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  1. Hi everyone, Came back to the game after a long while. I'm looking for some advice. I'm making 2 chars te and TT to support each other and was thinking about a third? Any recommendations? Je would give me wormhole to get around fast and Jump start, but wouls to do battle with. Pw would be nice for damage and debuffs but I'd be out of middle range. Would TS give me much benefit? What can a TS do that will be significant? Mainly I'm just looking to be self sufficient as much as possible, how about another TE? Again mainly looking for combat point of view, do t really about crafting other than ammo. I know it's pretty narrow requirement but I'm open to other ideas that I can't think off. Thank k you
  2. IT works!!!! I think i've figured out the problem that I was having. The game would run in wondow mode, so it would block all my icons, inorder to run launchnet7 again i'd have to alt tab and switch to the 'desktop' there fore minimizing the game. This is a big no no. If you minimize the game it seems it will never recover. So I moved the launchnet7 icon to the right of the screen so I can click it without having to 'minimize' the game and that did the trick. I want to thank everyone for helping me navigate through this. You guys have been super quick and most helpul. Thank you again and hopefully others can benefit as well from this post.
  3. Here are my settings attached. I've tried with the disable mouse lock and that did not help.
  4. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit I have winxp sp3(tried 2 as well) compatibility enabled I have it running as admin Here is what happens. It will load up one instance fine, but when I go to open up the second instance it opens up fine, but I get some kind of error related to net-7 program. I am assuming it is related to the first instance. After this I can no longer alt tab or even force front to the first window, but it appear to be running as I do hear sounds from it. I can even send the first window toon a message and I hear the sound. So I'm logged in and running, but not being able to switch to it and interact. When do I switch to it mouse goes to the upper left area of the screen and doesn't really move. ANy tips? Thank you
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