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  1. Gwindor , Thi is the Hull upgrade requirement as explained above by Prrekoorb https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Progen_Hull_Upgrade_Missions#Level_50 This the mision you did : What happened to Var? https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/What_happened_to_Var%3F They are clearly unrelated one is done by the talk to NPC system ( Var ) The other use the update system next to emote ( Hull upgrade ) You have trouble mixing your mission : press U in Game It open the mission tab and show the log requirement/demand for each mission and the step your currently in. if it's unclear and you like reading on your own use https://www.net-7.org/wiki to do some research usually the answers are there , for lower level character. Also in game if you press enter and press tab a couple of time you can select new player and ask in chat if their is any trick to do the hull upgrade for your character level. here is another trick : once you start a new charater ask for a universe tour from guildies or other players , they usually share the trap and possible mision that are impossible to do as a new player character alone without help. It also go easier for when you are doing your low level learning skill being level 20 plus After all it's a multiplayer based game , your suppose to play with otter player
  2. Wasted Triggers !

    Cretaed a thread for Player Advocate role in Advocate forum So that you can stop invading other peope thread. I still stand by my previous demand : Can a DEV or GM please close this thread. , Thank you.
  3. Players Advocate Role

    You know who get to decide what the Player Advocate try and get fixed ? Only one person : The Player Advocate. You know who define the Player advocate role : The player Advocate , Until KYP aka a Dev or or GM or all of them kick him where it hurts and the player advocate give up. ( added Kyp from previous version in because some wrongly tought he was excluded ) Sorry if that don't meet your and other player approval and false idea of what the role of the player advocate is. I Created this post because some people invade other thread with this topic and don't have a clue what they are talking about but making stuff up as they go along. Was my mistake for not creating this thread sooner , I did not believe it was needed , i was wrong and so now it exist. ------- Pertinent information : - I am not a Guild leader or higher up in my guild , previous PA where - Some PA quit to become DEV , I asked to help to be GM 1 year before becomin PA to BL and GM and DEV ignored my request completly. - Most PA quit due to fatigue and lack of progress on there goals other due to role change. - I was the only one to offer to be Player Advocate after a failled call for candicacy Open to All. - There is a Burn to the ground ENB EMU movement that don't want it to see continue. They target me. - There is a Kill the raid rotation by some who don't respect any rule. They Target me for trying to fix the problem - Their are some player who hate me for doing the job fully because they think the PA is suppose to be silent as they don't know the work and have never done it themself. ----------- Feel free to discuss here. I am not gonna participate at all. Insult will be deleted/hidden by the dev / GM if they feel like it Again, I don't have delete access and outside poll I never had to hide unrelated comment
  4. Wasted Triggers !

    I agree, you are still disgressing I stand by my previous demand : Can a DEV or GM please close this thread. , Thank you.
  5. Agrippa using the invite to shields on a 150 PP

  6. Agrippa using the invite to shields on a 150 PP

    You are a progen privateer Stage 1 will only be locked for other race ( pretty sure on that as my tt dont have stage 1 ) Stage 1 is unlocked by Silver token in cargo hold and behing above level 50 otherwise the agrippa backdoor require the golden token and to talk to some vendors :
  7. Agrippa using the invite to shields on a 150 PP

    Silver Token: Behind Strong Walls https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Silver_Token:_Behind_Strong_Walls Steps: If you agree to Architecti Scuti's terms and, conditions, please give over your Basic Progen Optional Mission Token. To continue you must analyze a Waterloo V shield. Give 5 Waterloo V you have made to Architecti Scuti. a ) Do you still have silver token ? can you put one in Cargo ? b ) Did you Analyze the waterloo V ? c ) Can you Analyze and give 5 Waterloo V to Architecti scutti with silver token in Cargo ?
  8. Wasted Triggers !

    I agree, you have disgressed. Can a DEV or GM please close this thread. , Thank you.
  9. Agrippa using the invite to shields on a 150 PP

    Are you online now ? Under what pp name ? Stage 1 for sheild seem to bee just analyzing the Agrippa Technology Examination - Build Shields https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Agrippa_Technology_Stage_II_Examination_-_Shields wich any starter pp can/buy give you
  10. Wasted Triggers !

    - Agree to disagree, DEV can ask me to edit out any stuff they deem innapropriate or don't want me to share att this time or that they disagee with - That's why they where removed. - I am always neutral in my positiion - Agree to disagree. You offer personnal opinion , rarely counter view point - Used to is the operative word. - I don't call 6 toons with all the highest gear by some of the most brillant raider a normal case and I would dispute your only 6 toon in all cases. - You are not suppose to multi-box / multi-toon the raid trigger and keep it to your guild only if you don't have the player to do it - You might want to work on recruiting new player to your guild who want and are able to participate in raids. - You are talking about a buildable / activation trigger for existing raid it's something different to the PRS system. ( asked and denied last i asked the DEV) - Server population is not math - Not all 6 guild are on the same time zone - You can try and make math say what you as a player want to have/achieve , it's another thing completly when humans are the math in question. -Not all player are level and raid ready - Not all player even if level and raid ready want to do them. - If it was simple the raid rotation would not exist , people would be nice to each others - if it was easy to make change people would do them easily , it's one of the most diffcult thing for human to do - If communication was not so broken down , we would have everyone show up and discuss solution and new change - finally if you had respected the rules , recruited new players to your guild then your 2 accomplice being on a break would not make you want to do all the raid as public.
  11. Wasted Triggers !

    - Dev asked me to edit it out ( RedKite ) - I agreed , so i did. - I stand by my work and word of values , not by the insults. - Player Advocate position is one of respectability , only for that i will remove things perceived as too harsh or insulting by those who i respect as to continue the good work and respect for the position and those who did hold it before me and those who will after me..
  12. Wasted Triggers !

    I certainly won't ,, The current and accurate detail I have, was given to all of you. Simply put I work for the entire player base. Because FFA worked so well in the past ... Where is your data ? From what experience ?
  13. This place is for Raid trigger communication only not the raid rotation or rule discussion at all. - If you see a trigger is up come here and mark it and name wich one. - If your guild or public group took down a trigger , name it and come here with final time - If your guild or public group is going to do an trigger and want to invite people come here and offer it. - if a trigger as been up for 12hour , make the wasted triger request here. - if inside 10 minutes Guild don't respond with planned time inside the next 3 hour Wasted trigger rule apply. - If you have a buildable raid trigger ( Gate Raid , Fishbowl , ONI OCD ) and want to invite other with a Day / time put it here. Note : this is not a be all solution the game still happen with people who don't visit or use the forum at all.
  14. Restarting this old tradition , Same as usual. Bring your ideas and concerns. Cheers, Mouli