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  1. Hey all, couldn't find any concrete info on this so wanted to ask about something I'm observing on my JE. With Navigate skill at 6 and no other warp cost effects, engaging warp to a nav point costs me 69 reactor energy. If I equip a 200% Navigation Computer (boosting Navigate skill to 8.53) my warp cost goes down to 16. Or, if I equip a 200% Miffing EMP Beam 1A (41% warp cost reduction), my cost also goes down to 16. If I equip both of those items at the same time, my warp cost is still 16. Is the cost stopping at 16 and not going lower caused by a minimum warp cost/maximum warp cost reduction cap? Or is it some sort of stacking-related effect with Navigate and warp cost reduction? Or something else? (engine is Prototype EM 3, reactor is Prototype RS 5, if that matters) I see forum posts from years ago in which people say you can reach warp cost 0 with a single item (Quagmire and such I guess) so I'm wondering if something's changed since then.
  2. Yeah, something's up with logins. (Server certificate change maybe?) I think I'll get some sleep and check back tonight.
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