelkos as my main avatar. Solar flares??? LOL
  10. Okay, got in. Kept uninstalling and reinstalling. Eventually it kicked in. However cannot play as I don't remember the playing account password. Guess it is not the same as the web login. Argh! 530AM, am giving up.
  11. Unfortunately am getting no where. Wants 2.44 Net7Proxy and it fails to download it no mater what I do.
  12. I get an error stating Net7Proxy is outdated, and required 2.44 Have removed the folder, reinstalled. Same issue. Have deleted the C:\Program Files (x86)\Net-7\bin\net7proxy.exe and then reset the downloads, and then check for updates. Nothign seems to happen. Press play and am told the net7proxy.exe cannot be found. So, somewhere there is a 2.44 proxy version and so far have not been able to update not download it. Please, is there another place to download proxy updates?
  13. And ... after losing a hard drive earlier in the year I got around to installing Net-7. Keep getting Net7Proxy error pop-up: "Server Failed to respond to Login attempt. But am not being asked for the username or password, although am logged into the web page okay. Okay, had to select the other IP address and am on sunrise. Did the patches, and the updates, and claims there is nothing else to download. Now getting a pop-up of Net7Proxy: Incompatible version of Net7Proxy. Latest version is 2.44 Okay, so where does one get the newer version of the Net7Proxy if the game fails to download it? Oh, btw, it seems I have I have 7 game accounts?!? /faint I cannot locate the names & password associated with these, although do remember trying to run 3 accounts at the same time back when I was active. No idea how I go about recovering those. The only UN&P I had was to Net-7 ... everything else was lost.
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