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  1. Congratulation to both of you , P.S. : na you jut look like a very proud dad.
  2. Hi nice player of ENB emu and others , This is my Introduction post as promised in my first post. Today the 25th of may 2017 i am 43 ( also happen to be my birthday ) I am from Quebec , that's stil in Canada for now , happen to be the best one as it as the msot bilingual who speak French and English. I started Playing Earth and beyond in Live 2 year before it's closing I tend to stick to one guild so I was an Armada guild player there who spent a lot of his time in the game mining on the Jenquai Explorer class named Moulinneuf I had a lot of fun , made a couple of online friend until the sad day whe the game closed. I was there until the last second , because I did not want it to go ;-) Fast forward 4 years go in 2013 I discovered this Emu and my life was made complete again ;-) I was lucky enough to join in summe time when there is the most players , the game was already working pretty well and many guild where already formed. I was unlucky in getting refered to Builder Inc as I had changed my way to play more on the building side of thing on a terran traders Thta's where I met Magoo , Shadowalker , Raiderman , and all other who played at the time. I then stopped playing for a while due to real life activity not letting me have any time to play. But then I came back and I was accepted back in Builder Inc and started building up my toon and playing with people on the server There is not much to say about my playing style I tend to log in , ask if anyone need help , look in the new player channel and the callendar date to see if any special event is occuring and then I go help someone in my guild or a new player to the server or I log in my terran trader and build something for someone who as been asking for i for a while and not getting any response I tend to play at night ( eastern time ) but you can see me in the morning when I can or during the day , time permiting. I always wanted to try and give back to the ENB emu in some way , I am not the most skilled person to do so , but I am always willing to help and step up when I am here. So that's how I offered my service to fill the void of a lacking advocate As you can see by my style I tend to be a bit different then previous advocate who all came from the same mold. I am still here to help get your demand and question to the dev But I will also join in on some discussion when some people tend o be all negative and will help in forum and in game when I can. So this is my introduction , I hope it fills in the blank for those who don't know me and that you know that you can always come and chat tome about the game. Mouli
  3. Welcome back to the game , Here is the wiki new player guide : New player guide on the forum : Some cool race walkttrough powerleveling guides : To help you with your exprience coming back. As Cimbad said if you have any question and you have the game installed ask in new player channel there always someone wiling to help out.
  4. First post !! ;-) I just got the advocate access and insignia ( still in the process of cleaning popcorn from it ;-) ) With your permission , I will start this week at week zero , because I am giving me some needed time to adjust and learn this new hobby and all it means ( invite to former advocate to come chat me up on teamspeak or private message me ;-) no need for good hospital name some other advocate already did ;-) Introduction post coming soon. My handle on Teamspeak is Moulinneuf for the software is the server name In game I am the JE named Moulinneuf The trader Moulitt the progen Warior Mouliprowar the JD Moulijd or moulijdtoo and pretty much all toon name mouli something , I think. email is Moulinneuf @ ( not to be used frivously please , wait for something important , urgent or emergency ) The War Advocate ( fan of doctor who copy cat of the war doctor ;-) ) is in you can come chat , preferably sober ;-) , or text me or write your message and question now , relating to the game and what you want to ask the devs or Gm or former advocate ( if i can reach them ). I ask that you please try and keep the negativity to a minimum , some won't , just dont waste bandwidtth on there behalf. Will post an introduction some other time and already asked my first advocate serie of questions by user's who came to me before. Hae a nice week-end , fly safe on the sunrise server and don't forget to have fun.
  5. Ask in the game in new player channel. Always people willing to help out
  6. What is your playing characters names in game ? The PP class is really good at reactor buff , but for new player TT are better as they offer hull patch skills. Don't worry about ammo sample or ammo making , just ask in the market channel ( chat tab at the top , set chanell option , check the market channel and othe rchannel you want to follow )
  7. I would recomand you pick two of the same , two TT , two PW , Two JD , Two TE , there is enough player t help you if you need gear or low level escorting. If you remember your pasword your account still should be intact. Welcome back.
  8. hii Spock_rhp , I hope that you change your mind and comeback to the game. There is always new player and old player to play with. see you in the game hopefuly.
  9. Hi Stoop , Sorry to hear that you are leaving , I hope that thing in the futur improve and that you make a comeback and return to enjoying the game and the nice people who play everyday for fun. Sometime we need a step back and some time apart to know that we miss something , rediscover what made it fun for one self or that it's just time to move on. I hope you comeback and have tons of funs , if not it was nice sharing a server and getting it supported by you and wish you luck in finding your next passion. Thanks again and hopefully see you in the game later. - Moulinneuf
  10. Have we allowed enough time and advertsed it enough for all player/guilds to know about this new election ? Seem a lot of player only come by on the week-end , do we allow for more time so that a contender present itself ? If we allowed enough time , do we go to a vote ? Should the option for the vote be : 1. Make Mouli the new advocate. 2. No don't make Mouli the advocate 3. Abolish the Advocate position The title of the thread do say advocate nomination ... last time no one was nominated so it's a small improvment , i guess. ;-)
  11. Brits a stickler for rules ... PESTILENNCE No and Concede otherise he thinks no means yes ... As to do with the time someone dropped some tea in the river ;-) ( V4t2 Sh1d4w1lk2r 1 f45rth t3m2 !!! ) ;-)
  12. And this ladies and Gentleman is how the Brexit happened ;-) For posterity and the records and officially 1. Pestilence are you a Candidate for the Adovoctae position YES or NO 2. If Yes Let's Vote 3. If No , Also Say that you concede so that the Brit ruinnning the show is un-confused. BTW : Thanks to all the commenters and participant in this thread , It's always an honor to have you come by and give your words of wisdom and your own logic. ( V4t2 Sh1d4w1lk2r 1 f4urth t3m2 !!! ) ;-)
  13. Aye ! Let's vote ! ( V4t2 Sh1d4w1lk2r 1 f4urth t3m2 !!! ) ;-)
  14. flamingpanda ,,,, Then I guess we need a contract , made in flesh and blood, agreed by the Guilds and public representative , for now , just to remove the anarchist who think they can dictate anything to a friendly community. ( probably need to write here that I am being cynical ) The permission , for now , then need to change , for now. ( observation based on fact and real discussion ) I don't see you applying to be an advocate or GM or Dev or being proposed as one by anyone, just your constant nagging at your perceived flaws and grey area that you can wrongly think you can momentarly exploit to annoy those in this friendly community. Usualy for your own personnal benefit only. On the ENB-emu yes discussion have to happen for inclusion or exclusion ( epic as an exemple ) Of course people can try nomination , recommendation , start a discussion , that's how things that last here usually work out. Almost always without your aproval or consent funny how that goes. Your false intentionnal miss-understanding , and exploiting of a grey area usually created conflict in the past. In an advocate election process , no less , wich is not the place to do so , but then you are against advocate too as they allow you to be able to dictate your agenda for only your own personnal benefit and own gain. Actually, you are dead wrong the emu staff , GM and Dev permit us to play raid , With your really bad and shitty childish mini-dicator attitude I have ZERO problem recommanding , as a player and possible futur advoctae that ALL raid be closed and halted until we the friendly community come to a server wide voted permanent agreement. No better way to remind YOU who is in charge and who really give permission and has real power here. You want to nominate Pestilence, do so properly and by following the rules applied in the past you mini-trumpster. Who is this rotation crowd you speak of ? Right because you are against rotation all others rmust be for rotation since you act like a child and little bratty kid, as you personnaly don't get your way immidiatelly and right now. I have not stated a pro or contra position I have remained fully neutral as of now and will continue to do so. I have also stated many offers above even including a position for pestilence. Your the only one who seem to invent and fabulate about how things are clearly written and proposed for this election and what I willl do even do you don't know me at all. Men, you have a paranoic and inferiority and theory of ploy complex ... The Dev not answering you are none of my doing , but then judging by your constant attack on their work , I undertsand that they might ignore you out of necccessity to keep there own sanity intact. Go on the server and ask people if it's a waste of time to ask something of me ... my deeds speak for themself. I hope, that I am able to be as 1/1 000 000 as good as Ben was and as any other great advocate ( Shadowalker , Traint etc ... BTW we should make a page To remind those who don't know how many suffered at the hands of the unrully hordes ;-) ) we had in the past who contributed in making the game fun for this very friendly community of players. I am a Quebecer , the best Kind of Canadian there is , the founder of Canada , for now, until Quebec become a country. We don't run We don't hide and we are certainly the nicest to almost all and a pain to our enemy and the facist wich we tend to kill and remove. If you think , 200 Pm msg from you as different fake account and 25 by others insulting me and the rotation , is going to scare me or make me beg for your forgiveness and aproval in anything your really delusionnal. The rotation final decision is the community decision , not your's and with the Emu-staf , Dev and GM permission and final approval. I would recommand that you seek medical attention and possibly get medicated , in the meantime we have an advocate election to conduct here , not a Town hall , nominate pestilence properly or be gone from thist thread , this is my last response to you in this thread. " Sulu: Attention: John Harrison. This is Captain Hikaru Sulu of the USS Enterprise. A shuttle of highly trained officers is on its way to your location. If you do not surrender to them immediately, I will unleash the entire payload of advanced long-range torpedoes currently locked on to your location. You have two minutes to confirm your compliance. Refusal to do so will result in your obliteration. And If you test me, you will fail. "
  15. Flip , I reserve the right to revist your comment if and when I am elected advocate and have had discussion with Emu staff on changes / possibility with the position if I am the new advocate. for now : Who do you support ? ;-)