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  1. Moulinneuf

    Silas Craven

    hope this help Woodstock HGM Happy New year !! And thanks for always being the best GM around ;-)
  2. Moulinneuf

    Silas Craven

    https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Chavez:_The_Struggle_Within It's not an exploration mission, it's one tough combat Mini-Raid. In a sector that most player don't have natural access to as most people have minus 20k to 40k in Chavez faction which prevent them from accessing the Ceres sector. The wiki said cllearly at step 1 : "You should probably bring friends." I just made the change to top ===Bring a GROUP of powerfull ally ( 150's) with you=== and changed "You should probably bring friends." in bold. I am guessing something on your END whent wrong. You NEVER want to relog in combat mission. Technically you failed the mission. Try browser mode https://support.net-7.org or TAB : GM Ticket System above on here. Instead Also try to get a GM in "New Player" chat in game or add Woodstock to your friend list and when he his online, contact him with a lot of begging and beign nice to him , there are other GM's but they are more on a come as they can basis. hope this help a bit.
  3. Moulinneuf

    Help with Portal

    Yes, as i said you need to put B and C in the same account example JLM is your Master account it as JLM 1 = 1 a 2 b 3 c 4 d 5 e 5 c JLM 2 = 1 2 3 4 5 6 JLM 3 = 1 2 3 4 5 6 you need to create JLM 4 and use https://www.net-7.org/?#cpanel/transfer to transfer B and C to it Then log out of JLM and log in "JLMBaby" your new Main Master account example "JLMBaby" then use https://www.net-7.org/?#cpanel/linking to trasnfer JLM 4 , hence B an c to new main master account "JLMBaby" hope this helps happy New year.
  4. Moulinneuf

    Help with Portal

    Yes , First the Toon let's say "JLMBaby" must be on his own account . confirm this on Net-7.org Account tab, avatar transfer line example if JLMPW , JLMJD , JLMJE are with JLMBaby on the same account line you must create and transfer it to another account in the same main account. once "JLMBaby" is on his own account , log out of this main account and log into the new independant Main account/ create one once there go to Account Tab ... select account link ... enter the name and password of the now seperate "JLMBaby" for ti to transfer to his new main account. press confirm look up it's arrival to this new main account by looking it up with account tab and selectin avata transfer. I hope I understood your question and eplyed to your staisfaction Happy New year to you and you playing family.
  5. Moulinneuf

    Hello Issac Ozzman I have Started a Letsplay.

    I still don't get why new player don't start with a universe tour , thats at least 30 level of explore with a je with group cloaking. Level 3 shield mitigate most pop rock damage. btw in chat system typing /invite friendstoonname work for group making without player in sight.
  6. I appreciate your reply, I upvoted you for it , being that I am a big fan of your work and editing on the wiki, but you failed to understand completly the point being made here, and it has nothing to do with grammar. Fact be known There is tons of unformated and undevelopped story alreay written for the Game. What is missing is CDEV that meet your too high requirement and procedure to contribute content, that they try and skip town or are simply not even allowed to try. I guess I should be totally ashamed to have tried to be the Advocate when no one stepped up to do it and tried to have the dev make the changes players asked for , will simultuanosuly asking for help on the wiki and contributing to it , when frankly it's much easir to keep my finding to my notes and self in another language. Shame shame shame on me ... I am not the one who as stoped wanting to learn to be better, I just learned a long time ago that I would not be any good at grammar. Did not stop me from publishing content and authoring guides in 4 languages, I just left the grammar to people more equipped and understanding of it than me. There is no future efforts to be had with the current procedure. Now I have an Ego and mediocity problem ... nice. Ruidmentary tool produce a rudimentary product a finely crafted tool in the hand of a novice will not produce a finely crafted product one as to master and practice a craft over time and with mentorship to be able to finally and finely make a product. But a finely tool that sit on a counter unused , is just a waste of finite and neeeded ressources by others. No, it's just to communicate, if has a race we would want to communicate effecively we would wirte a simpler langage used by all. You can never butcher language, all words are madeup. Not at all some people have a mastery of it that allow them to write a perfectly written effort on the first try, others will never have a final effort that is not full of grammatical errors even if it's in order to save there life. I guess the Emulator was an error filled work and you guys where too sensitive to take onstructive criticism, or too lazy to bother making corrections, when you did the Betas and Patchs and change to storyline and rewrote some dialogue for better understanding. Grammar can be fixed, lack of content and lack of creator of content cannot unless the procedure changes and access to entry changes. For someone who work on wiki , I tought you of all people would understand why it's ok to allow everyone to contibute in their own way. BTW : analysing -- » analyzing use, -- » doesn't need a coma I Hope you do realize it's nothing personnal but the high level of grammar you ask and demand is creating a real lack of new content hence Grammar isn’t everything and in this case it's even a barrier to new content that should not exist. if you have to attack that argumenter and its grammar you had already lost the argument even before your first word BTW. I hope you will forgive me from trying to get more content in the game with my very bad grammar in a sub-set of subset of a language that is not a language people here really like using as it almost eradicated my own , done by others , since I cant even be the one to do it and show light on where I think the CDEV recruiting and mentoring is failing. Happy Holydays ! Merry Christmas ! Happy New Year !!
  7. No, you really don't. But it's ok we apparently need the grammar more, I upvoted your content for the effort, only. Happy Holydays ! Merry Christmas ! Happy New Year !!
  8. Grammar isn’t everything When it comes to writing books, grammar is not the only thing. It’s not even the most important thing. Let me use an example to show you what I mean. Many of us studied The Diary of Anne Frank at school, also known as The Diary of a Young Girl. It’s the personal journal of a young girl hiding from the Nazis in the Netherlands during WWII. The family was betrayed and Anne died in Bergen-Belsen shortly before the concentration camp was liberated. Her diary provides an extraordinary glimpse into what life was like in those times of fear. When that diary was first presented to publishers by Anne’s father, do you think they said, “What splendid grammar, spelling and punctuation this girl has! We absolutely must publish this diary because this girl really knows her gerunds from her past participles!” Do you really and truly think her writing technique was the most important thing about that manuscript? Of course not. Alternatively, imagine if they’d said, “No, it’s fascinating, but her grammar is not precise, so we can’t publish this.” One of the most influential books of the 20th century would have been lost! We don’t all live in circumstances as historically exceptional as Anne Frank’s, but we do all have a unique story. She had a story to tell, and she was a good storyteller. That’s what made her book worth publishing and reading and publishing again. Are you a good storyteller? This applies no matter what you are writing. Even a book on how to play the stockmarket will sing if told by a storyteller. Releasing your inner storyteller is more important than grammar, spelling and punctuation. Stop fretting so much about technique, and spin us a yarn! What is so fascinating about your topic? Go on, make us interested. Early humans have existed since 6.2 million years ago, It is generally agreed that true writing of language (not only numbers, which goes back much further) was independently conceived and developed in at least two ancient civilizations and possibly more. The two places where it is most certain that the concept of writing was both conceived and developed independently are in ancient Sumer (in Mesopotamia), between 3400 and 3300 BC, and much later in Mesoamerica (by 300 BC)[3] because no precursors have been found to either of these in their respective regions. Several Mesoamerican scripts are known, the oldest being from the Olmec or Zapotec of Mexico. https://www.goodreads.com/book/popular_by_date/2018 On the 200 long lists of the best book of 2018, none is about grammar and all of them contained or still contain grammar errors. What makes them great books you ask? It's the content and subject matters !! When you are looking for a Beam, engine, reactor, shield or device are you looking for the best grammatically written and spelled one? When you are doing a mission in the Game do you seriously analyze all the words written to describe the task if it's written grammatically perfect? One does not play a game for its grammar, they play for the content, they play it for the challenges, they play to forget the world who ask all of us to be more perfect than we really are. The world has no shortage of grammar editor, the Earth & Beyond emulator as a real content shortage and a universe of mission and task are missing do. P.S. I cheated I posted my first draft as I would write and just did a Grammarly correction and edited my own words. P.S 2 I am Not going to pay 150$ USD for the pro version. If you think it's a necessity for Earth & Beyond Players, get a business version and share the password and access with the emulator. Happy Holydays ! Merry Christmas ! Happy New Year !!
  9. Thanks a lot for your great work , really nice webpage entry.
  10. I asked scorpionmidget in private , no answer back yet , seem this is the only one with weird permission request
  11. Moulinneuf

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    I never take game related things badly, it's just a game, I observe and point out here that your method of screening and developing CDEV might be on too high a security and unbeatable trust setting that you usually reserve to professional settings for server and master administrators. Hence the player feel as do there is no progress or activity in the game and go on to play something else, a natural order of things Things sure are secure but on track? I might have a disagreement if compared to other years and content available to players this year on the emulator. The game with the most player made activity and content tend to take the opposite view and allow a lot of access to mission and player map making to allow for player and new idea experimenting. I keep asking, that is all I can do. Seem like a catch 22 here, you need CDEV, you won't tell us your need we don't know if we can meet your needs, and the game looks stale in storyline advancements and new side missions and race-related missions from a player side perspective I would venture to guess that for CDEV the fun is not in reading the story arch but in achieving it so that player enjoy it and that the Admin/Leader is happy with the offered and built end result. IMy suggestion still stands with regard to allowing CDEV mentorship this way they can delegate their workload onto their apprenticeship and allocate their time resource to high levels instead of low levels minor storyline and simple missions, side mission and make the game more enjoyable to all new and old players alike. I am going to go even more brazen this time and request you as my CDEV mentor, I am pretty sure I can handle your CDEV missing requirement and to do list and checklist for your own January deadline of 11 days, and I got a case of Advil on standby to help with a possible headache. as always the choice is yours. I can attest as to Lqan great work on the wiki and even if you decide again not to pick me, that you would be missing out on not allowing Lqan to help your CDEV team as he would make a fine and great addition. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all!
  12. Moulinneuf

    the game didnt make icon and cant fine e&b exe

    Do you write/speak in french ? - no 65 is not the maximum -Yes checking the 4 box on net-7 launcher box has been known to help. -have you done a first setup of the game using E&B config ? ( it's an utility that launch from the tab "tools" on the net-7 launcher , it's above he client line that say C:\Games\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe ) It help setup your monitor resolution and sound card when E&B config run and open on the tab video press "performance test" once and adjust the monitor resolution to your liking and computer performance availibility once it's done On the same software for the tab sound , press "test sound" and "test music" When that is all done and working press ok close the net-7 launcher and relaunch it. once net-launcher re-open press on tab launcher again above client line in text and run check for updates once that check is done if it had no upgrade press play wait a E&B term of service should appear a bit after press I Agree use your login and password here to get into the Emulator server and create your first playable toon which you wil be asked to select.
  13. scorpiomidget saidE nB Gearlist website has had a lick of paint. New homepage put in place. Might if I can find the motivation fix the rest of the site to be properly responsive so it works on Mobile & Tablet. https://enb.gearlist.co.uk
  14. Christmas , x-mas , holydays 2018 is live on the server Thanks to the devs for starting it so soon and for their hard work. as usual wiki as some info for the naughty boys and girls who want to peek at their gifts under the x-mas tree. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Christmas_2018 Happy holydays and Merry Christmas to all !!!
  15. Moulinneuf

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    So web based authorized tools ... not like the 3 missing now not missing race tool or Star trek forge system or starcarft mission creator or etc ( insert game mission designer here ) Well I trust you , but it seem you don't trust me with the tools as they have too much adminsitrative rights and would crash the player server ? I had for toher idea to take the Agrripa exemple and rewrite something similar for Jenquai and Terrans , changing mission a bit and NPC and requirement ( Kyp you said it was easy , just thinking aloud ). Are those publicly availaible ? Can you develop new arch based on players idea too ? Any story left unpublished ? might be time to make up a CDEV mentoring program , match existing CDEV with new CDEV volunteer ? I would volunteer for CDEV apprenticeship