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  1. I have to agree with Cimbad. Flamingpanda, If you continue to "bash" the game; making negative comments about in game features or mechanics "will not" change those game features and mechanics to what you desire them to be. Simply put and as Cimbad said, if you don't like the game enough to enjoy the experience and make friends along the way, then just take your leave of the game so the rest of us can enjoy it.
  2. If there is going to be a discussion about putting aside the Raid Rotation, whether it be temporarily or otherwise, the leaders of Builders Inc., VGE, and Static as well as the Public guilds who participate in the Public's week should be present at such a meeting; if such a meeting has not yet taken place since they are part of the Raid Rotation and their opinions on this matter are just as important as the Big 3. That been said, I agree with Wrock70's post; what he stated makes sense and it is in my opinion far more fair than opening a raid trigger to anyone at anytime after it spawns and may not be able to complete a raid for whatever reason. This is what I think and you can take it for whatever it's worth.
  3. I would look in that folder but everytime in the past I've taken a screenshot, the game crashes back to my desktop so I have to use "Print Screen", open Paint, and save the image that way.
  4. I just had to re-install the game but before I did, I copied and pasted the Net-7 folder as I would told that files in the Net-7 folder contained my settings in game; keyboard button changes, Captain's Log entries, and channels I've set to listen to.  However, I do not know which files specifically contain my player settings and would like very much to replace them so I can have all my Captain's Log entries for example back in game.   Does anyone know which files contain the information I mentioned above?
  5. I've had this mission for a while and not because it was too difficult to solo myself.  No, the reason I've had it so long was because of when I got to step 4 out of 5, where the log said "You ponder how to get a response from the Warder.  Perhaps the Children are the answer".  And after doing a search on the web and ultimately coming up empty, I asked in game and was told "the Children are the L35 Ouroboros Worms on Planet Arduinne; kill them".  So I did and I killed over 4 dozen of them but my mission never updated.  So I forfeited the mission and started over from the beginning and once I reach step 4 out of 5, same problem.   Then I got in touch with Aella, a DEV and Aella told me to head to Glory's Orbit for Quanta Silk carried by "L28 Veteran Silk Smugglers" who can be found around "the Progen Path Nav". Now once I looted one "Level 1 Quanta Silk", I flew back to Planet Arduinne and spoke with the "Temple Interface" and after doing so, I completed the mission and it cleared from my log.   I write this post so if another player who reaches the same point I did and wants to complete the mission but doesn't know how, they can read this and know what to do next.
  6. When I got this mission, I had a lot of trouble finding the Crystals on Planet Dahin but after finding and reading this thread, I was able to complete the first step.  Thank you all for this location.
  7. I don't see how having a Windows Task Manager, Winamp, 2 folders, and Firefox with a 3 or 4 tabs open would cause a failure to download a file.
  8. I am tryinf to download the "Net-7 Unified Installer" on "http://www.net-7.org/index.php?#downloads" but each time I do, I arrive at the web page which I've taken and image of and attached.       I'll keep trying to download the Net-7 Unified Installer in the hope I'll actually get it.
  9. I am not able to login to my account as well.  It has been sometime since I last played; well over a year though both my username and password still work on http://www.net-7.org/ and https://forum.enb-emulator.com/ but when I load the the emulator, my login information is not accepted and to be clear, my account IS a Admin or Master account. My Internet Coonection is working fine since the emulator had no difficulty updating and I know that I am not using a proxy.   I just reinstalled the game per the direction found on this forum.     OK, this is indeed interesting, at least for me.  I just logged into the game BUT not by using my password from net-7.org and the EnB Emulator Forums.  I used a password when I first make an account on Net-7; hell, I'm not even sure when I changed my password for Net-7 but I discovered the issues I was having.  I hope everyone else resolves their login problem(s).   Also, as I have just found that all my avatars have been reset to Level 0 with none of the credits, inventory items or equipment they had when I stopped playing, for whatever reason that was.....I have to start from scratch, just great.
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