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  1. Merry Christmas 2017

    Merry Chirstmas Evermore !!! Also thanks to all who make this great game fun and Happy Hollydays !!! Mouli
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy Hollydays !!! To all ENB-Emu players actual and former and future Joyeux Noel et Joyeuse FĂȘtes A tout les jour de ENB-Emu prĂ©sent passer et avenir
  3. command to change guild leader

    */gc transferleader name ;-)
  4. a unexpected delivery

    requirement of above level : Unknow yet but not below 30 did it on JE level 146 Claude Van Gogh in Market in Margesi Station , Margesi Sector An Unexpected delivery : 1/3 : Deliver the Crate to Sondra Benen ( green vendor tablle) , Sol News update vendor, in Earth Station Market 2/3 : Someone might be interested in this book, "A Concise History of Space Travel" Take a look at it to see if you can figure out who might want it Note : isn't there a Valno in Tau Ceti , answer Tuli Valno , Main room in Inverness Down station on Inverness planet , Tau Ceti system gain 15 000 credit if you leave her the book 3/3 Step 3 seem to be delivering the book to Tuli Valno ( has the mission disapeared from my mission logs ) Mission added to the wiki here https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/An_Unexpected_Delivery
  5. If I was a CDEV, I would build for Christmas ... 1. Polar Express Junior, a level 1, buildable, 5k warp engine, that is restricted to level 1-4 engine tech user and below level 30 players. It would require doing a 30 step mission, running around the galaxy for vendor sold parts and Christmas candy and Candy cane. that would give blueprints for making Christmas candy and candy cane, ( like the Beula cookie mission ) and for final reward the blueprint for the Polar Express Junior. with a manufacturing cost of 4 million credit. 2. Polar Express Senior, once the previous mission is done you now have the requirement to do the second mission Similar to how it's done for previous first mission except, now you are learning for the level 6-9 engine tech. and for use need to be above 125 in overall level. the materials needed are also doubled and you have to make 3 X the Christmas candy and 3X Candy Cane because they are required for the new blueprints Super Xmas Candy and super Kandy Cane ( no spelling mistake, just different item names) this new engine would warp at 7k and would allow carrying 4X the trade items 3. Bad Santa, I would change the Pumpkin around the prison from the Halloween event into Bad Santa. the mission would start before the 25 and by killing it, it would give gifts to give to the Race and class leader that would then reward the player with a pass. when Good Santa appears on the 25 you can trade in the one time pass for a skill point. if you kill it more then once you can deliver the gift to other Race and class leader and also get a pass that also rewards one skill point 4. Milk and Tea mission, you have to get 25, by killing some Bad Elves and once you have them you have to deliver them to some race or class leader or mob in space that you have really bad faction with, each 25 give 500 factions. 5. Eggnog mission, after doing the Milk and tea mission as a requirement, you kill 1000 Bad Elves and deliver them to race and class leaders or mob in space to get 1 pass per classes leader to be redeemed by Good Santa Elves at Earth station for 1 skill point per pass. 6. Christmas Tree on major stations, inside many major stations you put a Tree Elves and the players, have to give it same sector mob items in order to build Christmas Tree, on the 25, the Tree appears and player can select one device of their choice from a list of device gift 7. The Nutty Professor Christmas Alternative. Professor E Hubble feels that the Breath of life requirement for the shooting star can be replaced. So he offers a new mission for a new level 7 -8 - 9 reactor line Shooting Star Ho HO ho, that replaces the Breath of Life with a Breath of Reaction. But first you must learn to build 10 most unused vendor sold reactor, deliver them to the professor, then you have to gather 100 item all around the universe. then he takes all the item and gives you the blueprint for the Breath of Reaction who use the 100 item you just delivered to him. 8. The funnel Weaver level 9 Eweyn Smither, earth station weapon vendor has decided to give TT a special gift with a mission and blueprints for a new level 9 missile launcher to boost her Christmas sales. you have to buy 5 level 8 Funnel Weaver and learn how to make them, once you do you need 5 level 8 funnel weaver to build the level 9. the 3 type of ammo blueprint is also given upon completing the delivery of a final level 9 to her, the ammo building work in the same way you need 5 X of each level 6 ammo to build the level 9. It's also a credit sink on the Missile launcher as the final product cost 30 million credit each. Double the stats on ammo and ML, except for range which stays the same. 10. The BAD V'rix Santa Progen only mission, in space next to primus, based on the v'rix oracle ship in Witberg but with a Santa hat. if you kill 15 low-level v'rix scouts who now drop the progen Santa gift card and deliver them to him. you receive a V'rix Christmas gift Card. 1-time mission and your ship die and explode once the delivery is made. 11. V'rix Santa on the 25, you can turn in your V'rix Christmas Card select between 2 skill point or a level 9 weapon for your class. your ship dies and explodes again upon delivery. 12. Red Dragon hates Christmas if you select talk Christmas to any of them they collect a bounty based on half your current credits. 13. Red Dragon spiced rum eggnog, as much as the Red Dragon hate Christmas, they love their rum, bring them one to have your current credit total double. 14. GM treasure Hunt, each day from 17 December to 28 of December, one of the three GM, go hide on the server, in a general sector ( no keys needed to access it. ) the first Player to tag the GM in general chat with CTRL+T, receive a 1 billion credit value item to be sold at any vendor, plus 5 skill point. the second would receive half and 3 skill point. the third would receive half of what the second received and 1 skill point.
  6. The Mission BUG not giving XP as been fixed / resolved , please join the conversation if you stil see and have problems https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/12201-communication/&tab=comments#comment-99008 Zackman lead Developper ( LDEV ) said : The mission bug was not reported in the bug tracker where bugs should be reported to, without any exception. If it's not in the bug tracker, it wont get recognized, nor fixed nor can i (or any other) comment on it. I only got aware of the bug because another DEV sent me a PM, telling me about talk in the game. I fixed it within the next hour and pushed it to live at GMT+1 at noon. I will never understand the very meaning of a multiple Dozen+ avatars talking about bugs in the game without(!!) reporting them in the bug-tracker, so no DEV gets ware of a bug ever. On the other hand, people expect these bugs to get fixed. I wonder how if no bug is reported... Then, 6 month later you read in new player chat something like "yeah, that is a long known bug but was never fixed till today". Priceless.... You want communication? Bring it....
  7. Communication

    1) The Bug tracker suck ( being polite here ) and need an update to be more player friendly. I tought it was lack of finding it but now we have links to it all over the place hence the player don't use it because it suck. 2) No Head GM , so no one can or does recruit more GM hence no GM online to see the player discussion and report it to te DEV. 3) No head GM to report /inform to the player base of the problem. 4) When I started, I reported bug being discussed in game ... Someone told me every bug report give them a notice and that was bugging them. So I stopped. Don't want to loose another Dev due to other people bug. That's part of the GM / Head GM jobs / roles do. : reporting to the Dev on Multiple Dozen avatar discussing a big problem. It fails when there is no GM at all to signal or report to. I added back the Dry Erase Board and used to ask in game if anyone had any problem / bug. Do you need me to ask About 6 month old Bugs you have never heard of ? Also if the GM fix the mission problem by advancing it for the player and don't report it, it never get's fixed. The following player who do the mission get stuck at the same place.
  8. Communication

    There is always a huge gap between the Dev / what you call staff and the player community. Player base community think of the game as a democracy Where as it's mostly a royalty system Kyp is the King with the king court ( devs are the king's court some with varying powers ). There is always something being updated and fixed. The Dev are notoriously shy about there dev fixing details. Sometime they forget other time they just aren't interested in advertising or telling of the change. As far as I know some Dev where aware of the problem. Again you have to remember it's volunttary work on the Dev part , they also tend to try and fix it on their own and they have varying degree of ability to fix problems and access to change and their level of communication vary a lot from one dev to another. Not every dev have high level message access on the forum or wish to use them. Your kinda asking for a profesionnal level of comunication of paid worker from a voluntary Dev team with varying level of skills. Patches / changes are not the role of the Advocate. It's a Dev issue unless I am told I can talk about it or it's in the game and I see nobody know about it or is using it. - I was aware of the mission not updating and have seen many Dev adress it when I was online. - I was not told by any guild leader or player to make a formal request to expedite the problem. - No one came to the Advocate forum / teamspeak , requesting I expedite the problem - There was no message from the dev to communicate to the player that they are working on the problem or that I shouldl inform them ( I double checked ) ---------- From my point of view the problem is the lack of a Head Game Master , BlackLung last visible post is dated November 02 2016 of last year. Whose role is to inform the player of such problem.
  9. TT Raid Setup/Gear

    Wiki is open to all ...
  10. Where to find Centuriata Warriors / Collegia traders

    farm v'rix ... Until you are close to doing Tzu mission lines in OMP https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Shou_Tzu https://www.net-7.org/?#faction_chart
  11. Same as usual. Bring your ideas and concerns. - Cheers Mouli
  12. Dry Erase Board October 2017

    Sorry , my bad , making it now
  13. Halloween 2017 Clues

    if your 135 above : Merjan start the gourds Jones require eye popper if your 19 - 135 Emperator agrippa want to talk to you the wiki always as some more thats is what I know ( thanks to Kenu )
  14. Remove Mouli as Player Advocate

    Zarg , Again , Falsely calling someone distorted and a liar , twice , is never constructive criticism and never will be ... You don't build by destroying. You did twice call me a liar and that I distort the truth. Wich is so easy to prove when someone does as you can offer real exemple. ( like reading your two post here ) I don need to drive point home , I give player the nformation , they reply with need and change and new want when people are constructive. And there are the one who like you who wrongly think attacking me will make them win something. No you really had nothing constructive , of value and posiive to begin with. Hence really had no point at all to make. I offer as exemple of constructive criticism Mimir and Alura post , it's ok you don't get it Acta non verba
  15. Remove Mouli as Player Advocate

    Acta non verba