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  1. Hello nice Player of the ENB Emu , I attended the dev meeting and got some of your question answered : 1. -Numerous wonderer : What is scan power ? Why is the Terran scout 50 scan power on hull upgrade page The dev say they have no relation to the wiki , it seem to them be some modifier multiplier. 2. - Menace on privateer need adjusting The Devs are looking into it. 3 The je insignia had langage encouraging you to desroy the insgnia in context if you read it and where not able to complete the first hull upgrade. - The dev fixed the language -The dev are also looking into the hull upgrade insignia requirement 4. - bug submited Bad Item description for Aspirant insignia see previous point , the dev have fixed that 5. - Oni bio drop rate is almost inexistant in xipe topec. The devs are looking into it. 6. - amoor ask : make ardus key like der to ( single use , Blueprint miisson ) Dev will think about it 7. - Neuroje : report of jobs being made in job terminal but fake when you click on it being top or bottom one in line under same faction they say jobs already unvailiable, when no one ( other player ) is there. dev will look into it 8. - Neuroje ship customization terminal are not working as intended details as mind of its own , put it one thing and came out as opposite and tottally unintended , did put aticket on net-7 about it GM and dev will look into it ------------------------------- As always you can make demand / ask question to the devs / question about possible mission bug / make suggestion here or on teamspeak or by private message. Another week gone by and is done. Fly safe in the game , I ope you make your fortune in credits and be safe in real life and be nice to each others in the forums and in the game - Mouli
  2. Hi , There was a problem with aspirant's insignia language on Jenquai explorers the insignia text was telling you to trash it once propecting was complete but you need it to complete the promotion mission and get first hull upgrade form Kala Ben Joseph in IO. The text part as been fixed by Zackman's So if you have a Jenquai explorer and you trashed / spaced your insignia and can't complete the promotion mission in the Jenquai newbie zone , leave your Jenquai explorer name on a GM ticket so that DEV / GM can put the insignia in your cargo hold
  3. Hello nice Player of the ENB Emu , I attended the dev meeting and got some of your question asnwered : *** #0 User Tedon requested : If possible for JS to get beams that help improving with healing skill like item/weapon for terran traders Dev Answer : the Jenquai seeker is not a healer class such as terran taders , so the item/weapon for it will not be similar , the dev say it's a support toon for combat as opposed to a healer class , new gear will come up in the futur but wont be healer imrprovemnt related but rather seeker class intended. *** #1 User Skidrow would like to know why no equivalent to simming jaguar beams in the projectile weapon category Dev Answer : the class are not inteded to be the same or are the same and wont get an exact item matching set , but for the progen a new content is coming soon that should make player happy. #2 Many user requested : Raid trigger going down to 12 hours to allow more time zone playability Dev feel the raid triggers time are ok as they are now and won't touch the time for now. #3 Many user requested : Pay cash option for PRS raid with better drop percentage Dev answer : Enb emu is a non profit and they feel they can't have any pay for time option as it would violate the non profit and Tax report code as being fraudulent. So no pay for play item. #4 Many user requested : Pay cash option to buy raid triggers Dev answer : Enb emu is a non profit and they feel they can't have any pay for time option as it would voilate the non profit and Tax report code as being fraudulent. So no pay for play item. #5 Many user requested : Special dedicated private raid zone with talk three that you can request raid to activate for a group of people in the zone only DEV answer : PRS and something else is being discussed between the devs will get back to us when final decision and details are made *** #6 user ptdon reqest that the default when forming a group to lootting right could be set to Free For all instead of the other way around. Dev answer : after seeing the poll answers being mostly player don't care and not enough interest from the player and the dev feel it would be too much time for something you can just click anyway and work as intended by now. ** #7 seem there is a problem with thovar max mission log and it need an upgrade/fix to complete the missiom Dev answers : More details would bee needed as no one on the player / advocate side seem to be able to replicate the specific bug and the dev seem to say it work as intended. --------------------- Side note the Poll in advocate section are not to be used for general discussion or passing message to the advocate. You write something unrelated in the poll in the advocate section and your post will be hidden. You have access to start new thread here or request me to start one if you dont know how by private messaging me. as always the Weekly and dev message is open to all content except harrasing or attacking the advocate. ------------------ The Advocate as control over the Advocate section and the poll , its about 2% of the content behing made on the forum. if you dont want to be moderated by me and my rule for this section avoid these section when making a post. ---------------- Flamingpanda you are very well known by the dev and have zero credibility with any of them , wil in the past you where considered a negative pest by them and not breaking any rule your constant new harassing of the advocate constitue a rule breaking condition and they are asking you politely to stop immediately or face the consequence. --------------- That is all for this week Fly safe in game , make your fortune in credits and be safe in real life and be nice to each others in the forums and in the game - Mouli
  4. 1. I did not insult him/her and I should have deleted is post. I decided to reply to it instead and make the procces and reality known to all of you. 2. Yes I am the advocate and when the player ask me a question for a possible change I take it to the dev / GM when they request that we find out how the majority feel about it its the job of the advocate to ask and make a poll. Wich I did. 3. I have no stake in this question , its you who is insultig me personnaly right here and call the advocate bias, when I do the job. 4. We are not in the world of security , the leader of the group remain in control of how the loot is accessible and divided. We are discussing and asking the player how the default once you group should be. 5. It as more to do with you and how you feel about looted item and your trust of other player you group with then the default setting , most people don't care that there group loot a non rade item when the leader ( you ) requested that they loot it all , most of all if your 150 and on a help leveling lower toon in a level 4 dropping zone of wich you been to countless of time and have the non trade item on 6 toon in vault on you already , you wont mind that the looter get it a 7th time and that its non trade. Flamigpanda I iwill delete msot of your post in Poll and player avocate section , because your unable to make any cosntructive participation and I really don't care how you feel about me. Gamerey I deleted your post as it's unrealted to the poll disucssion , there is a real world section where you can go and bitch about your wife there , sorry to hear about that, relationship aee hard I am sorry that you feel you can't ask question to the advocate , I am showing the opposite. That I will take your question to the dev / GM it's the negative crowd / it's a stupid ask crowd I am making my stand toward them known. -- Mouli , current player advocate
  5. No you may not , and why you may ask ? 1. Because this is the part where I gather interest after they the dev / GM told me to investigate where the player base would like the default to be set. After some player demanded if it was possible to make it so. 2. You seem to hold volonteers as incompetent or lazy to respond to some demands by the players base in your narrow and I suspect very narrow somewhat limited views of what the dev capacity and capability are. The fact is they built the entire sevrer back from scratch and patches to where it's at now had they said no or it's impossible to do so I would not have asked this question in a poll. Based on the 2000 group I have participated in most player on the sunrise server tend to chose FFA 99% of the time after the group was made the 1% remaining is the leader forgot to make the FFA and gladly do so when asked. Someone followed the proper channel by asking the advocate if it was possible as he properly argumented that most if not all player on the server default to FFA after having made a group. All question are valid if and when properly argumented. Don't worry the DEV / GM default setting seem to be set on NO for a lot of the players demands. Sorry if I sound harsh , but I wont have you or anyone else start and scare the player base or new player or curious minds , on the very first poll i make as new advocate no less from asking any quesion on how it would make the game better if they have a valid argument about it and polling the player base on a default choice if they request or demand it and the dev ask of me to poll where the default choice might be. The poll as you covered and as your option to choose from : "No , i like the way it is" Thanks -- Mouli , current player advocate P.S. To all the player and curious people don't be afraid to ask about changes or something you may like happen in the game, This is the place to do so , to the negative and discouraging people the player advocate section is not for you , it's for innovative amd inquiring minds who want the game to become better and there question be heard by more then just afew people . Fly safely , get better gear in the market channel or by requesting a higher level player escort to go get loot in new player channel and don't forget to have fun and smile , the game is alive
  6. Some player have asked that the Default setting when forming a group should be free for all when forming / grouping instead of having to check the box for it after being formed
  7. Hello nice Player of the ENB Emu , This will be a short post , I have yet to get definite answer on most of the players question Also the Dev and GM where busy with rreal life our power outage. So this week I only have a small poll related to a player demand : Can we make FFA the dfault seting when forming a group As always you can come talk to me on teamspeak or in the game by taking to the mouli toons. Fly safe , get better gear in the market channel and make your fortune glorious on the sunrise server. ;-) Mouli
  8. Congratulation to both of you , P.S. : na you jut look like a very proud dad.
  9. Hi nice player of ENB emu and others , This is my Introduction post as promised in my first post. Today the 25th of may 2017 i am 43 ( also happen to be my birthday ) I am from Quebec , that's stil in Canada for now , happen to be the best one as it as the msot bilingual who speak French and English. I started Playing Earth and beyond in Live 2 year before it's closing I tend to stick to one guild so I was an Armada guild player there who spent a lot of his time in the game mining on the Jenquai Explorer class named Moulinneuf I had a lot of fun , made a couple of online friend until the sad day whe the game closed. I was there until the last second , because I did not want it to go ;-) Fast forward 4 years go in 2013 I discovered this Emu and my life was made complete again ;-) I was lucky enough to join in summe time when there is the most players , the game was already working pretty well and many guild where already formed. I was unlucky in getting refered to Builder Inc as I had changed my way to play more on the building side of thing on a terran traders Thta's where I met Magoo , Shadowalker , Raiderman , and all other who played at the time. I then stopped playing for a while due to real life activity not letting me have any time to play. But then I came back and I was accepted back in Builder Inc and started building up my toon and playing with people on the server There is not much to say about my playing style I tend to log in , ask if anyone need help , look in the new player channel and the callendar date to see if any special event is occuring and then I go help someone in my guild or a new player to the server or I log in my terran trader and build something for someone who as been asking for i for a while and not getting any response I tend to play at night ( eastern time ) but you can see me in the morning when I can or during the day , time permiting. I always wanted to try and give back to the ENB emu in some way , I am not the most skilled person to do so , but I am always willing to help and step up when I am here. So that's how I offered my service to fill the void of a lacking advocate As you can see by my style I tend to be a bit different then previous advocate who all came from the same mold. I am still here to help get your demand and question to the dev But I will also join in on some discussion when some people tend o be all negative and will help in forum and in game when I can. So this is my introduction , I hope it fills in the blank for those who don't know me and that you know that you can always come and chat tome about the game. Mouli
  10. Welcome back to the game , Here is the wiki new player guide : New player guide on the forum : Some cool race walkttrough powerleveling guides : To help you with your exprience coming back. As Cimbad said if you have any question and you have the game installed ask in new player channel there always someone wiling to help out.
  11. First post !! ;-) I just got the advocate access and insignia ( still in the process of cleaning popcorn from it ;-) ) With your permission , I will start this week at week zero , because I am giving me some needed time to adjust and learn this new hobby and all it means ( invite to former advocate to come chat me up on teamspeak or private message me ;-) no need for good hospital name some other advocate already did ;-) Introduction post coming soon. My handle on Teamspeak is Moulinneuf for the software is the server name In game I am the JE named Moulinneuf The trader Moulitt the progen Warior Mouliprowar the JD Moulijd or moulijdtoo and pretty much all toon name mouli something , I think. email is Moulinneuf @ ( not to be used frivously please , wait for something important , urgent or emergency ) The War Advocate ( fan of doctor who copy cat of the war doctor ;-) ) is in you can come chat , preferably sober ;-) , or text me or write your message and question now , relating to the game and what you want to ask the devs or Gm or former advocate ( if i can reach them ). I ask that you please try and keep the negativity to a minimum , some won't , just dont waste bandwidtth on there behalf. Will post an introduction some other time and already asked my first advocate serie of questions by user's who came to me before. Hae a nice week-end , fly safe on the sunrise server and don't forget to have fun.
  12. Ask in the game in new player channel. Always people willing to help out
  13. What is your playing characters names in game ? The PP class is really good at reactor buff , but for new player TT are better as they offer hull patch skills. Don't worry about ammo sample or ammo making , just ask in the market channel ( chat tab at the top , set chanell option , check the market channel and othe rchannel you want to follow )
  14. I would recomand you pick two of the same , two TT , two PW , Two JD , Two TE , there is enough player t help you if you need gear or low level escorting. If you remember your pasword your account still should be intact. Welcome back.
  15. hii Spock_rhp , I hope that you change your mind and comeback to the game. There is always new player and old player to play with. see you in the game hopefuly.