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  1. For anyone with any sense of anyitic ( comptabilising number of problems in order to fix them of report them) and sense of interest in fixing the problem this would suggest an hardware ( god know what it is at this time) or service problem ( remember when Kyp forgot to pay the bills, because the one who paid the bill, in the past, his friend who did the accounting died and he kinda forgot to replace him ). Apparently we can't blame Zackman for being unresponsive he his a alt-right asshole , and sociopathic individual ( Everyone DEV's GM's who worked on the emu project and quit because of him says so, I am not one of them, I avoided is assholness entirely due to being warned before hand ) but when it was apparent I was becoming advocate i was WARNED multiple time about not get on his bad side , which even do I never talked to him more then once about the Red Dragon raid problems. i ended up on is shit list card for some of his "Alt-right" ( read NAZI ) views ) but Kyp and the known Group left in charge of decision ( whoever that is now,) that tolerate and encourage is laissez faire an antagonistic non responsive attitude. Plus if it's hardware or unpaid service it's not really is fault. And refuse to put a go between Him and the Public player who he clearly show to dispise and have ZERO respect for. ALSO it's not like the player base is paying it's donation goal anyway, these days , which is due to lack of crowdfunding targeted demand for specific funding requests ( for server or service for multi-year payment specifically ) and lack of content and explanation or Leadership dev comments really. removed "German' due to DM request not all German are asshole nazi.
  2. To the Grinch who targeted my main account and limited my Picture Submission ... happy 2021 your are really just limiting this account from submitting screenshot to help newbie with problems. Good job ! Thanks and happy 2021 ...
  3. You cannot use a toon from the same account to multiplay. go to https://www.net-7.org/#cpanel/transfer If all your the toon you are trying to load are on the horizontal line / same account , you get a notice and logged off. Your first toon must be in 1 account / verticaly ( any 1 of the 5 if you already have 5 ) Your second toon must be in a different vertical account. if you don't have any , you have to create another account horizontally and create toon /character on that account. Your third like the second and so on ... if you only have one Account with 5 character , make another account , has alrready stated to you in another thread you can make 9 account with 5 toon each one 1 main account , you are not limited to 1 main account either. But with 9 account X 5 charater / toon = 45 you have space on this current main account to make a full wing of 6 toon ( 1 toon per different account ).
  4. Done really really fast , need editing and peer reviews : https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Progen_Privateer_Gear_Guide
  5. No , nobody likes the Progen Privateer ?
  6. @Kyp Sorry to hear about your personal issue and your mother I Hope you are both safe and ok. But this is supposed to be a big project, at this moment in time, with multiple people in it, when you are unable to attend or do the Job. Which frankly at this stage should be relaxing and watching Multiple devs and GM do the job ( at minimum ) and collecting a check and getting hardware to test for the game in the VR industry and Hotas industry on a private beach near your island house. Someone else should be able to step up and take the reign. a Colonel Tigh if you will. We don't expect a response from you. What we / I expect on the other end is a team that offer NEW, Monthly, content , seasonal event with NEW modified/content and a working game , when everything is possible to be all green. Deleguate , delegate , delegate. That's a catch 22 on salary really. You refuse to financially improve the income, in anyway shape or form to have full salaries. Multi-Level Supporter system with rewards come to mind Some paid ads on the forum ... Some offers , paid in $$ or bitcoin in exchange for Donations for showing them to the player base in private messages or Public ones... 1$ per month ( multiply by 5000 players ) = 5k 10$ per month ( multily by 10 000 players ) = 100k 25$ Per month ( multiply by 3000 players ) = 75k 100$ per month ( Multiply by 400 players. ) = 40 k Plus Crowdfunding goals with real amount like 100 000k or above for content the player base want and ask for. If you had 2-3 volunteer/paid dev worker/people per Job instead of one that decide if they show up today if the sky is blue that might help too. You have an entire hidden forum for that Outage warning problem , Give some people the possibility to join it, a non hidden category to them chosen few, that hide the rest and enter a warning system that buzz Zachman or / and you and other for outage. Don't set it in the open ... Get and train / mentor new volunteers. Without making them go true your current system that has a failure of creating new content maker volunteer for the long run that show up and do the job. I am giving your answer the same consideration and hopefulness as a guy who as a resolution to train at the gym every new year and pay the minimum to access the Gym and never show up all year when he his in charge of the Bicycling team , the rowing team , the weekend competition and control the pizza reward budget. For the last 4 years. Nice to see you on your annual showing up, see you next year can we decide on somebody else for responsibility, please. (about my resolution guy above , and your yearly answer about not having time and a life outside the emu ) Another catch 22. you refuse new income or to get /train volunteers, to have some people, 3 for each time zone -6 (X2)-9 (x3) to watch over that the server is not out 24X7 and frankly, there is some issue with the server hardware and probably services too. We used to be able to leave a toon in the game and come back from falling asleep 8 hour later and still be in the game at a gate. Time to recruit, train and mentor some new ones. At all level or make tools that are easy to use by any one that can push a button. "Woodstock" come to mind for pushing button and showing up once in a while. And Upgrade Server and services You not being able to show up due to life event is not the issue here at all. You letting the project without someone to do the jobs needed to be done and to step up to replace you in your absence his do. It stem from the fact that you treat it has a "hobby" that you do when and if you have the time. Which frankly for many years now you don't have the time or financial or motivational interest to make it one recurring priority. Live was September 2002 in the United States. EA shut down Earth & Beyond on September 22, 2004. = 2years Emu is 2005 to 2021 = 16 years Couple of Funnies : https://forum.enb-emulator.com at the bottom says : Net-7 Entertainment, Inc. 2006-2018 https://www.net-7.org at the bottom says : ©2005 Net-7 Entertainment https://www.net-7.org/#stats : Record: 570 players online 27/01/2013 17:19
  7. Hi m his Mr Zackman Around ? Or other Server Dev ? Lots of player are complaining having issue to loggin and server stability in game Thanks and Happy New Year
  8. or find someone with the stage 3 encryption to buy / give
  9. 1. It's a tradable The Encryption Not the SSOA's so give the part to a traders who can make and trade them 2. Progen Warrior don't do component so Architecti Composita don't know you, nor want to talk to you. Upgraded the wiki in your honor. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Stage_III_Encryption The option to trade [[Security Optimal Override Alpha |SSOAs]] with [[Architecti Composita]] is only available to Stage III participants. Who are traders with build COMPONENT skills, Progen Privateer , Terran Traders, Jenquai Seeker
  10. A very Merry Christmas and Happy hollydays to All May you get all the gift you wanted and all the health and family members around you or engaged elsewhere safe and secure in your house and abroad this hollydays Please be safe and see you in the game.
  11. Sad to hear , hope you both get out of it without much effect from it. I hope your employer is still covering you
  12. Hi, If Anyone pay 4k /4000 USD in Donation to the Emu Server I offer the following : Inside 6 month I will deliver a Main account with 1 toon/character of 1 race of 1 class of your choosing who as attained level 150 You can Choose the Main account Name and character name, provided they are NOT already in Use in game and that they follow accepted by player naming guidelines -----------
  13. @wun1one You can trust that when @Woodstock DGM write something game related it's 100% accurate, he his the BOSS of the GAME Masters. He volunteers to help all players. Agripa related mission are a PITA , Sorry if the wiki was not more helpful most people who decided to do it with the help of other who did it before and most people avoid doing it due to it's high level of bizarre requirements. I updated the wiki based on your comments here hope it help those that follow after you to avoid the same gotcha and to complete the mission and requirement more easily https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Special:RecentChanges
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